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Found 3 results

  1. Yaaaay! I finally awakened Vesania!!!!
  2. Hello! My name is Scrumpy, I am a very active fan of ASTRONEER and have loved to see the game progress, And with the new base building update only one thing has come to my mind that I think would make ASTRONEER that little, but very much noticeable amount better, and that would be a habitat module that you could physically walk around in. With the new update came a new default platform, I’m not quite sure of the name of it just yet, so i'll refer to it as 'Center Base' (surprisingly, its the big round thing at the center of the new default base.) Center Base looks as though it is some kind of habitation module, in the sense of it seems as though you should be able to open a door, go inside it, and then be able to physically walk around inside of it, I personally think that if this was to be added that it should be some kind of fancy storage, where you could 'feed' it all of your items, and then you could later on walk inside it and see the icon, for say compound, with a small number in the corner of it saying the amount you have stored. And then later on, be able to 'withdraw' some of the items and use them as you please. However, My friend has an entirely different idea, in which you would be able to walk around inside of Center Base, be able to walk up to a control panel, and then see all of the other planets in the ASTRONEER solar system, be able to click on one, and it would bring up a GUI of sorts where you could see how much fuel you would need to get there, how long it will take, and what density of resources can be found there. ect... Of course there could be an entirely different purpose for Center Base, but the main thing that me and my friends would like to see with Center Base is a system where you would be able to walk around inside of it, not be able to click on it and it open another GUI, but you to be able to physically enter it and walk around inside of it. Basically, we would all like to see a house that you could go inside of and call home, Instead of having to constantly see a Space suit around your character.
  3. i know it's probably been stated before. but i just feel very little reason to do much other then collect funky space lumps when there is a cloner and trade center. it feels like creative mode almost. my crew just mines dirt all day and clones anything they want. we don't use the trade center, but i hear it's pretty over powered too. we don't even need to explore for funky space lumps once we get one unit of astronium and or hematite to research.