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  1. There should be more of a challenge in the game then just oxygen, or spitting plants that you can easily dig underneath from far distances. It just gets a bit boring while mining or creating machines, as there is no threat except for immobile plants and oxygen.
  2. I would like to be able to build a depth gauge and incorporate it into the space suit, I love to see how much I can deepen my excavation , thanks
  3. No Astroneer Left Behind Challenge Rules: #1 Your Astroneer may die however to continue your quest you must retrieve his/her back-pack and its contents. If your Astroneer dies and you can’t find him/her you must begin this quest over again. Once/if your Astroneer dies you must find/try to find your dead Astroneer first before any additional research/gathering/building etc. can begin again. You can’t create tethers, air tanks, etc. After you die you must use what you have already created to get you out of the predicament you’re in. You may also set a predetermined number of deaths
  4. Hoarders Challenge The EXO Dynamics Corporation has given you a mission. Start a new world. Collect and accumulate the following: A full truck each (8 storage units, 64 pcs) of every resource both refined and unrefined: Compound Resin Laterite Malachite Copper Aluminum Hydrazine Coal Lithium Titanium Hematite Astronium Power Oxygen You need to line up 14 trucks with double storage ready for pickup by the mother ship. Bonus Challenge: Collect a rover full (4 slots) of each unique type of research item, according to the (http://as
  5. I have a challenge for all the good terrain builders here. The prize pool will be explained below. Create something totally unique on Terran! Build a space station on Barren! Create A maze on Arid! Try to build a forest of pillars on Exotic! If you can Build a temple with a statue in the middle of ANYTHING on Tundra! And finally Build a city on Radiated! GOLD: Will get a full background for their forum profile of whatever artwork she/he will want, a profile pic and/or background for his/her computer! SILVER: Will get to choose one of th
  6. Finally completed it. Gotta charge my rover pluggin in the most expensive cable ever... Now I gotta circumpower it by the solar! All credits to my Terran polar-based fuel supply fabric (5th screenshot)
  7. Recently, getting tired of my cluttered main world, I started a new game, and wanted to impose a challenge upon myself. I thought, what can I do without, that would make for an interesting challenge? ...No solar/wind? ...No Trade Platform? ...Starting "fresh" on Barren or Radiated? Eventually, I was struck by the idea of trying to play the game without ever pressing E. I would never use the Deform/Terrain tool. It was going to be hard. Was it even possible? Surely, I can pick up stray materials from wrecks and such, so it's possible to get at least a few resources. I started a fresh
  8. I made up a set of rules that you might want to use in order to challenge yourself in Astroneer. They were designed with the current limitations and bugs of the game in mind. The challenge is to visit all six celestial bodies (for simplicity, I will call them just planets) in the game in any order while restricting yourself to the following rules: Base building You cannot build a Trading Platform or a Fuel Condenser. Each platform you build, regardless of it having a module or not (i.e. built with 2 or 1 Resin, respectively) counts as a base point. Spa
  9. The challenge is to place a beacon on each pole of all six celestial bodies ("planets") in the game while restricting yourself to the following rules: Scoring You get a point for each pole marked with a beacon. Therefore, the maximum score is 12 points. Optionally, you can also try to minimize your base size by keeping your count of base points as low as possible: Each platform you build, regardless of it having a module or not (i.e. built with 2 or 1 Resin, respectively) counts as a base point. Base building You can only build one base on each plane
  10. Hi, I've done a fun little challenge and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's not super original, probably other people have done it too, but I thought about it yesterday and I think it's a good idea. Goal of the challenge : ------ You have to colonize all planets as quick as possible. Terran, Baren, Exotic, Arid Tundra and Radiated. Rules : ------ 1- When you want to leave a planet, you can bring only a Habitat and your shuttle. Empty your backpack completely before leaving. 2- You put MAXIMUM 2 fuel in your shuttle, so you can go and land on another planet an
  11. Hello All, As part of some exploration I've been doing into possible Progression paths through Astroneer, gating items & research and creating a challenging sort of "Hard Mode" has turned out to be incredibly fun for me. I thought I'd share my experience and see what people think, and maybe try this challenge mode for themselves. Here's a link to my progression chart. I've been holding to these guidelines as best as I can: (Note: The amounts of resources were based on what I think *
  12. Goal: First player to place a Habitat on the End Planet wins. Conditions: All Players start at Terren with a loaded pack, a spaceship, a habitat and two resources attached to the Habitat. Each player establishes a base on the chosen Base Build planet, builds a new Habitat, and a new ship for the end planet. First player to place their new Habitat on the new planet wins. Setup: As a group effort build a Vehicle Bay for each player with a shuttle in each that is loaded with a Habitat. Each player can have whatever they can ca
  13. I heard from a tweet some where that there is a thing called the "smelt me not challenge" what exactly are the requirements for this exciting thing? I want to try it!
  14. Hello Astroneers Devs! I'm sure that you have your hands full and a lot of ideas on where to take this game. One thing i've learned from open world games is that many people love them for their sandbox content and within the confinds of the games boundaries, can create anything they dream. However there are some that don't like this because they are goal driven. Why not include a basic list of goals in the game that a player can choose to, follow? Call it a "challenge" mode. I was thinking up what a fun end game idea would be and I would have to say building a satellite station that
  15. Hello everyone! So here you are, you've played Astroneer and made bases on all the planets.... now what? Exactly. Being that this is an open sandbox of a world, finding ways to make it challenging can be a challenge. So I found myself working to make the game harder for myself, just to see how far a different scenario could go, as to stretch gameplay out as much as possible. While it may be tricky for the devs to add hardcoded rulesets, or a check box to turn modes on or off, here are some of the rules I created for the 'fun of it' as I replayed through things. 1
  16. One day I just started running.... This challenge is very simple, and very challenging. Start a new game, pick a direction, now run that way until you see your habitat again. You are allowed to move off your line of direction to gather anything you would like. You are allowed to make two items, Beacons, to help your way, and tank, for extra oxygen space No tethers, that would make this trivial. How long can you last? In a test run, I reached about 5 beacons legth, it was easy enough with a few detours, oxygen is everywhere, but navigation is hard.
  17. Using the deform tool, remove all planet material until the entire planet disappears and the player is floating in space.
  18. No Tethers Challenge Build a rover or truck without using any tethers. You get 1 point for each death. Lowest points wins. Last night I did it with 0 deaths.
  19. Hello my fellow Astroneers. For those of you who really get into the science of astroneer and how the solar and wind power work... the solar is pretty simple; it has to have a sight line to the sun, even angles can disrupt it... For windpower, it's a tad bit more tricky, though gust can be underground. Sometimes while in caves I've found areas where there seems to be a huge never ending gust... I assume top side has similar areas, or valleys where it is windy 80% of the time... So for the challenge/idea How about terraforming the planet around some of these gusty areas, so tha
  20. Research is currently a pretty simple task: 1. collect "unknown" objects 2. plug into research station 3. hit the button and voila! stuff! The "unknown" objects themselves seem pretty cool at first but I quickly realized that there are just a few versions of them and despite being organic, mechanical or mineral-esque they all do the same thing. The repetition of the simple steps above becomes a little dry, especially after a few play-throughs when you know what's coming. To make the task of researching things a little more engaging and rewarding I had the ideaz of (1)
  21. Hey all! A friend and I have been playtesting this bad boy since release. And loving every second of it we have done all that is currently available (tech tree, planet exploration etc). So in that we have been looking for ways to increase the difficulty, and we came up with the following: Challenge: No renewable Energies on Base, Rovers, Trucks. Only wind and generator on person. Only Solar on Shuttle/Spaceship. No trade platform at all Batteries are allowed (we are thinking about limiting the amount allowed though) With these small adjustments that we
  22. Enemies should be implemented to make the game more challenging.
  23. So, the game so far can be challenging but all of the challenges are circumvented pretty easily. Adding some new environmental factors might spice the game up a bit. Weather Additions The game already contains the dust and rock storm, which is great. I've suffered my fair share of deaths due to flying boulders destroying me. Adding some base and equipment damage to this storm would make it more realistic (this has been brought up on other threads). Another thing we can add is temperature change. During the day, the temperature is mild or hot, and countermeasures must be taken to
  24. Hey guys, I just started a new series called "Survival Challenge" Here is the first video of the series, let me know what you guys think!