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Found 13 results

  1. There is one uncomfortable moment, that the paver and the drill are activating at the same time. It would be more useful If car drill or pawer can be turned on apart from each other like on the astroneer itself (C and V)
  2. You could add something like a compass to your car. It would be displayed of the mount on the screen.
  3. 本人是中国区玩家。现在已经收集到了足够多的BUG来反馈。 1:大型漫游车 4 辆连在一起导致无法开动的bug。本人已经尝试过摘掉座椅重新安装,车辆断开重新连接,清扫地面,但仍然无效,此BUG在这个版本下依然存在。(非常影响游戏体验) 2:抑制器bug。地形枪安装抑制器后清扫车辆下面的地面导致车辆下沉。
  4. I want to know if there is a way to free a vehicle that glitched (fell through) the ground and landed in a cave thousands of metres deep, i fell through the floor/map and didn't stop i then died and lost my car and my stuff is there any way to free it or get it back.
  5. Hello I'm Thai ,I may not use English terminology. Please forgive me I've played this game. The game is very good, I have a great time. But I found something. I could not build my car when I created vehicle bar. Plzz Help me
  6. So while I am playing my rovers will try to float away. but only if I am too far from them. Not like other side of the planet, but like 10 yards away. Then the wheels will fall off and reappear.
  7. The thruster has 4 spots that you can put a small item on each one of those spots for storage (I'm assuming). It would be nice if when you attach say: a battery, small solar panel, small wind turbine to those spots and attach it to the back of your larger vehicle (and possibly anything else the thruster may attach to, I'm not that far in the game I don't know if it does yet) that it would charge your car from where it sits on the thruster. The design of this game is so intelligent that when I did it I assumed it would work and was surprised that is didn't. So I just thought It'd be nice to see it as a functional feature. I just think it would speak for the already intelligent design of the game. Also I hate that I cant just put single Items anywhere I want on the the open ports on the back of the ship. It autofills you from the seat on back.
  8. While i was playing with my brother, he was the host, i found a bug, 2 times in a row. I connected a big car and the small car drive a little and when i press tab it bugged and disappear.
  9. Ok, here's the issue: After the excavation update, the game is nice and all, but the driving, OMG, it's bad, it changes direction based on camera, and sometimes this leads to annoying driving issues, like the rover going to the oposite direciton I want, or trying to go to a hole or simply spinning out of control. Not only this, but the rover, even the larger one feels like driving a balloon, imprecise and very floaty(ish), even more when you attach another one on the back, it's very annoying, the game is very fun, until you have to deal with driving... what is a shame, because before this (let's call) tier, it's very fun, but using ANY rover is annoying. I think by using normal fixed direction on control, W= forward, S= Backwards, and so on should fix one of the issues, the other should be a little more wheigth and stability. (I'm sorry for the typing mistakes -.-')
  10. I start to play after the new patch release yesterday sept 15th, and when I drove my robert and pressed forward, it began to spin on himself, both forward and backward, like falling for a cliff, so its useless I don´t know if i am the only one whit this issue.
  11. I looked around the forum and I didn't find anything about this so I thought I would suggest it. I noticed that it was a real b*tch to move around the exotic planet with anything more than 2 large rovers attached together because of the rocky and steep terrain. my idea is spiked tyres that can only be attached to the large rover. These new spiked tyres would help you get up the large hills with ease. they would be made with 2 parts compound and 2 parts aluminium (that's how you spell it Americans). They would be bigger than the current wheels on the rover and will have spike looking things on them I only thought of this cos my large rover train got stuck at the bottom of the hill up to my base
  12. Hi, I'm here to say this in the car, when I'm going to put the normal energy (without being solar or wind), it does not give energy !!! I hope you can correct that. Sorry, something is wrong, I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator.