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Found 4 results

  1. Since i last played there were many new changes to the game. About 90% of which made the game much more fun to play. But there are still some small issues (possible pun) that i think need to be addressed in some way: In particular Large and X-Large versions of some structures and items. First off i have some ideas for some new T-3/T-4 structures *Note: units/s pertain to power units per second* 1. Windmill (Large Wind turbines) The large version of the "Wind Turbine". Wind driven power source. A larger unit to gather more power from the wind thus producing more power then a single Medium Wind Turbine. One Windmill Produces 5 Units/s (the same amount of power as 5 Medium Wind Turbines) 2. Power plant (Large Generator) The large version of the "Generator". Fuel driven power source. Large unit to generate more power from a fuel source. This unit utilizes Hydrogen gas in order to operate and produces 12 Units/s over the course of 200 seconds. (The same amount of power as 4 Medium generators, but runs for 200 seconds per fuel unit instead of 100 seconds per fuel unit) *3. Extra Large Platform C Another Extra large platform that has an either a square or Octagonal shape (similar to the Extra Large Platform A) with 4 Tier-2 slots each slot being on one of the the four sides (Top, bottom, left and right side. This applies to the octagon shape as well). The main purpose of this Platform is to allow multiple Tier-2 structures to be placed on it. Such as for example several crafting modules, having one or more modules and/or storage items (which can be used to make production faster/ easier to manage. 4. Item Transferal Module The ITM allows players to transfer Units from one source to another. It would/should contain two T-4 connections. It would transfer items/units from one side to the other. This would only allow Storage units to be placed. Structures such as the X-Large storage (or any other storage sizes) would be placed on either side, and then allowed to transfer items into the slots. This is only meant to save time from taking units and items off of storage modules, such as the X-Large storage, allowing the attachments to be transferred to another storage unit. For example: If you want to transfer the contents of one X-Large storage, to 2 large storage units with (4) medium storage units attached , you would place the X-Large Storage on one side and the empty storage's on the other. Once activated it will automatically, and quickly, pull items off the X-Large Storage and place them onto any free spots on the other side. If there's no more space to move items to then they will not be transferred. This would not be much different then how some modules pull items from one storage and then after use/or smelting places them back onto a free spot. Suggested changes: I found a few items that already exist that have some issues with them: 1. Solar Array: The power output should be 10 Units/s instead of 8 units/s. The difference would mean your getting one extra solar panels worth of power to offset the cost of making them. Part of the reason this change would be nice is to make the module worth the materials it costs to craft it. For the time and cost of materials required, you can use a few extra easily obtainable / abundant resources (all of which can be found on the starting planet) to make a singe Large Platform B and 4 Medium Solar panels. Comparatively you save on copper and glass, but you still must craft Plastic and Graphene (both of which require the chemical lab as well as the atmospheric condenser for the latter). In turn, adding more power output to the array would make getting it over getting a solar farm more efficient at the expense of the resource cost, as well as take up less space (something it already dose very well) 2. Extra Large Platform A: An addition of the single T-4 slot, there should be two smaller T-3 slots allowing for up to four T-2 slots on either side. this would make the platform more useful as a production platform allowing multiple Production modules to be attached and work off each other and/or having multiple storage units attached to speed up production. This of course wouldn't be necessary if something like the Extra Large Platform C idea (as mentioned above) exists, however this could be a good alternative to it.
  2. You guys should make it so you start with the 8 slot storage attached to your back, (this will be the same as the backpack in its current state) but it could be removed to reveal a 2-slot for stuff like 1 research pod, or a jetpack attachment that's efficient like the buggy, but uses hydrozene. Your top slots (z,x), augment slots, and build slot will still be free.
  3. Azrael the Sorrowful


    First of all, I want to thank System Era for this amazing game. I've been following it for a while and have been very interested. I've only just recently gotten to play because my old computer rig I got from back in like 2010 (lol, yeah, forever to upgrade I know) could not handle it, but I've played a ton since I started and have pretty much done most everything there is to do and I've either watched others play or read about the rest there is that the alpha has to offer. Once again, thank you so much for this game and I look forward to the future of Astroneer. I'd also like to invite @SES_Adam to come take a look at this as I think he might enjoy what he sees. For everyone else out there, I want to apologize if there's something in here I suggest that has already been suggested else where. I don't have the time to look through every post and make sure I'm not duplicating any ideas and I just have a lot to say so I'd rather just cover all the bases anyway. Just remember I'm not trying to steal your thunder. If you have an idea that you submitted that I put on here, feel free to let me know and share a link and I'd love to go comment, upvote, and share support. After all, we're in this together! Much the same, if you read through this, please go down and leave a comment and let me know. I need all the support I can get to make sure the devs see this and we can make Astroneer even better than it is! Thank you so much for taking the time to come in and have a look, I hope you like what you see! If you have another idea that goes along with anything I've posted here or even a better way to implement one of my own, please share it with me in the comments! I'd love to hear your feedback! Now, as for some quality of life ideas: First of all, Generators: they're currently not up to snuff when it comes to power output, especially the larger coal variant. Inventory tweaks: there's a few changes to inventory management that I think would be quite nice to have. FUEL COMPRESSORS AND TRADE OUTPOSTS: oh do these need to be nerfed. (Note: This is based off my gameplay before updating to, but I still think these fixes would be better than the current ones so I'm keeping it in) Miscellaneous tweaks and changes: just random ideas that don't fit with these other main things. And now, as for some new ideas: (this is my favorite part ) Suit Modules: this idea would be an update/tweak as well as new content for addons to the player's suit for a better gameplay experience. Vehicles: I love the module style of vehicles this game has, with the ability to mix and match as you desire, if only there was MORE!!! Base Modules: the module design of the bases is wonderful, but just like the vehicles, imagine if there was more!
  4. List of Ideas: 1- Add Stability to Truck when using drill, something that sticks into the ground and can be removed when finish drilling. 2- Add more resources and make the crafting more complicated, for example add carbon fibre which can be made from coal 'carbon' when put into a new machine like a science module which works much like the crafting bench but uses a lot of power, much like the fuel condenser. This would allow for longer time before leaving the planet. 3- Add satellites to space when you are orbiting your planet, these can be used for resources or as a way to transfer power between planets. Also add a late game system to send up satellites. 4- Add clothing to the astronaut, something that aids in mining with extra lighting or gives grip to climb better or gives added strength that allows you to carry multiple research at the start of the game without vehicles. 5- Add Self drilling systems that will drill straight down looking for minerals. 6- Add Oil for upkeep of machinery, much where the self-drilling system will be looking for mainly the oil. This would also add a new element to be cautious of when mining as falling in oil would lead to death as its viscosity would mean no chance of escape. 7- Add a terraform object that you place in the ground and wait for it to expand into a dome which allows organic and oxygen to grow within, this would be useful for barren planet. 8- Add random walking traders that can be used to get new research blueprints. These walkers should be random and un-killable. 9- Add a underground hyper loops to travel fast around the planet, these could be made with a drilling devices that is placed on the front of a truck, would need to be quite large however. 10- Finally I believe being able to leave your own solar system should be added, or at least add highly scientific systems like fusion reactors and particle colliders which allow for spaceship designs to be changed from research. This is a far out there idea for the future. Thank you for reading and hope you like my ideas, comment any changes you would make or if you think these are good ideas or not, the game needs as much feedback as possible.