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  1. There should be more of a challenge in the game then just oxygen, or spitting plants that you can easily dig underneath from far distances. It just gets a bit boring while mining or creating machines, as there is no threat except for immobile plants and oxygen.
  2. I would like to be able to build a depth gauge and incorporate it into the space suit, I love to see how much I can deepen my excavation , thanks
  3. No Astroneer Left Behind Challenge Rules: #1 Your Astroneer may die however to continue your quest you must retrieve his/her back-pack and its contents. If your Astroneer dies and you can’t find him/her you must begin this quest over again. Once/if your Astroneer dies you must find/try to find your dead Astroneer first before any additional research/gathering/building etc. can begin again. You can’t create tethers, air tanks, etc. After you die you must use what you have already created to get you out of the predicament you’re in. You may also set a predetermined number of deaths you will allow yourself before you must start a new challenge/game. The point is to make a personal goal and see if you can achieve it. #2 You must build a “museum” to display all research pods/cubes/minerals/seeds/crystals. You must be able to post a pic (or a couple of them) of all 34 that can be found here: #3 You must qualify to receive a Medal of Logistics Gold Medal 1,000,000 bytes Silver Medal 750,000 bytes Bronze Medal 500,000 bytes #4 Single Player End Game: Your Astroneer can die however you must retrieve his/her backpack & contents before you can continue this quest. If you can’t find your Astroneer nor retrieve all his/her back-pack items you must start this quest again. You must have collected all 34 research pods and have a way to display them so they can be verified. And finally, you must have earned a Medal of Logistics by saving bytes. Variations: You can die and not retrieve the backpack if you choose. People that are new to the game or are far more casual in their play may not want to play with such strict death restrictions. The point is to play your way with goals and targets to reach/save. There is nothing to stop people from doing this in MP as well. Questions? Comments? I will be beginning my quest today 1/29/18 at High Noon EST.
  4. Hoarders Challenge The EXO Dynamics Corporation has given you a mission. Start a new world. Collect and accumulate the following: A full truck each (8 storage units, 64 pcs) of every resource both refined and unrefined: Compound Resin Laterite Malachite Copper Aluminum Hydrazine Coal Lithium Titanium Hematite Astronium Power Oxygen You need to line up 14 trucks with double storage ready for pickup by the mother ship. Bonus Challenge: Collect a rover full (4 slots) of each unique type of research item, according to the (, there are currently 19 such items. Again, line up your 19 rovers with single storage for pickup by the company. Rules: Items to be collected must be brought back to your starting base. No trade stations. No fuel condensers Good luck. Feel free to post your progress and your completed collection of goodies.
  5. I have a challenge for all the good terrain builders here. The prize pool will be explained below. Create something totally unique on Terran! Build a space station on Barren! Create A maze on Arid! Try to build a forest of pillars on Exotic! If you can Build a temple with a statue in the middle of ANYTHING on Tundra! And finally Build a city on Radiated! GOLD: Will get a full background for their forum profile of whatever artwork she/he will want, a profile pic and/or background for his/her computer! SILVER: Will get to choose one of the back ground or profile pic of their choosing and design and I will create it! BRONZE: Will get a profile custom profile pick of their design and I will create it! All prize pools HAS TO BE ASTRONEER RELATED, FIRST PERSON TO FULLY COMPLETE IT AND POST THEIR WORK HERE WILL WIN 1st PRIZE! HAPPY TERRA-FORMING ! Post you completed work here with screenshots:
  6. Finally completed it. Gotta charge my rover pluggin in the most expensive cable ever... Now I gotta circumpower it by the solar! All credits to my Terran polar-based fuel supply fabric (5th screenshot)
  7. Recently, getting tired of my cluttered main world, I started a new game, and wanted to impose a challenge upon myself. I thought, what can I do without, that would make for an interesting challenge? ...No solar/wind? ...No Trade Platform? ...Starting "fresh" on Barren or Radiated? Eventually, I was struck by the idea of trying to play the game without ever pressing E. I would never use the Deform/Terrain tool. It was going to be hard. Was it even possible? Surely, I can pick up stray materials from wrecks and such, so it's possible to get at least a few resources. I started a fresh game. As a goal, I would "end" the "run" when I had built a Trade Platform and a Fuel Condenser, which is where, quite suddenly, I would have unlimited resources. Shortly after I got out of my pod, I was taunted by the text above my head imploring me to "press E for Terrain Tool", as well as an indicator over the nearby compound field telling me to dig it up. However, I was committed. Even f it meant leaving that text there the whole playthrough, I would never touch that button. I soon came up with a plan: I would walk out in different cardinal/sub-cardinal directions, searching the area until I hit 50% oxygen, at which point I would walk back to base. After trying this 4 times, I saw some loot, one of the pyramids of spheres that would pop its top when you come near it. However, it was way too far out of my 50% oxygen walking distance (sprinting distance is even lower, of course). I was in a pickle. However, I remembered that items attached to the shoulders and in the backpack crafting inventory slot would remain through death. Therefore, I could run to the loot and put it on my shoulders, die, and drop it off at base. It worked. From then on, every single run I did was a suicide run, since it meant doubling+ my search radius. I spent a half hour or so searching like that, eventually finding some compound. I made it into tethers, which increased my radius from its 200% status to about 250%. Now, after about two hours, this is what I have. It's a pitiful amount. However, if I'm really determined to do this run, I can simply make world after world to try and have better RNG. This shows that it might be possible. I have no idea what I would even make my first module be, to be honest. I was thinking Research, since I can relatively easily find researchables lying around, and pop them open for schematics and, more importantly, resources. I likely won't be needing a Smelter, and a Printer would do me no good. A Vehicle Bay sounds promising, but even a rover requires resources that I don't even know if I can get. Obviously, a Fuel Condenser and Trade Platform would be great, to end the run, but I'm not confident I can get there with my current situation. What do you guys think? Is it worth trying, or am I doomed to fail? If you're interested at all, I'll post some more. If you want to try it on your own, let me know how it works out! (I'm not sure the images are functioning, so I'll detail what I have here, this is going to be a long list: Resin: 2 Aluminum: 2 Copper: 1 Tethers: 1 unit short of 1 stack [I have no idea what happened to it] Research: 1 weird round pulsating thingy Oh my gosh: I'm screwed, aren't I? sendhelp)
  8. The challenge is to place a beacon on each pole of all six celestial bodies ("planets") in the game while restricting yourself to the following rules: Scoring You get a point for each pole marked with a beacon. Therefore, the maximum score is 12 points. Optionally, you can also try to minimize your base size by keeping your count of base points as low as possible: Each platform you build, regardless of it having a module or not (i.e. built with 2 or 1 Resin, respectively) counts as a base point. Base building You can only build one base on each planet. You cannot build a Trading Platform or a Fuel Condenser. Space travel The planets can be visited in any order. You can only use a Shuttle. For multiplayer, a Spaceship can be used, too. In order to go to a new planet, you must build and use a new spacecraft. For multiplayer, when leaving for another planet, all players must travel at the same time with the same spacecraft. With any spacecraft, you can only use the payload that a Shuttle with a 1-Seat offers, i.e. one double socket (holding a small storage, for example) and two fuel sockets. Any existing spacecraft can be used to go back to an already visited planet, but your score is decreased by 1 point for each planet that you go back on your travel route. (Going forward on your already explored route has no effect on your score.) Example: You already visited Terran, Barren, Arid, in that order; going back from Arid to Barren or from Barren to Terran lowers your score by 1 point each, going from Arid to Terran lowers your score by 2 points. Any existing spacecraft can be used to go to another landing site on the same planet without affecting the score. (For multiplayer, traveling together is not required, unlike when leaving the planet.) Beacon placement A beacon must be placed such that it has visible sky directly above it (i.e. not in a cave or below a ledge). Placing it at the bottom of a canyon, no matter how deep it is, is okay. Generally, placing the beacon directly on the pole is desired but not necessary when the local terrain suggests a better (or more spectacular) placement. For example, if a pole is located on the slope of a mountain, then the beacon should be placed on top of that mountain instead. Use your professional judgement and expertise as a planetary surveyor. Or be creative and remember: you are the first on this planet and there might be prospectors, miners, scientists, settlers, or maybe tourists of later generations visiting this site and marvel at the landmark (or sculpture) that you left there. This is a variation of my Solar System Challenge which tries to address some of the lessons learned from players attempting the challenge. I hope you enjoy it. By the way, I am aware of the fact that it is not possible to establish a planetary coordinate system just by marking the poles. That is only sufficient for the sake of this challenge. If you want to, you can place a third beacon on each planet to mark a zero meridian.
  9. Hi, I've done a fun little challenge and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's not super original, probably other people have done it too, but I thought about it yesterday and I think it's a good idea. Goal of the challenge : ------ You have to colonize all planets as quick as possible. Terran, Baren, Exotic, Arid Tundra and Radiated. Rules : ------ 1- When you want to leave a planet, you can bring only a Habitat and your shuttle. Empty your backpack completely before leaving. 2- You put MAXIMUM 2 fuel in your shuttle, so you can go and land on another planet and not be able to come back. 3- You cannot come back to a planet you already been on. 4- You die, you start a new game. ----------------------------------- You will be forced to find at least Resin, Compound, Copper and Hydrazine on every planet you visit so you can build a Habitat and leave. If you cannot find Hydrazine, no worries you can make a fuel condenser. But remember, maximum of 2 fuel. To win the challenge, you have to go back to Terran with a Habitat that you built on the last planet. Too easy? If you want the challenge to be harder, try making all the possible platforms for each of your bases on every planet. So on every planet, you will have a base with all possible type of platform (machines). You will need to find a great ammount of resources which can be rare on some planets. Let me know what you think
  10. Hello All, As part of some exploration I've been doing into possible Progression paths through Astroneer, gating items & research and creating a challenging sort of "Hard Mode" has turned out to be incredibly fun for me. I thought I'd share my experience and see what people think, and maybe try this challenge mode for themselves. Here's a link to my progression chart. I've been holding to these guidelines as best as I can: (Note: The amounts of resources were based on what I think *should* be on those planets, not what I'm actually seeing.) The rules I've been going by are as such: Starting Items: Beacons, Research Station, and Filters. Unfortunately, given the current state of the game, Filters must be researched first. This was one of the hardest things to overcome right at the beginning. However, it turned out to be really fun. Finding the Resin and Compound to build the Research Bay, then researching Unknown Objects until I got Filters was CRAZY with only Beacons at my disposal. But I was able to finally pull it off in my first game, and then got really lucky (big Resin deposit close to base) in a new game I started after 119 dropped. Unlocking: When I "Research", I'm researching only the item on my list. I give about two researches per item. By the time I got off Tundra, I had almost everything researched, but still limited myself to only 9 items. Try to stick to planetary features in the guide (Trace Sunlight, Abundant Wind, etc) if at all possible. No exploiting. The only time I may have violated this rule was when bugged out cracks in the terrain revealed some deposit nearby. Once I've unlocked an item, it's available to me on all planets. Scavenged items don't count toward research unlocks. If I find a Seat, or an Oxygen Tank or Battery on a dead Astroneer, I use it. Scavenging should be a bigger part of this game! Also, this was really important to craft things early in the game - Like scavenging Titanium to build an O2 Tank. Finding a downed satellite or ship would sometimes be an absolute miracle that would allow me to build a new O2 tank or battery. Things Learned in 'Hard Mode': Covet finite resources like Compound and Resin! There was never a bigger shock than needing Compound and having none left, and no good way to drive around looking for it. Bring all the materials you need to build a Research Module (plus another module) to a new planet. I learned quickly that without all 7 Resin needed to build 3 extensions and 2 platforms on a new planet is BRUTAL. Without tethers and all the extra stuff, roaming all over the countryside in search of more Compound and Resin is not possible. The best solution always seemed to be "Pick a spot near base and start digging" Use your two "keeper slots" wisely, and don't carry too much important stuff with you. Crater down a deep hole, or suffocate way out in the middle of nowhere, with your very important Resin in your pack? Be prepared to spend a few hours recovering. Should have left that at the base. Bugs are absolutely soul-crushing. I came back to a game where I logged out while sitting in a rover way down in a cave ... Rover was clipped into the terrain, so I jumped out to try to flip it up/out. Instantly killed by a plant and rover fell through the world. Lost everything. Recovering from that disaster was a massive undertaking. Knowing where you need to go, what you might find there, and how much oxygen it will take to get back to base, or to a vehicle, was a skill I had to acquire very acutely. It's incredibly gratifying when you plan it out and get what you need and return to base as you're suffocating. Scout your area extensively before deciding what order to build your Modules. Making it back to base many times while suffocating was exhilarating. Making very precise paths, and jealously coveting Scavenged objects & power usage was really informative about how the game can be streamlined and made efficient. Here's a tip: ALWAYS RUN. You get about 5-10% more distance from your oxygen if you always run. Another Tip: "Grab-hop" always. That's when you grab an object, flip it out in front of you, and then grab it again as you're running by. Saved my ass many times, and also made me wonder where there are even two speeds in the game. How has it gone? I'm currently on Radiated in my second game starting my base there. I'm trying to make it to Exotic and unlock the last few things, and do some serious exploring. Certain planets, Tundra and Radiated especially, have been crazy hard to find Resin or Compound, and often it's a 'fountain' that I find to get the few I need. Otherwise, I'll make the journey back to Terran to try to find more. Whenever a friend joined, I reminded them I was playing Hard Mode, and they helped me out. But sometimes it turned into a liability - they would die in the middle of nowhere with valuable items or resources, or use up all the Compound making 8x Filters when it was needed to build a Module, etc. They were additional challenges, really, that made the game even more interesting. A very crucial mistake I made on Barren when I landed a shuttle to start a base and accidentally created a Research Module out of my first platform - Destroying any chance at building a base there. I had to blast off and settle down at a new base ... but the Shuttle was already burnt and couldn't create another base. I had to then blast back to Terran to build another shuttle and harvest more Hydrazine. Big setback, which I think was somewhat of a bug with the way platforms are being created out of shuttles and ships? After I was able to find a new spot and stabilize my resources, I got myself to Tundra. I set up a decent little base, but this is where I lost all my stuff due to my Rover bugging through the terrain. This is when I start learning that it is imperative to plan out your base. I had built a Vehicle Base and a Research Station right at the beginning. There was a rich cave nearby, but zero Compound. I got lucky and found a Resin fountain not too far away, so I could pull 2 or 3 resin every few game hours. After a few days on Tundra just grab-hopping Unknowns to do the Research I needed to ... I got out of there. I had to go back to Terran to abandon my shuttle (base-connector burned), and build myself a shiny new Spaceship. Arid was a new ball of wax. Without a Vehicle to travel around in, the wind-blown death balls would have their way with me. After a couple landings, I found a half-decent spot to build a base that was on the side of a hill and somewhat protected. As it turns out, I got a chance to find out how to build a base directly into the side of a mountain. I thought I needed a Vehicle Bay right away to protect me from the elements, so I set about building one (I brought a bunch of Aluminum from Tundra, too), but then realized that I had a great cave system just outside my base. The Compound used to build the Vehicle Bay crippled me - there was none to be found anywhere near me. I had to decide whether to build a Smelter or Research next ... I went Research -- it was my only shot at getting Compound and Resin, apparently. I got lucky and pulled a few compound, and just enough Resin to build a Smelter and build up some Aluminum and Copper and get off Arid. *Oof* -- Hard Mode is Hard without a Trade Platform! But, my next stop is Radiated, where I can research Tethers, Large Batteries, and Large Generator -- which is good, since power has been a problem, and there has been an abundance of Coal and Lithium on the last couple planets. Now I'm here, on Radiated, with practically no Resin or Compound. I may have to make a run to Terran to gather up some more. One good thing is the Spaceship doesn't seem to have the "one and done" mechanic for creating new bases that a Shuttle has. My best hope is that I'll find a few resources that can get me a Research bay and a Printer, so that I can start putting that Coal to good use. My Features bar in the progression chart also inform how I treat the resources of each planet. I consider Tundra to have little sunlight, in order to force my dependance on Wind and Organic power. Arid is the opposite. Radiated will be tough because I will be lowering my use of both Solar and Wind power, which will force me to use Coal and Organic power. This aught to be fun! Cheers. I know this has been a lot of text. I hope someone gets something out of it! Imelin Cane tl;dr: Self-imposed limitations and progressions through research can be fun!
  11. Goal: First player to place a Habitat on the End Planet wins. Conditions: All Players start at Terren with a loaded pack, a spaceship, a habitat and two resources attached to the Habitat. Each player establishes a base on the chosen Base Build planet, builds a new Habitat, and a new ship for the end planet. First player to place their new Habitat on the new planet wins. Setup: As a group effort build a Vehicle Bay for each player with a shuttle in each that is loaded with a Habitat. Each player can have whatever they can carry in their pack. Everyone launches at the same time and the space race begins.
  12. I heard from a tweet some where that there is a thing called the "smelt me not challenge" what exactly are the requirements for this exciting thing? I want to try it!
  13. Hello everyone! So here you are, you've played Astroneer and made bases on all the planets.... now what? Exactly. Being that this is an open sandbox of a world, finding ways to make it challenging can be a challenge. So I found myself working to make the game harder for myself, just to see how far a different scenario could go, as to stretch gameplay out as much as possible. While it may be tricky for the devs to add hardcoded rulesets, or a check box to turn modes on or off, here are some of the rules I created for the 'fun of it' as I replayed through things. 1- The No Spelunking Rule. If it's underground it's off limits. Strip mining is allowed.... 2- Scavengers Rule! - You are not allowed to smelt anything, you must make everything you need to get off planet from what you can scrounge. Which means going to all the wrecks To make it really challenging, limit yourself to only collecting 6 resin or less from the ground. 3- The Angry Planet. - The planet is alive, when you dig, it tries to kill you with storms. Digging too much makes it hate you more... dig wisely. Ok so there is not a mechanic to actually make the planet hate you, that we know of... so you will have to pretend a bit more. You can't dig holes that a rover or yourself can get trapped in. Scavenging is recommended, killing plants is bad, taking 'fruit aka relics' from them is ok though. 4- Solar Power Only - No coal and or no plant fueled power and no batteries.... If the Mars Rover can do it, so can you. This can be tricky on other planets. 5- No Trading! - Yeah, the Trade Platform is nice, too nice at times. Be the self-made Astroneer, don't rely on the free market. 6- Recycle Everything. - You don't really need that truck when you have that shiny Rover do you? So turn that rover into a wagon for the truck to pull around, reusing the seat for the truck. Those solar panels, batteries, tethers and wind turbine you made on your other base should be recycled too. 7- Spaceship, we don't need no stink'n spaceship. - Ok you are ready to leave the starter planet, so fire up the shuttle and go. Just you, your shuttle and the new habitat... nothing else. Basically, you restart from scratch but you still have all the blueprints to work from. 8- Minimalism. - Your backpack is your refuge, if you can make it via your backpack you ignore the recipe in the printer. So no printer solar cells, wind turbines, generators or printed batteries. (Interestingly enough, backpack made batteries and solar panels work nicely on the flat storage panels.) 9- No Strings On Me! - You may not use tethers. This is a pain, and at times is unwinnable as you need either to have tons of resources, relics or wrecks with titanium near your pod at the start. Yet it can be done. I am sure there are other ways to play on the planet, so feel free to add suggestions. Ren.