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Found 4 results

  1. Brainblow123

    Catalog Bug

    So, when I hold Q to go to the catalog, everything works fine, except for the fact that none of the pictures appear. The words are fine, but this makes it a lot harder to navigate and unlock what I want. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, or if it's just me, but I hope it get fixed soon.
  2. BR0TH3R_TUB3

    Catalog lights Broken

    For some reason in my game in my catalog the lights aren"t working one the left side. I don"t know what those lights on the left side are called but I have an image of what it look like in attachments. I also tried validating my files on steam but it didn't work i had this glitch before but this was when the vehicle update came out. I haven't found a fix and it kinda of hard starting a new game since I have to look at the name to find what I am looking for. EDIT: I forgot to mention i am running on low settings.
  3. vizthex

    Catalog Bugs

    I've found taht if you have the exact amount of Bytes you need to unlock a research it won't let you unlock it until you get at least 1 more (Even restarting the game won't fix it)
  4. With the newly introduced catalog, a new problem has arisen. To access the inventory, one can press "Q." However, the catalog is also mapped to this. I don't always want to access the catalog when I access my inventory. Therefore, it can sometimes become a nuisance. It would be much appreciated if something is done to improve this. Thank you.