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Found 16 results

  1. Blazingfirestorm

    short ranged beacons

    My idea is a new item that can attach to the top of tethers which acts like beacons but work at a shorter range than normal beacons I included an illustration in the files below of how it would work i would love for people's feedback . 2020-06-27_210809.pdf
  2. Just got the game in Game Preview about three days ago via the Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 and got one lovely bug with my friend today. A slew of items that either i've interacted with, or built were mass spawned in a cave underground by our base that we dug into to try and get to the center of Sylva. Prior to the glitch we were just returning from the center. Items like Medium Generators, Research Sites, Research Items, and (majorly) Debris are all there and interactable with. Some you see were pulled out in my utter confusion as to why. Not sure how it appeared, but I assume it had to deal with some existing debris and code just going sure lets spawn EVERYTHING here. I'll post two pictures of the clump and whatever else I can add afterwards to help I definitely can. Specs Of PC: Windows 10 Home x64, Version 1903, Build 18362.295 Intel i7-6700k CPU 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 8GB RAM DDR3 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Drive ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard Specs Of Game: Version Windows 10 through Game Pass Ultimate + Microsoft Store Keyboard and Mouse controls (If it helps, I was playing with the aforementioned friend that was on an Xbox One at the time)
  3. epicdude312

    New cave layer ideas

    Right now the cathedral-arch caves on all planets except Sylva and Atrox are kind of...empty. I get why this is the case for both moons and Calidor but I'd love to see the deeper caves on Glacio and Vesania get a bit more interesting. Here's some ideas: - Vesania could have an underground jungle with the planet's signature pink foliage. Maybe even reuse the old Exotic mushroom tree model? - Glacio could have an area with geothermal vents (or geysers I guess) where the geothermal activity has melted the area, exposing rock similar to the Acid Lake biome from the old Tundra.
  4. Chris Augustin

    Update quirks

    I wanted to share some feedback based on a few hours of playing the latest update, namely to see if I'm the only one seeing these or not and to make sure they're reported. 1. Entering rovers, especially the large, is very difficult. I press and hold the e key and typically the terrain tool will open instead of entering the vehicle. It's tough finding the correct spot to enter. 2. I created the research module, placed it on to a large rover and then tried to research items, nothing would slot into the research module so it appears to not be working. 3. Research objects are being found floating randomly in caves, typically in groups. 4. The large rover disappears or flashes when turning your head away from the rover. The starting platform, where the small fabricator gets dropped does the same thing.
  5. when i go down int caves i sometimes hear a bubbling sound and i can never find the source of the sound it all most sounds like lava bubbling can anyone tall me what it is
  6. What if, tethers had some kind of flow inside from the source. I mean some kind of darken areas could travel inside from the source of the oxygen (from base, through branchings to the player), preventing getting lost.
  7. Hello; I am new to this forum, actually i am new to forums. I don't usually take place in a games development but hack! I love this game. I only have 20+ game hours, so instead of making a suggestion on navigation I would first like to ask people about my problem maybe i am missing something after all Navigating in caves Sometimes (almost always) I dig through a cave in almost 10 - 15 entrances. The bad thing about is that I get lost a lot in those caves and forgetting which thether was leading me to the exit where i left my vehicles. (Thethers everywhere!) Is there a way I can mark my exits but not without beacons? (Waste of resources and there are limited colours) I kind of find navigation in the game a bit hard, since beacons are the only way to navigate except compass. Is there something i am missing? I mean like colorful thethers or placing high landmarks or etc. Thank you all in advance.
  8. Summary: 155 - Xbox - Huge portions of terrain missing (?) underground, or just invisible Description: I've encountered this problem before, underground, huge portions of terrain missing. However, I just noticed something new today, maybe it's not missing, it's there, it is invisible to the player. Easier to understand watching my video, see that happens at 25 seconds (00:25). There is a very thin wall, I expected to destroy it quickly, but no, by digging I exposed there is actually terrain there, but it was invisible. Platform: Xbox One Version / Build Number: 155 / 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: N/A (Xbox One) 0b4575ba-164f-4f0b-90e3-59af9383b0da.mp4
  9. AkaMurari

    Cracks on the floor

    after this patch 125 i've found some "cracks" all over my planets floor causing my vehicle fall through the floor and ending in some radom cave.. lost 2 trucks already.. please fix it :3
  10. As a Kerbal Space Program player, I'm trying to mentally differentiate between the two games' end-goals; I'm readily aware they will both end up with similarities and differences to each other as space-based sandboxes. KSP is excellent at the vehicle construction and flight mechanics, while it is still below average on terrain variability and interest. Having looked at the roadmap, seeing the 'Orbital Mechanics' and "Manual Flight Controls' notes implies some form of space-based gameplay. It would be prudent, then, to assume a gravitic gradient as spacecraft enter orbit - that's pretty much a given. But what if gravity became LESS, as we dig, spelunk, drive, fly; closer to the core of each planet?!? This isn't a unique idea, it actually happens in real life. In most cases, though, other things (magma etc) generally gets in the way before we experience the effect. From a technical perspective, it wouldn't seem to be difficult to implement; simply find the centre of the planet and plot a bell curve outward, where the surface gravity is the peak of the bell, and use that as a multiplier of the existing acceleration value. And it doesn't have to be a particularly high 'resolution' of accuracy either; as long as a spelunker has a perceptible difference against surface acceleration, then the effect is working as intended - e.g. change the multiplier value every 5% of distance from the surface to the core. I'd love to be able to free-float around inside of a giant hollowed-out planet... And when space-based construction is implemented, then it would also work in the core as well!
  11. I was exploring a very deep cave when this terrain glitch showed up. The first time the glitch appears to be caused by a that undistructable rock that contains titanium, one side of it was hollow and was making the cave walls also hollow, you can see all the minerals under and above ground, and even the surface ground at a distance and then, this bug was getting more and more common underground the last picture is concerning, because this cave led me to another cave that i already had explored and was completely disfigured by this bug ah, and if i walk on these gaps, i fall to the "center" of the planet and the gaps can be closed if i suck the ground around it almost making it zip up. it behaves like a no-ground making me walk through and as a normal ground where i can shape and mold it with the terraform gun. So thats it, i hope you guys can fix it
  12. SLOlizardMAN27


    When I first got the game about a week ago in pre-Alpha I started playing with my friend on a world saved on his computer and everytime I would die or suffocate I should normally get teleported back to my last save point which was the habitat but instead the game put me underground like I was swimming through water and I could see all the minerals and caves as if i was in an x-ray machine and I could "swim" over to minerals and pop out on the surface right above them and just dig down and get them. Strange glitch. Also, I started my own world and put hours into it but I got a lot of materials piling on my machines so I decided to organize them into pits where I would place multiples of each material (i.e. coal, lithium, oxygen, titanium, hydrazine, etc.) an hour or so later I come back to find that all of the materials (or just a few) were missing from the pits and I was confused but was fine since I could easily find more resin and compound and trade for more aluminum. Then a few days after that I decide to go down a nearby cave system I had already explored (in order to reduce my lag from all the tethers that I placed down there) and I come across about 24 resin 1 compound and 2 aluminum as well as a full storage of hydrazine that I had seen glitch through the ground of my base before my eyes. That is so dumb to have your materials glitch and go to the next highest, untouched, open spot in the world. I didn't even realize it was right under my base until I found everything I lost. PLEASE FIX! It is quite annoying! -SLOlizardMAN27
  13. Teh_Leviathan

    Thermal Vents in Caves

    Guys, I'm sure that some of you will have come across those thermal vents that appear mostly in caves. They stick out of the ground and steam comes out of them. You may have noticed that items can be placed on these similarly to the nodes at base or on vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knows what purpose these serve? Can they be used to power anything or ... ? Thanks.
  14. I often get turned around in caves and using tethers can be expensive and annoying on long dead ends. I suggest a new Marker item ! Details are as follows: Placed like a tether and will connect 3x farther than a tether Glows the same way, rope is green not blue Cannot transmit power or air Basically just reduces the cost of making long tether lines but also remove the life line function.
  15. BertMcfallen

    World Terrain Glitch

    I've seen this glitch before but have never screenshot it until now. This is a small slit I found, although I have even fallen through them before (much larger ones) and you continue to fall until you hit the bottom of the world or into another cave system. I have died a couple of times to this. If you use your terrain tool you can "iron it out" although I just felt like mentioning it. Glitch 2: There is another glitch where you can use you terrain tool to crush yourself into the ground and fall though the ground and either hit the bottom of the map, or into a cave system just like the other glitch mentioned above. I could not replicate this as it's not as easy for it to work.
  16. So I'll getting compound or resin or something and then I'll say jump down to a lower ledge to get some more than I realize I can't jump back up so I add a bit of ground under and then... then I fall through the ground into a cave or off the map and either the fall kills me or the gas and then I respawn but I'v lost all my stuff and it's really aggravating.