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Found 19 results

  1. So, I just discovered that if you accidentally attach a full canister to the top of one of the 8 doodahs on the centrifuge whilst it's running, it will move that canister to any attached storage slots, but then continue to offload all the in-progress resources as well, which results in the attached image. On a related note, I have a centrifuge on Novus which has a complete resin stack stuck in one of the slots, and the centrifuge is unusable as it won't unload the final resin stack onto any free storage slots.
  2. For some reason I can't add nor flatten terrain. I've read some posts on the forums that says something along the lines of "make a canister and use your tool". But when I DO make a canister, it's a big white bottle unlike the ones I've seen in different posts, YouTube videos AND even the tutorial. And whenever I press Alt or Ctrl, I just get a big Red X. Someone pls help.
  3. Controller: Keyboard/Mouse System: Steam, Windows 10 What happened: I wanted to expand my mining rover's capacity with the large storage silo. I placed 2 of them on my rover train with medium storages on them with canisters. When I used the crane, it ignored anything placed on the large storage silos and would not place items on empty storage slots on the large storage silos and instead dump them on the ground. The crane still works with the large storage. To repeat: Place large storage silo on large rover with a crane. Place a soil canister on the silo. The crane will not fill this canister when digging. Place a soil canister on the crane or anywhere else on the rover. The crane will fill this canister.
  4. When a canister containing soil is placed on the same platform as a Soil centrifuge, it is automatically transferred to the soil centrifuge to empty the soil contents of the canister into the centrifuge module's internal soil buffer. This functionality is great, but has a minor flaw. A canister which has just been emptied in this way will be replaced by another canister containing soil, to continue filling the centrifuge until the centrifuge is full. However, once the centrifuge is full, an empty canister is left on the centrifuge's canister slot (assuming that two full canisters were used). While I understand that this is done to facilitate the storage of a partially filled canister on this slot while the centrifuge is in use, it has a major downside on the quality of life while using the centrifuge with large batches of soil. As the empty canister is left on the centrifuge, a slot on the medium storage from which the canister was taken is now empty, allowing the contents of the centrifuge operation to empty into this slot instead of the canister, which is still on the centrifuge slot. This means that the canister and items must manually be moved around, which is annoying for bulk centrifuge operations. My suggestion is to add functionality for the centrifuge to eject empty canisters from the centrifuge slot to other platform slots. This would allow for complete separation of canisters and centrifuge products, allowing for easier and more efficient use of the module. Current Result: Desired Result: Thank you to SES for all your hard work, and I hope that you will consider my suggestion for implementation.
  5. I suggested this because I love the progress being made with the Drill. Yet, Canisters fill on a rover with a Drill extremely fast so I decided to suggest a Medium Canister. It is a 2 slot version of the Canister (which would be renamed to Small Canister) that has a capacity of 20 regualar Canisters and only works on a rover with a drill. Medium Canister: Capacity: 20 Small Canisters Research Cost: 500 Bytes (open for change) Recipe: 1 Plastic, 1 Ceramic (open for change but I want the player to need the Chemistry Lab before they can make this) Size: Medium You would need, obviously, a way to extract materials from soil collected in these canisters or they would be useless. For this, there should be a module that dispenses this soil into Small Canisters. I might make a 3D model for this later. Research Cost: 800 Bytes (open for change) Recipe: 1 Iron, 1 Aluminum, 1 Copper Size: Large Please let me know what you think.
  6. Can we get glue canisters to put in the terrain tool for things like salvaged solar arrays so they dont move after you place them where you wanted? some people say you need to save and reload the game to freeze the solar array but doing so never worked for me and using the standard soil to secure it can cause it to jitter even if the soil isnt physically touching the array. a specially designed soil variant designed as glue would be great for keeping objects static. I would suggest that the way this be crafted is in the chemistry station using a full canister of soil, and resin.
  7. We tried many configurations of Large Rover + Crane + Drill + Soil Canisters, but couldn't get it to fill the soil canister.
  8. From what I have seen of 1.0, I absolutely LOVE it. You have made everything fit together so well, System Era. Terrain 2.0 is not as harsh as I expected and there are so many other new awesome features. There are some things that I was hoping for that still did not come. I know there are many more updates that will improve on the game so I have created this thread. 1. Trade Platform I must admit, the Trade Platform is still one of the ugliest modules to ever make it into the game (second to the old Medium Printer). That black and white part on the top looks extremely weird. There is still a single slot in the front that does absolutely nothing. I put a Small Wind Turbine on it in one save and it actually worked. Also, it still only accepts Scrap which is weird as well. 2. R.I.P Vehicle Bay I know that I will greatly miss the old Vehicle Bay. This new Large Printer looks awesome but I at least wish the ability to find the Vehicle Bay in wrecks and repair it. 3. R.I.P Storm All I want with this is an option to toggle the existence of the storm and perhaps have a planet fully in a storm. 4. 1 Canister > 1 Ammonium All that needs to be done for this is that the value of a Canister should be decreased. To make up for this, make it possible to extract Laterite and Malachite 5. Pointing The logo for when you point is exactly the same as the Terrain Tool arrow. Perhaps, make it look more like this:
  9. Why does the Atmospheric Condenser create gas-canisters out of nothing? Reminds me of the old days of hydrazine-condensers. Why cant we just use regular empty canisters and then they get "ballooned" into the round shape by the Atmospheric Condenser (and shrink back if empty?
  10. I was hosting a multiplayer game, and my partner put his canister with some soil in it in the Large Shredder. The image of the canister was persistent, even when the shredder animation and sfx stopped. When we put another item in the shredder, the game would completely crash, booting us both out to the desktop. When we restarted the game, the canister image was still there, and if we put another item in the shredder, the game would crash and punt us back out to our desktops again. We eventually just made a new shredder. When we put completely empty canisters in the shredder, we don't get the glitch.
  11. Placed four fuel canisters on a medium platform. When it came to take them off, the two inner canisters cannot be selected so are stuck on the platform. PC Steam Mouse, keyboard Version 0.9.0
  12. HitokiriGuille

    Basic soil canister

    Since the addon of canisters we require to have at least 1 canister with soil to be able to use the other functions of the terrain tool (add and flat) i think the terrain tool should carry by default a small canister integrated in the tool itself, something like a quarter of a normal canister, which purpose would be only for the modifying terrain and not for soil collection, that would require normal canisters.
  13. I had a Mineral Extractor in front of and right up against a Large Storage D filled with various Research. When I placed a medium storage of filled canisters on the left platform of the mineral extractor, the medium storage unfolded and half of it was inside the large storage D. The mineral extractor automatically loaded the eight canister and returned them to the medium storage, but when I moved the medium storage, the canisters that were in the positions obscured by the large platform D had disappeared. Win7 PC with keyboard and mouse Steam
  14. theastonmartin


    What if there was a type of massive drill you could put on the front of a large rover that could dig tunnels that it could get through? The crane is hard to use and I think a drill module could make life easier for the average astroneer.
  15. Kaigott

    Large Canister

    Maybe they could add some sort of "large canister" where you can deposit all of the contents of your small canisters into the large canister. Maybe add some sort of "separator" to separate the hydrazine from the soil? Just an idea!
  16. I've gotten a reply to a similar question on the canisters, but I can't find it! When I create a Canister (with resin) it doesn't have the look of an empty cylinder with an indicator on the end. It looks like a solid white cylinder with 4 blue dots spaced about 1/3 down from the solid flat end. It will NOT fill with dirt! no matter how i make it! So I can't Raise or Flatten Soil, only dig it up ! That REALLY SUCKS! I tried making sure I have a generator with biofuel operating when I make the cylinder, but it doesn't matter it refuses to fill with dirt! Only ONE TIME was I able to get one of these white cylinders to function as a soil container, and I don't know how to duplicate that result ! I'm real surprised no one else has reported this but me. Maybe I have a botched install. But most everything works okay. The Hydrazine Catalyzer and the Fuel Condensor won't function at all, but other equipment seems to work well. That mean I can't get a Shuttle fueled either! As it stands, I have a only partially functional game, with no explanation from anyone as to why.
  17. So I am playing on my xbox one s and I was trying to get Malachite and I thought whatever I put on would get taken. I put on two canister and other thing and send the trade platform off. When it returned I was surprised to see my canister back but they were named Malachite and had the subtitle of Copper Ore. I tryed using it as a canister, it did not work. I tryed useing it as a ore, that also did not work. They are useless now. To recreate this send a canister , empty, on the trade platform.
  18. Ljorius


    well its not really a bug, more some experience i made. one of the canisters showed on top, that still a little bit was inside. i picked it up and placed it on the extractor, but it did not emptied itself, so i was wondering. i picked by accident one canister with a rest of hydrazin. till i put it on the shuttle, i was a little bit confused.
  19. So I started a new save file on the new patch, my inventory is completely full, and decided to try put a canister in the slot you use for inventory item creation and close the inventory. This will launch you into space, untill you reopen your inventory or remove the thing.