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  1. This may sound stupid for some people but I come from FPS games and it really feels awkard to move the camera around with the acceleration (the camera does not move instantly with the mouse like it does on a FPS game). I really think this ruins a bit the movement experience. I know this is really easy to fix so it would be awesome if you could provide an extra option to disable this on menu or either removing the acceleration completelly. Related to this is the item acceleration when moving stuff from anywhere to anywhere (i.e. backpack to storage on your base). I know that an inventory s
  2. When I launch the game, I can't move camera with the mouse unless I put the game window in the background and get back to it. The cursor was the Windows one and not the Astroneer one. Occured on Steam.
  3. You should be able to choose if the camera follows the player or you drag the camera.
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Camera angles and auto adjustment (Mostly vehicle related) Description: Driving up a very steep narrow slow some times causes the camera to auto adjust constantly Driving with large items beside / behind you can making driving blind. Walking in very tight areas can cause the camera to 180, or clip trough terrain Suggestion: This is mainly directed at vehicle usage. A first person camera angle in vehicles would be very help
  5. Drilling with rovers, especially with the tractor, is made difficult by the fact that the camera is always behind the vehicle, which is troublesome because you cannot see what you're drilling or where you're going. I think this needs to be fixed. A first-person camera would do nicely for this, but there may be another way. Also, for convenience, there could be a radar/sonar system on the drill which shows where surface-air boundaries are with a hologram, perhaps coloured, so that you know when you are about to emerge. This would make digging around a lot more intuitive and fun in my opinion, a
  6. Using mouse & keyboard on Windows 10 (XBOX app) and the mouse no longer locks to the game window during play. The mouse moves the camera on movement after loading into the save, but can be stopped by just right clicking once. In addition the windows cursor does not hide, and the in game cursors do not show up on backpack/in-game screens. Started playing on Creative update without this issue, which started after winter update. Alt+Enter, window / window-full screen setting does fix issue. Tried re-installing game, re-installing XBOX app. Tried modifying the game settings ini for forcin
  7. I hope this is received well. I fallowed the moderator recommendations and did a search for existing threads on this. Found only one older thread which I added to. I am respectfully seeking to minimize clutter. I have read some discussions on steam about adding first person view. I did not hear this perspective much so I wanted to give voice to it. First person camera view is most important for situations where the space is too tight for the third person camera. This is most obvious when taking a vehicle with modules through a tunnel dug by a drill on the front. The l
  8. Possible that the camera takes only a photo of 'reality', without label, tag, pointer, highlight etc. ? It would make more sense to me ! And if we could have a better definition (bigger that the screen ?) it would be fantastic
  9. Vr support and First person Hello my friend wanted to do a suggestion for Vr support and first person camera. I would also like this idea to be added in the next update, including performance fixes as no one has been able to play with good performance. Um.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Terrain smooth tool snaps to lines relative to the camera, skipping the space between lines Description: In all of my save files, the terrain smoothing tool snaps to lines that are either straight lines radiating away from the camera (not the character, I checked), or arcs a set distance from the camera. Moving the cursor slowly between the lines will allow the tool a tiny degree of motion within its "channel" before it snaps to the next one, skipping the space in between. This glitch doesn't affect the remove terrain or add terrain functions, only t
  11. Subject: The game is supposed to be comfortable, especially in looking around because there are so many wonderful things. When you want to look around, you need to press hold right right mouse button, which requires so much effort. Idea : Actually, that right click doesn't need to be pressed to look around. People should be able to drag mouse to look around. Also, people are familiar with using mouse to look around not clicking button to look around.
  12. While playing on Desktop PC, I am unable to use mouselook (hold right click to pan view). This makes traveling up or down in vehicle troublesome. I can however use mouselook when I play on Laptop PC. I scoured every configuration setting. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Compared files between both PCs. Made sure necessary software/hardware were updated. All not working. Any ideas?
  13. Anyone think this is a good idea? A satellite launched from a platform, into space, and orbits the current planet, and has a camera that can be accessed from the surface, to make time lapses and stuff. I think it would be a nice touch.
  14. there is a glitch where the camera floats around the planet and it makes the game so not complete and annoying please try to fix it and it happens usually in online
  15. This one may be hard to explain. I am experiencing an issue of character rotation and terrain adjusting lock while rotating the camera. The "issue": I pull out the terrain tool (e), begin to dig into any surface (left mouse click), and lastly rotate the camera (right mouse click) [to look for dust storms or anything else]. When releasing from the rotate the camera (right mouse click) my character is stuck in one angle and can only adjust the terrain by now physically rotating the mouse, therefore rotating the character. There is no 'stand in one place and move the mouse.' The angle gets locked
  16. Hi, Thank you for the improved steering/camera but.... The camera drifts back into the forward facing position when driving a rover. If you're not moving, the camera will remain pointed where you're looking, which is good. However, as soon as you're moving forward again, the camera will slowly face forward again. This, to me, is a bug. Please remove any relation there still is between steering and looking around!
  17. The latest vehicle update defaulting to absolute steering prompted me to finally make this suggestion. Thanks for the option to go back to camera steering, btw. I'm on Windows using Steam and have 800 hours in the game. Admittedly some of those are when physically away while research crunches along but I'm clearly addicted and have loved the game since early pre-alpha.. Perhaps I'm in a small minority, but I prefer camera steering for everything... vehicles and player. As a result, I've spent most of those 800 hours with my finger pressing the right mouse button. I've tried absolute stee
  18. The camera wont stop moving to the left and the cursor wont stop moving left in the main menu so i cant chose without using the arrows which save I want. As well as I cant enjoy the game because it spins the whole thing and this all happened after i crash without saving 1 hour of work! It is just annoying that its been out for a while and it cant even work. I clicked the left mouse button to trigger the attention symbol to show it is spinning in the screenshot.
  19. Updated about 45 minutes ago to current on Xbox when trying to use my right analog stick to move the camera/selection tool/terrain tool/anything that involves the right analog stick will move smoothly vertically and diagonally but as you start to sway the joystick to horizontal movement meaning turning left or right or moving an object it will only move a very slight amount and stop completely while holding the joystick fully to one side or another making any type of smooth movement or transition or even playing any part of this game an absolute and Complete nightmare so awful it's not worth p
  20. Any time I enter my starting habitat, my camera immediately pans under the habitat and clips into the ground. I can not zoom and rotate the camera in a way that brings me back above the surface. Camera is stuck at a fixed spot that allows me to rotate see under ground tunnels PC version,, new save started at current version.
  21. Summary: - Steam - Camera Collision Description: I have no idea if it's intentional or not but player camera collides with every block that cames from blizzard, which causes camera zooming in and out all the time when block hits the camera. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 3.42 GHz GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual X-Boost 3GB RAM: HyperX 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 6Gb/s SATA (ST10
  22. I don't think this idea has been discussed before as I researched the forum and found nothing. Nevertheless, many games nowadays share first and 3rd person cameras as they are really much more immersive that way. I think a first person camera would be very fitting in Astroneer, as the updates are coming out and there are now more ways to create bases, I think 1st person is a must.
  23. (I deeply apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. I'm not sure if this really belongs in the Bug Report section because I'm providing a possible solution.) Hello all. Earlier, upon loading my game, I encountered a bug that forces your camera into the astronaut's body, and the astronaut also gets stuck inside the landing pod. I noticed that I wasn't the only one facing this issue -- other people had also encountered this bug in the Bug Reports, Crashes section. However, people were saying that they had to create a new game in order "fix" the bug. I think I may have found a te
  24. Summary: 0.6.2 - Steam - Truck w/ Crane Camera keeps snapping under terrain Description: When entering one particular truck the camera snaps underneath the truck. Zooming out and re-positioning doesn't fix. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.6.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709| Build 16299.248 CPU: Intel i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz GPU: AMD FirePro W7170M RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 2133MHz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB Video Below: