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  1. So I drove my extra large shredder into a cave, drilling and paving using three rovers connected. As I tried to scrap some debris, I noticed my shredder was closed and has a full scrap on the output. I can't take the scrap and I can't find a way to open back up my shredder.
  2. Well, i thinked out and i think that a good idea is adding a difficulty select, "Easy" or "Casual" (easier than what we have now), "Normal" (the one that we have), "Hard" and "Extreme". In easy mode, there would be more concentration of resources, and you would die with 3-4 plants attacks instead of 2. In normal mode, it would be like what are we playing now. In hard mode there would be a new item needed for entering to deep caves, a pressurizer, if you don't have this item and you're in deep caves you would start dying because of the pression. In extreme mode... i didn't think out so... xD... but some ideas would be that the plants kills you in 1 attack, more fall damage, less oxygen and energy of the player... or something extreme. I don't say a creative mode because that will be added in other updates... but i think that the difficulty selection and the pressurizer are good ideas.
  3. I was digging a hole on Desolo and heard a gasser. I did not want to progress fearing that I would open a path for it. I have reached the tougher grey soil layer. If I continue to dig down, is it possible that I would run into a cave? Are there no caves below this layer?
  4. While exploring a cavern I got launched into the air, well technically into the soil above me, then fell down to my death. I was standing on solid ground while this happened, no plants in the vicinity. This happened on the planet Calidor and the moon Novus on seperate occasions, and while on Novus it teleported me to the surface, on Calidor it just launched me up into the air, causing a fall to my death.
  5. Hello Astroneer Comunity, I have a bug if i save under the ground or in a cave i bug up untill i arrive the top. Yes i know it is short but the bug or glitch is so! Your Astroneer-Fan Rook PS. If somebody want to play just add me (I come from germany but i can speak english relativ good) Name: Serious??
  6. On the planet Terran Kappa CV-11 B, a brave astroneer makes a habitable base while gathering useful scientific data for us here at Exo Dynamics. Several SGTUs (small galactic time units) ago, he sent us a transmission with some great news. The terrain on this planet appears to have several anomalies where heavy objects sink in to it without having a trace. He has lost many of his rovers because of this. Lately, he lost a small rover. These rovers are chosen for their speed, agility, and small size. While walking around in a local cave system, he noticed that the signals from the beacon on the rover were quite strong so he dug down and made a ramp in to a lower level of the cave using the Exo Terrain Tool. Because he did not know what danger lied below, he was forced to leap in to the safety of the rover and make his way up the ramp he built to bring out to the surface. Challenges like this prove the astroneer's courage and great engineering skills. The Small Rover is made to withstand the harshest planetary conditions. The rover has been safely brought to the surface. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for choosing Milky Way Galaxy // Sol // Europa // Irkni Sector // Exo Dynamics Mission Control Centre and Subterranean Research Facility
  7. Title pretty much says it. While in a cave, wind noise (assumed from a storm because it's the same wind noise associated with a surface storm) causes the game to lag substantially. Including frame rate drop, input lag, and terrain tool response.
  8. So when i started a new game the first thing i saw was a wreckage, not only one but three! One was on a mountain, one was a solar array and just 3 others just lying around. So decided to go in a cave nearby and it split into 3 areas one lead straight one right and the other left i decided to go straight. The first thing a saw was a dead astronaut he had titanium an oxygen tank and a dynamite. When i turned around i saw another one! He had the same things but had a different suit. I decided to go deeper when I found another one! He had the same thing only that this time he had astronium. I decided to cover their bodies using the tool and make crosses in respect. I don't know if this is a bug or i'm just very lucky.
  9. So i was on a successful mining trip in a huge green cavern, when i turned a corner and discovered this: a giant wall with the texture of a man made building. look at the files. i didnt mine all the way around it, but it seemed to be some kind of gigantic cylinder, unlike anything i could recognize. i found that i could walk through it and the cave would continue, and just incase this means something, there was a lot of wrecked satillites around it. it was not tangible in any way, although my mining indicator thing showed on it when i put it on the wall. P.S the third photo was some glitch that occurred several times, always in the ship generator, when my friends joined. i know this game is new and i love it, but i figured some people would like to know. i love this game so much
  10. Hello, the solar panels on my rover-train turn on while stopped in a cavern. I waited until it happened again then captured this. Also when I connected it to the outpost the power loop began and I could smelt and research for free. Power loop: Small solar panel: Medium solar panel: I love the game btw
  11. I have noticed with the 0.6.5 release that research pods under spitter and exploder plants seem to fall through the earth when they are released after the plants die. They can be found sometimes on lower levels. This does not always happen but seems to happen fairly frequently in caves with several levels. The pods still work fine once they are recovered.
  12. Well, the title explains it really, the ability to change the tether colours. I get lost quite quickly when exploring underground and during the Christmas event i found the different coloured tethers very useful, sure it was a pain to cycle through the colours each time before placing one but it made my cave exploring way more manageable. I don't mind if they cost more resource or if they need special research as long as they are usable in game. And of course, we know they can do it, because they already have. On a last note, custom coloured work lights might also be a great tool !
  13. Hi guys! while exploring my moon, I encountered one of these bad boys. looks like a dinosaur skeleton or smth. Seems like some unexpected things are awaiting us
  14. Steam - Astroneer version 0.4.10223.0 on PC - Windows 10 Every sunrise, I can see light entering the cave where i have my Large Rover equipped with a windmill, solar panel, and battery. I also have the normal equips: 1 man seater, large storage equipped with multiple medium storages... and the large rover is towing a medium rover via umbilical and that trailer also has two medium storage attached to it. The problem, is that when the sun "enters" the cave, the solar panel opens and refills my battery. I could be down here forever and never run out of juice. I think this has more to do with the way the planets are generated, as sunlight is bleeding through the planet's mesh, but there are other ways to fix this like have cave biomes flagged to deactivate solar peripherals.
  15. The storms has affected me several times whilst I was clearly in a cave. pls fix
  16. i realy like the idear of giant mushrooms for exotic planet or deep caves. what do you think? like this:
  17. I made a new world after experiencing the "tearing" bug, but I encountered this phenomenon. My friend was watching my broadcast and asked me about it, and we both thought it would be pretty cool if it WAS meant to occur. I was just wondering if this is meant to happen.
  18. I ventured out last night to get compound and resin before my initial flight. Being an adventurer I strayed off the path a little. Found more caves, came out into some canyons...found a buried shuttle. Ventured more into mountains and got stuck. Refusing to turn back, I dug through a mountain and made my way out. That took awhile, as the spot I was stuck in barely got any sun (mountains were too high)...I had to maneuver the truck just right to get power haha. Now I am completely lost (can't even see my home beacon)! I know my base was North, so I headed that direction...but I think my venture through the mountains took me further North than my home. I'm so lost, and loving it. Good times. I hope in the future they add some cool, rare places and/or things to discover when you venture off the beaten path!
  19. This has happened to me a few times now. I'm in a cave, digging up the deposits on the ground. It's a large deposit, so I have to dig down more than normal. Suddenly there's no ground beneath me anymore, just a big drop into another cave underneath. The fall kills me, losing me everything I had in my backpack. Ground-penetrating Radar uses high-frequency radio waves to build up a picture of what's beneath the surface. This is a technology that exists today, used for mapping out anything that's underground, all without even having to dig for it. My suggestion is that our Astroneer should be able to craft some kind of early warning system based on GPR. This device (insert suitable suggestion for a name here) could be acquired via research, then built via the backpack's micro-3D printer. The GPR would be placed into his backpack and would emit both an audible and visual alert when there is a void or cave directly beneath them. If placed on a vehicle it could be used to help the player detect where there is a cave near the surface, tipping the, off to a possible nearby enterance. If anyone is interested in learning more about Ground-penetrating Radar, here's its entry on Wikipedia:
  20. I thought it would be cool if you could build a mineshaft that would excavate down an then create a open room to branch out from. It would make it easier to go deeper straight down without having to worry about falling to your death. Might be cool if you had to use a winch on it to go down and up. Would also need a power source attachment.
  21. Mouse/Keyboard Steam When I opened my saved game, some (not all) of the plants I had moved underground in order to get a research node had lost their color. They had color before I saved, now they don't. Try going into a cave and removing the ground underneath the plants/fungus, save the game, then come back and see if the color is gone.
  22. I was exploring a cave on the moon and came across this. It's not research so I can't identify it. Does anybody know what it is or is it just something cool to have at you base.
  23. While exploring a huge cave, a friend and I found two paths that led to dead ends and a thruster at each. We were able to dock these on our truck and carry them back to base. However, the question is, what exactly are they used for? They can't be researched, and they're not needed for a spaceship/shuttle because that comes with thrusters when printed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  24. Whenever I try to load it just puts me in a random cave then it says I have low oxygen I have no idea where my base is and I have lots of items on me so I don't want to die. I am playing a laptop with windows 10 using keyboard and mouse.
  25. hello, so I was mining in my cave and all the sudden I saw this orange cylinder buried underground. so I dig it up and I was confused on what it was at first I thought it was some kind of steam engine so I attached it to my vehicle and started to experiment with it. you can take the harpoon out and attach it to the ground. couldn't figure anything else out yet. for some reason I can't take screenshots with my Xbox anymore so I made a 3D model as accurately as I could (it's pretty accurate)