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Found 9 results

  1. Froinchi

    Tesla Cars in Game

    Hello. I just saw the Tweet of the game's official account. Is there REALLY a way to make deals with Tesla and add their cars in game? DLC or not, I will enjoy it and I am sure others will do too.
  2. J’ai décidé de créer un gros garage sous-terrain pour stocker mes véhicules, avec de la lumière et de l’oxygène, tout le nécessaire. suite à cela, je quitte et sauvegarde le jeu. Quand je suis revenu, mon véhicule n’y était plus, mais se n’était qu’un simple buggy, j’en ai donc créé un autre, mais j’ai décidé de mettre une balise, afin de pouvoir savoir où est-ce qu’il est parti et si il va partir lui aussi. Peu de temps après, je sauvegarde et quitte. Quand je reviens, je vois encore le signal de la balise, ce pendant, pas le buggy, je me met donc à creuser pour me rendre compte que, 15 hauteur de buggy sous mon garage, il y a une grotte, et que tout les véhicule que je mets dans mon garage, se ramasse 1km sous mon garage. Je ne sais donc pas qu’est-ce que je devrais faire avec ça, mais je sais qu’il y a un bug a régler. Je suis sur Xbox One, avec la version Alpha finale
  3. Hi everyone!!! Sorry for my english, i will try my best xd Thats what happened to me when I satrted the Astroneer server to play with my friends... Yesterday, we were building a garage to our new rovers (love the mini-rover). And we spend a lot of time and resources to build 2 mini-rovers, 1 Medium with 1 trailer, and the biggest one!. So, we let the cars in the garage except the biggestone (we call it RHINO). Today, I opened again the game, and i found this in the garage.... The 2 mini-rovers and the mid one disapeared, and i though it was because the were underf the floor in the cave. In the picture apears the RHINO in the cave, but its because u put it the 2nd times I opened the game, thats why The RHINO keeps in our world xd I dont know if u suffer the same. I like this game and i know it is an Alpha version, but love the ways u can build. Hope they would fix it soon. A noobie :D
  4. alesann


    i have a problem with the car it is somethimes in the ground and somethimes i cant drive
  5. I think i found the cause for cars flipping on exit. It's some object or label in the backpack that is "solid" and doesn't obey the x-men-Kite-style phase through exit and hits the car on exit. Fixes... System Era: Quick might work... Just move the astroneer out to the ground some bit farer away. Add more space to come free from any objects attached in front of the car. As of now the astroneer exits to close close to the car if carrying the small generator with a plant-material-pack mounted for sure. or More work... Find the buggy object(s) or label(s) that is solid.... Players: 1. Die and get a empty backpack or 2. Empty the backpack and enter/exit any car, enter the habitat and then go out and pick up u're gear. This worked for me........could be wrong! ;-)
  6. xDARKxVIPERSx65

    Better buildings+vehicles

    I think that you guys should add better building such as building a house out of titanium or building a biodome and being able to live inside of it, and this being said also can you add more devastating planets of even meteorites on planets.
  7. I just built a shuttle and had a rover and truck right by the vehicle bay. I flew the shuttle in the air but went straight back to my home. I got out and my rover and truck were gone. Can anyone help this problem?
  8. mmaackss

    Building Vehicle idea

    I think it would be cool if instead of being able to build a rover or spaceship with just 4 pieces of compound, you'd have to build all the parts separately. Building all 4 wheels and the seat an engine etc. In my opinion it would give people more satisfaction and accomplishment after fully building a car or spaceship.
  9. This don't need any image, is just my cars going reverse for nothing, there's nothing special attached to them, just the seat. It happened to the little one, and when I got back to the truck, it was bugged too, so I quit the game and reload, it was back to normal with the truck, and when I get to the little one it was bugged again, then got to the truck and it was bugged again too.