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Found 5 results

  1. since there is a small wind turbine and medium, there should also be a large wind turbine. there should also be geothermic power from the geysers on glacio that could run out after a few hours of usage. there should also be a chat so you can see who joined the game, you can talk to people and its going to be a good way of communicating in astroneer.
  2. Twist would be to link in-game chat/voice/telemetry to communication modules. Ok, now why make players jump through all these hoops just to talk to each other? If you have to invest game time into something you are more likely to use it. Telemetry lets you see O2, Power, etc... for other players/friends Base telemetry lets you see status of research chambers, power etc. Potential to improve voice performance by limiting connections In creative this could be turned off Two new modules and three mods: Communication Center (CC) - Allows tethered v
  3. What are some of the ways players have found/are using to communicate with other players in multiplayer co-op games on Steam? Is there in-game communication?
  4. Obviously many people have been begging for text/voice chat, and I made some quick (and very crude) representations on what should and shouldn't be the optimal choice for text chat. I believe that having a more local, bubble-like text chat would be more eye-appealing and realistic. Having a global text chat would be a bit more harsh on the immersion. Currently the only communication methods we have are the emotes and the left click pointer. The left click pointer already spawns a little emote bubble, so having text bubbles floating over the player's head for a short time would fit into th
  5. If you haven't already heard, the developers will be streaming on Twitch tomorrow at 6pm EST. Follow them on: Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Start thinking of questions to ask during the stream I'm sure it'll be a blast!