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Found 24 results

  1. About once an hour, my character will just spontaneously start running. I play the PC version, (WASD) The only way to stop him is to click multiple times on the screen, but that only pauses him. Then I have to hit the escape key multiple times until the Options menu pops up. That ends his running. Then he is slow to start walking again and then off we go.
  2. It would be nice to have some form of character progression in Astroneer, namely a light skill tree involving jobs related to the game's mechanics. Let me explain: The way I see it, there are four quintessential jobs necessary to have a working planetary base: - Scientist - Engineer - Explorer - Gatherer Scientists are the players who constantly hunt for research pods, node outcrops, EXO supply drops, and unique plant seeds. The more the player hits the "research" button on an object, the more they scan field research and unlock EXO drops, and the more they grow crops; these shou
  3. PC version. Terran planet. I powered up one of the gateways (the one merged with the mountain) while standing on the platform that raises up once powered (rocks above me were out of reach). When it raised i got stuck inside of it, and my rover was close enough that i still had oxygen, and i couldn't disconnect the power because the camera was completely zoomed in. I now have to wait for a friend to be able to log in and come disconnect the power, which may not be for a few days. An option to return to your base or rover/shuttle once every 24 hours or so would prevent similar problems in the fu
  4. It would be cool to be able to buy little statues of each character standing on a sample of their respective planet. Like a little hill. I would totally buy a Tundra Suit Character statue.
  5. It will be nice if you can costumate your character, e.g: with a had, a moustache, shoes.... If you do this it will be more interesting and funnier to play this game and you will reconaze your friends quik.
  6. When using the extractor, his little fire that comes out of him, he teleports sometimes when using in different places! PC version; V
  7. This one is really weird. I was playing with a friend as the orange character. A storm came so we went inside the habitat. I was bored so I decided to act like I was going to put something in game chat even though there isn't one (if there is I'm not aware.) Here's the order of buttons I pressed: {t,y,u, hello gamer ho-} right when I pressed the "o" key my character teleported to the space station thing that you spawn inside, pod and everything but this time when I landed I was a different character. I am now the chubbier guy and had all the items that I previously had. I have no clue what cue
  8. It was working fine last night but upon game launch today, as soon as I left the habitat my viewpoint is from inside the character with no view to the outside. I've tried restarting the game, restarting steam, restarting my computer with no luck.
  9. For the future! Sections:HELMETS, SUITS, PACKS (Backpacks) TOOLS, EMOTES (each one bindable to 1, 2 ,3 and 4 keys respectively) COLOURS, BADGES, and VOICES.Share your opinion on what YOU think the customization menu would look like, or draw and share a picture!
  10. Hi there! Right to the first point: a storm was approaching and caught me by surprise. I rushed to the habitat, but just when I clicked TAB, a rock hit and killed me. My character's body was in front of the open door, as if it was inside the habitat but the sequence made it get out. When I respawned, it wasn't there nor anywhere. I am a little sad since I just had built myself my first oxygen tank and of course I lost it. Here's a screencap, in which now I notice the items* in my backpack are missing (except the ones on top). *Items were only some Organics, Tethers and a Tank. Second
  11. I imagine this is already planned as it is common in most games but I thought I should suggest just incase because it would be cool Currently in ASTRONEER on XBOX ONE you are given a choice between 4 different characters which is good so that all players get a different look but I thought it would be really cool if a more in depth customization was added which aloud you to, for example, change the helmet between a bunch of presets and the chest between presets and the legs between presets and possibley even things like the backpack, different arms, different guns and maybe even sort of ac
  12. Adding a health bar would be very useful, allowing players to see their health and know when they are close death, or if they are prepared to fight an enemy, I still think the character's health should be regenerated, adding a health bar would also allow upgrades to the health and let players know if they're being hurt or not more easily.
  13. Hi, My suggestion is to implement characters adding different features for each one, making every characters unique. For example there can be a character with one or two more slots in its backpack, another character can run faster, also in the storm, another can store more energy or oxygen and so on. These simple improvements will make a normal character our personal character. I hope it will help to develop new ideas. Davo.
  14. Summary: 119 - Steam - Character Glitching Leaving Vehicle w/ Research Attached Description: Carrying a lot of research items attached on my vehicle, specially one in front of the truck. When I tried to leave it, the character glitched between both the item and the truck. The sound of physics happened so wildly I couldn't leave the vehicle properly. The problem was solved by removing the research item from front of vehicle, and my character gone through the ground and in front of the car. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store OBS: I'm play
  15. I have been playing Astroneer for a few days now, and am loving it! But I think it needs much more to make it better. Here is a list that I have created for ideas! - Character Customization ~ The game already kind of has this at the start, but it's not too detailed. We should be able to fully customize our character, from customizing their shoes, to the helmet. We should also be able to give them colors and even a name tag or something. This would also come in handy for going on multiplayer. - More types of terrain ~ When you load into a planet now, it has the occasional mountain, an
  16. My husband and I have been playing on my save file together and we thought it would be nice if when he plays on my saved game his progress/resources are saved. It's frustrating that he loses everything and has to gather/build things every time he comes back, especially since there are still issues with the game that cause crashes or issues that require restarting the game.
  17. I think that although the suit changes are awesome, i would like to change the color of my space suit from blue to red. I would like to see those blue accents on the character change between red, green, blue or even a custom color changer. A place to put the normal change could be an up arrow when selecting your character model. Keep up the good work!! I absolutely love this game and am totally on board with every decision you guys and girls make at the system era team!!! love the game!!!! - Zac
  18. hello, I made one of the astroneers I plan to do some animations with it in the future. I'm my own worst critic so if you notice anything odd about it please do tell. it's not quite finished yet still need to add one of the hoses and rig it for animation.
  19. Different Size Terrain Tool being able to use resources to craft different size for the terrain tool, One 2X Bigger and one Half a size smaller then the original Armor / Gear Armor and gear to be used to help venture should always come with a negative effect to balance out, The Hazmat suit would prevent the Pumpkin gas effecting you, but uses 30% more oxygen, The armored suit doubles your health against spikes and fall damage, but slows you down by 30% Alternative backpack / crafting options Alternative backpacks to use from with perks and side effects included
  20. Xbox one, controller My husband and I have been playing on my saved game together and he has repeatedly had an issue when he re-spawns after dying, the camera will go back to the base, his character will spawn in the main pod, but then will fall through the bottom and the ground into an underground cavern, where he will hit the ground and die. This does not happen every time, but has happened frequently. This has not happened to me as the host player when we are playing together.
  21. The Third Astroneer from the left, the well-rounded one, their arms are clipping through the tops of their legs! They would be my favorite character if not for this little thing that drives me nuts! However I'm not sure if they're aware of this, and maybe the developers are just more concerned with the more important matters, whereas this is more of a trivial, aesthetic matter. But it could be a problem, perhaps they're not posing in the correct position for their body type! Maybe this is just a thing that will be ironed out much later, as this is in Pre-Alpha state after all!
  22. I flew to another planet and when I came back I landed at the vehicle bay/pad. When I TAB to exit I end up with my character stuck in the construction bay under the crane. I was able to get back in the shuttle but got stuck again when I exited. About the 4th time I appeared under the shuttle and was able to jump and wiggle out. Thanks. JohnnyF
  23. som times when im in a cave aspesaly on the moon! the camera is blocked by the wall or a cave plant. so if ther was a button too go first person, but 3 persen is the normal view
  24. som times when im in a cave aspesaly on the moon! the camera is blocked by the wall or a cave plant. so if ther was a button too go first person, but 3 persen is the normal view