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Found 2 results

  1. Hello my name is brandon. I have been playing astroneer on the xbox one for about a month now. Great game but there are a few major issues. First is the rovers sliding all over on their own. Especially annoying when using a drill on any incline more than perfectly flat. A standard parking brake would solve this issue and also help overall handling when trying to avoid gullies because you cant stop. Another is the controls and how the rover handles. Forward should be forward reverse should be reverse. Instead when trying to reverse the rover goes all wacky and tries turning this way and that. Up on joystick for forwad movement down for reverse and left right for turning. It is painful trying to maneuver a rover in any cave or even on the surface for that matter. They are essential and need to work as they should not some wacky mind of its own stuff. Camera angles especially inside caves need an overhaul. Carrying an object and trying to do anything other than standing still is almost impossible. And the fact you can take tethers and stuff from an entire floor up in a cave through solid terrain ( prolly snapping and targeting issues). The snap points and targeting of objects to grab is hinestly pretty bad. It's is literally painful trying to add items to storage or any snap point. And trying to grab something from said storage or snap point is a random chance you won't grab what you want but instead grab the entire thing. Could be as easy as adding a snap point cycle button. The framerate drop on xbox is insane. Less than 5 fps depending on storms and terrain clutter. Gets worse as more objects are built in world. Oh and we need a way to destroy rocks without disturbing terrain. Because terrain tools are buggy at best. Alignment don't work for flat terrain and inhibitor doesn't penetrate to dislodge rocks. They make driving a rover all the more painful. I'd spend 3 hours clearing all the rocks near my base this way so I can have stable terrain to traverse. I understand it's an alpha but I feel as though these issues are almost game breaking as they make it painful and very frustrating to get anything done. Thank you in advance. The game is good just some major issues to address before release.
  2. Firstly I would like to say the game is very fun and unique and has a huge potential in terms of content. However I feel that we don't get to appreciate the game properly and the content in terms of the little things (vegetation, caves, daylight cycle, etc.) because of fact we can't switch to first person. And if you have already thought about first person I feel a HUD that displays oxygen and power on the glass of the space helmet