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Found 2 results

  1. Found a repetitively game-breaking bug related to vehicles which is making the game unplayable for my friend and I past a certain point. The problem happens after a few interactions with a vehicle, either by the host or other player, and then the host is unable to interact with the vehicle or any other machines, even after restarting. The vehicle wouldn't stay still even when supposedly no-one was in it, and has made the game unplayable past this point. Found others who share the same issue: Playing on Steam, ASTRONEER Version 0.6.5 Really frustrating as we can't play past creating a car and are both first time players, would really appreciate a prompt fix to this!
  2. Summary: When initiating Landing sequence if you click a landing zone then on the orbiter launch icon causes a gamebreaking bug after loading save file. Description: As stated above if while in orbit over a planet you click on a Landing Zone then click on the exit orbit button above your ship it causes the game to both simultaneously load the solar system and land on the planet you can still exit your ship by pressing X after it is landed but it leaves the landing Zone markers unclickable around each of the landing zones if you save your game and exit when you come back in the same problem exists and when inside of any of these Landing zones you cannot click on any button therefore since your home is a landing Zone you cannot manipulate anything inside your home at base the game becomes unplayable from that point on Also see post Bug making me unable to use anything (by klicking) Started by DArealNIEL, June 27 Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Xbox Patch 189 Specifications: OS: Xbox one standard specs CPU: GPU: RAM: Drive: