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Found 3 results

  1. So we all know that tethers are used to mark where we have been, as a way back and also for oxygen, but what about using the top of it and different colours to have like the small to large rover or storage to transport research or resources. so using the modals of the rover or platforms and maybe have a hovering affect above that follows the tethers blue line. So we could use it to transport cargo to and from bases in caves to bases above the surface and vis versa.
  2. The Cargo Pod and Single Use Rocket are intended to be a method that for the cost of compound and fuel you will be able to launch resources into space to a targeted area on another planet within your solar system. I will order how you would create it and what would be required and notate functionality at each relevant point. Required Structures Rocket Launch Pad (New Structure): This produces nothing but is used to launch the Cargo Pod to the other planet. Printer: The printer produces two new components. The Single Use Rocket and the Cargo Pod. Cargo Pod: The Cargo Pod attaches to the top of a Single Use Rocket that has been docked into the Launch Pad. From there it can be loaded with resources. The Cargo Pod can be reused. A Cargo Pod would also have a beacon built in so that you can find it on the planet you send it to so long as you're within range. Single Use Rocket: The Single Use Rocket is docked with the Launch Pad, then Fuel is attached to the Launch Pads fueling points and you initiate the charging sequence which takes power and a little time. Fuel Condenser (alternatively Mine Hydrazene): This would be used solely for the production of fuel for 'charging' the rocket. Optional Structures Cargo Beacon: A Cargo beacon would be something that you would build/place on another planet. This would narrow the radius that the Cargo Pod could land in thus making it easier to find. How it would play out in game Create Launch Pad Create Printer Create Fuel Condenser Print Single Use Rocket (2 Compound, 1 Copper) Dock Rocket to Launch Pad Print Cargo Pod (4 Compound) Attach Cargo Pod to Rocket Load Resources into Cargo Pod (Holds 8 Resources) Produce/Harvest Fuel Attach 4 Fuel to Launch Pad Initiate Fueling Sequence Prepare Launch: It's at this point you choose the target planet, not unlike how it is done when switching planets via lander. If you have a Cargo Beacon in the designated region the Cargo Pod will land within a radius around the Cargo Beacon making it easier to retrieve. Initiate Launch! At this point you'd be able to travel to the other planet and retrieve the resources or your ally there would be able to use the resources for whatever they were working on. I also think the cost vs reward of expending resources to transfer resources to another planet more swiftly and easily plays into the mechanics of the game very well. This grew from a conversation on reddit and I think it would be a good system that works within the design of the game.
  3. If I want to dock objects to the Cargo Rack, this is only possible if the rack is removed from the shuttle. See Video: Astroneer Game Preview - Bug Shuttle & Cargo Rack