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Found 1 result

  1. TMarcher74

    Geothermal Power

    We probable have heard of this before but here I am ,again requesting for geothermal power to be added back into the game, YES THE GEOTHERMAL POWER GERNERATOR WAS A THING IN THE ALPHA VERSION OF ASTRONEER. How ever they then had to remove it for... idk for which reason ,if you know then pls ping me. The geothermal power should be available in the caves only, which would make it easier to build a base in the cave as there is no sunlight or very less wind in the caves, RTGs is a late game thing but I would prefer to stick with natural power, intact I think that RTGs are a game hacker since they don't need any requirements and are overpowered. I know that this is included in the non essential features but I would recommend to remove it from there and add it to the high priority list. Also I managed to dig up some old videos/pics of the geothermal power generators.