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Found 21 results

  1. Hello again System Era, I have a new suggestion: You guys should increase the spawn rate, not the respawn rate, but the spawn rate of the cave research byte nodes on Glacio. Maybe increase by like, oh I don't know, maybe 5%? Because I can literally almost never find those little cave research byte nodes on Glacio, and it's so very annoying.
  2. I've noticed that when I doing research(collecting bytes), that the byte counter sticks, & remains stuck! But, I've found that if I go & do 8-9 or so research samples(small research), the counter un-sticks! However, when I start a new set of research, the counter sticks again! I've probably lost several thousand bytes, from the counter, not counting them! I don't care about the lost bytes! Just please fix the 'issue'! P.S. I use my "Research Train' for byte collecting! See added image!
  3. If you've reached this milestone by researching items, samples, and resources: congratulations! You've finished the grindiest non-achievement in the game. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back by posting a screenshot of your Research Catalog.
  4. Hello! I love the sound design of this game, and would love to have a clean copy of the sounds the backpack makes to use as my phone's notification tones in real life! Specifically, when an item completes crafting it makes the "bee-boo bee" sound, and when you open the research center it makes the 'buh-duh' sound. These are a couple of sounds of many that I think would make great ringtones -- but lack the knowledge to try and extract them from game files! So here I am! Thanks for such a great game, in every way. From the sound design, to the art style, and especially the modular nature of the attach points on everything. This game is a masterpiece!
  5. I was up early and came up with the idea for reintroducing the Exo Request Platform (ERP) outside of just events. It is somewhat hinted in the game that this module is meant for quests and i have some suggestions for it. - Using bytes players can unlock different levels of quests ranging from common > rare > epic > legendary > event > seasonal at different byte costs. Each new quest will cost a specific amount of bytes and is randomized from a pool. You can only embark on 1 quest at a time but you can choose the difficulty. while event and seasonal quests will persist throughout their featured duration. - common quests can be something where players will package or deliver backpack crafted items or tier 2 items - rare quests can be something like use the radar to find a specific non scrapable/indestructible object in the world and attach a radar to it. but requires completing the first radar feature in the planet (this would involve adding the radar widget to some of those indestructible objects) or maybe adding a repair tool that can be used to repair salvage or simply repackaging specific salvage to be delivered via the rocket. - epic quests can involve performing or delivering certain tier 3 or 4 objects to the gateway chambers and others this would involve adding some what for them to consume these objects - legendary quests can be something that requires the player to generate a certain amount of power to launch the ERP rocket. The above quests can be abandoned at any time, like cancelling research. - event quest can remain the same as they are now and are only available during certain events the devs feel necessary eg. Halloween, Christmas, charities, etc. - Seasonal quests is something i would like to see added to the game where you can start a New Seasonal Adventure and the season will last say 3-4 months where players have a limited time to unlock some Seasonal exclusive rewards cosmetic and other features during the season. however the seasonal file will be deleted or become non-seasonal after this period. These quests will only be available on a seasonal file and can range anywhere from completing the game or completing x number of deliveries eg. 50 common, 20 rare, 10 epic, 5 legendary missions to unlock the seasonal reward. Now those are just some suggestions as to what the quests can entail with multiple variations for each level as the developers see fit. as for rewards for each tier of quests its up to devs but my suggestion would work around -common - other materials, or items eg. trade 4 medium platforms A for 2 malachite or 3 scraps or 1 medium platform B -rare - can reward with a fixed version of salvage or some harder to obtain resources. so returning 3 salvage medium generators will reward with 1 working medium generator or materials crafted from chemistry lab epic - these quests can reward with rarer items like an RTG or canisters of gasses like hydrogen. legendary - quests can be something that can reward with in game currency used in the cash shop when that's implemented or for rewarding players with items a tier above the input. eg. deliver 4 tier 3 objects to get 1 tier 4 object Seasonal quests are meant to be long term undertakings since they will be required to start a new seasonal file per season. This is a relatively long post but I really enjoy this game and would really like to see it grow. These are just some ideas I have and hope to post more in the future. The TL:DR version Use bytes to unlock quests in the ERP that reward players with resources or items of equal or greater quality.
  6. I've reached 1 million bytes! Not trying to brag! Took a long time to get here!
  7. Summary: Research chamber stops providing bytes Description: After certain amount of accumulated bytes, with all blueprints unlocked, sudenly any research in chamber doesn't provide new bytes. When I hit bytes accumulated around 999000, even my research catalog shows rate > 0 B/m no new bytes are added to counter. It ads only few bytes when game going to be saved by entering rover/shuttle seat. When I leave game and load saved then for couple of seconds after load it works and stops again. It is not a bug related to research station because, these works and show time and amount of bytes from research. I doubt all my 20 research chambers are broken. One time reserch on object, when I do use action key 'F', adds bytes corectly. I know it is not game breaking, because there is no use for extra bytes when i do have all unlocked, but still this should work. Actually single byte is added as well when research station stop researching item. See pictures. Platform: PC Version: Steam
  8. Researching items and exploring to gain bytes is fun. But what happens when a user buys everything that Astroneer has? Gaining bytes no longer seems fun I think to make it worthwhile and to keep the game enjoyable, items should deteriorate or damage (from a storm, from higher drops, and from use). User can repair items or repurchase them. Also, another thing that could be done is to make it so the user has to, perhaps, spend bytes build things with the printer. These are my thoughts. More to come! Made a huge list of (50+) ideas and suggestions as I am playing the game that I will post on this forum soon .
  9. So to amalgamate and elaborate on two ideas already posted (Trading Currency and Another Use for Bytes), I got geeky and came up with a visual representation of the idea. Seeing it can hopefully generate some excitement about it. The name "ByteKoin" and the graphical representation were created as a quick placeholder, but I thought it was fun. They can be done in many other ways if anyone has issue with currency in Astroneer. One could use Bytes on Data Chips or Data Drives and trade those instead, but you get the idea...
  10. Since there are not many uses for Backpack Power at the moment (1.0.8), I believe that scanning Research Samples should require 1 unit of Power from the backpack. I like the idea of free Bytes but I would like it to not be completely free. I find it unrealistic that one can go unteathered and infinitely scan Research Samples if they have no source of Power. This also challenges those who use Rovers to use their Power wisely. Please let me know what you think.
  11. Research base mod will stop working after 2-3 units are researched. the blue "field" where items are snapped into the researcher disappears. Need to save/quit and reload game to fix. Tried the following: Pickup and move researcher to new platform Pickup and replace researcher to same platform Package researcher and re-open Create multiple researchers (all have same issue 2-3 items research then stop working)
  12. 1) currently bytes serve no purpose after everything is researched: 1.1) make bytes function like currency used to purchase, for example, resources at twice their research cost (titanium byte output: 2001, so the cost would be 4002, etc.); 1.2) new module possible Transcriptor which would be used to write bytes to a new item HDD (maximum capacity per unit 2500 bytes with the longest writing time of 25 minutes (1 byte = 0.6 seconds)): 1.2.1) manually enter needed amount by pressing buttons | Add_1000 || Add_100 || Add_10 || Add_1 |, so to buy titanium you would need 2 HDDs and for each you'd need to press | Add_1000 | 2 times and | Add_1 | 1 time to get 2001 with the writing time of 20.01 min; 1.2.2) 2 HDDs may be attached to Transcriptor so you get those 4002 bytes in just 20 minutes, HDDs then could be attached to the trade platform. Also, astronium could be purchasable for 10020 bytes (time-consuming alternative requiring 5 HDDs and 50.2 minutes (if only 1 Transcriptor is used) instead of going to Radiated an mining it); 2) role of astronium as an ingredient used in the Chemistry Lab for producing something like Plasma Fuel (hydrazine + astronium) used to power the core of a mobile space station/base that could look like a mixture of Saturn V with solar panels of International Space Station attached to its middle (may be the ultimate buildable goal consisting of very expensive parts like Solar Array in its non-destroyed form, Plasma Thrusters, etc.) which could be repositioned from one planet's orbit to another, and during the repositioning the solar panels would fold in; 2.1) Plasma Fuel may also be used in shuttles but in a way that a canister of Plasma Fuel is equivalent to 4 or 5 canisters of hydrazine by power output (when filling up the tank of a shuttle it would look like there's not much but the durability would be as if 4/5 canisters of hydrazine were used).
  13. It would be great if you could use bytes to purchase resources. Perhaps it could be enabled when a player has researched everything. Gives incentive to keep farming it.
  14. Hello, System Era! First, I would like to say that I genuinely enjoyed the 22 hours I've played so far. The lack of a permanent UI is probably the most underrated part of the game. Well done. I began with the tutorial--which was completely necessary. Thanks for that. After starting a full game, I researched, built, and used, at least one of everything. I drilled to the core by transporting a Rover for Oxygen, which is a gentle way to say "dropped repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes," mined Astronium, then dug back out with tethers. The storms on Terra were interesting and cool, but I do wish we had something to do while we're sitting inside the Hab--even if that just means access to Tier 1 crafting. I loaded up a large shuttle when I felt like I was done on Terra and took off to the moon--mostly because that felt like an obvious progression choice. The new terrain was littered with "rare" resources and research objects that I should have been excited to see, but I no longer needed. However, the new flora and day/night cycle provided a welcome challenge. I look forward to exploring the other planets for the same reasons, but I don't have the avid lust to play like I did during the first 15 or so hours. All-in-all, I'm excited to see where the game is in a year from now! I read the roadmap AND the list of requested/planned features. Please forgive me if anything I say is redundant or not in line with your vision. I also searched the forums, but didn't find anything specifically related to my suggestion, so here I am Bytes: Bytes are the most abundant resource in the game, but you have no use for them after the first few hours. Research objects were SUPER exciting until I purchased every schematic, then I felt disappointed every time I saw one--which is extremely often. I know you're planning to add customization for the player. Maybe that could be a use for it beyond the necessary? Trade Platform/Mineral Extractor The Trade Platform and Mineral Extractor completely remove an expected desire to mine other planets. I found enough Titanium just by exploring salvages to make a winch and several oxygen tanks. I found some Lithium in wrecks as well, then used the Trade Platform to acquire a few more to make a couple backup batteries. These modules completely remove any necessity for visits to other planets--or even deeper drilling into the current one. Maybe you don't want forced visits to other planets. That's fine, but it seems weird that you can easily have an unlimited supply of "Rare" Resources without even going to other planets. Rares Resources Like Bytes, they aren't very rare and have no use after you've made a few Batteries and Oxygen Tanks. For a resource found only on other planets that's suppose to require a drill, Lithium and Titanium are much too easy to acquire. I didn't have to leave the planet, build a drill, use the Mineral Extractor or Trade Platform; I found plenty just by exploring nearby wrecks. When I finally flew to the Barren celestial body, I discovered Lithium and Titanium veins! I was excited until I remembered that I didn't have a use for them by that point. They became just like the once-exciting research objects. Travel Implement user-control for Shuttles. This would massively improve and encourage exploration. It would also add tons of value to Hydrazine since you would need more of it. Not only that, but imagine searching for a large asteroid in space to mine its unique resource! Come on..that's pretty cool, right? Though, honestly, travel is currently pretty fun. Stringing up a bunch of Rovers to go exploring is hilarious and a total blast. Future Resource Uses: MEGA-MODULES! Each one of these structures would require a MASSIVE amount of resources and many modules to construct. Modules currently cost 1-4 resources and require 0-1 base modules. This is cost seemed pretty low throughout the entire game. Adding Mega-Modules would offer a reason to visit other planets for unique resources. These Mega-Modules would require massive amounts of energy. You could even require a constant funneling of Bytes to fund the projects. Wireless Energy Site: Nikola Tesla was working on this back in the 1800's. It's not a stretch for a game like this and could give us a reason to explore and expand. This project would provide the massive amounts of power required for other Mega-Modules, giving value to every past, present, and future base the player creates. Celestial Drill: This behemoth is capable of drilling a wide hole to the core of any planet. Currently, the process is slow and boring, but this would give us a reason to continue exploring and gathering those "rare" resources to supply additional shafts, support columns, and drill bits. Elevator to Hell: This could be built onto the Celestial Drill by swapping out some modules since the Celestial Drill would be immobile. Once the drill is done, you could swap out some modules to lower yourself and a large rover to branch mine for Coal, Astronium, Hematite, and whatever else you add. Interplanetary Teleporter: This would allow instant travel between other teleporters anywhere in the solar system. You wouldn't even need a 3-D view of the solar system, just a list of functional teleporters. The high resource cost wouldn't make sense for bases within a close driving distance, but it would save time and be a cool option for fast intra- and interplanetary travel. TL;DR I love the game so far and look forward to future updates, even if they don't include any of my ideas. Who knows? Maybe something I said will spark an entirely different idea that's super rad! Cheers, Max P.S. I did read the thread suggesting that separate ideas be split into multiple posts. I didn't do that because I had no idea my post would turn into this beast...
  15. I think the current cost of the items that cost bytes need to be changed. For the most part, cheaper items should becomes slightly cheaper, and more expensive items should become much more expensive.
  16. There is a certain type of mushroom in the game which produces two seeds when it dies. Currently the seeds can be used to grow even more mushrooms, which is useless. My suggestions/ideas are: 1. Make the seeds be researchable, it will bring motivation to grow the plants and consume the seeds for researching the bytes. 2. Treat the seeds as an organic item. The small energy generator, which consumes organic, should be able to consume a seed as well. Another reason to grow the mushrooms. 3. Fully grown mushrooms should produce energy spots around them. Collecting the energy will be another motivation for the farming. 4. Allow to trade the seeds using the trade platform. Another trading resource is always valuable, especially when the trade platform will be nerfed. P.S. I have searched entire forum with Google, but could not find this ideas anywhere. Also I have read the pinned posts, and I hope my input is valuable.
  17. Did it ever happend to you that you have been missing only few bytes to the amount you needed to research something, and couldn't find any more researchable items? Therefor my idea is being able to trade a big amount of material in order to achieve a small amount of bytes; 8 compound for 10 bytes or so. Further more, to do it you simply go to the trade station and put the bytes as the wanted item.
  18. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  19. Just a small thing but I was playing with my friend and I couldn't research any tethers even though i had the right amount of bytes however after getting 1 more it was fine. Not a big deal but worth bring it up! Playing on Steam version
  20. @SES_joe @SES_Adam The Trade Platform is a very useful tool for gathering materials you need. Especially when you can't find what you're looking for. However... Wouldn't it be nice if we could use Bytes to purchase needed materials, & not just swap out materials for others? (Not to mention that the trade-in values for rare materials are a total rip-off, but that's a totally different topic) At some point YOU WILL research every blueprint available. Even after the game has reached version 1.0, this is inevitable. Then all the Bytes you can gather after that point become completely worthless. Why not just make them into a full blown currency? That way, there's always a pay-off for farming those Bytes! Who else thinks this is a great idea?
  21. Hello Systemera, i have what seems to be a bug report as i cannot find anything about this in past forum posts nor the wiki/updates log. Approx a week or two ago i loaded up Astroneer on my laptop and upon checking my Bytes i noticed a negative number. Im not aware of any current game mechanic that reduces your bytes past 0. my actions up to noticing this were: leaving the habitat upon starting game, walking around my base to check my materials and generators, then opening up my bag to check what i wanted to research next. I have no idea if anything before i last saved caused this because i had not noticed it before i last saved. I have not been able to duplicate this either. Researching will raise your bytes back above 0 but will ultimately mean you've wasted a research resource for no reason. I have done the following on my main rig to check this and will try again on my laptop when i get the time. Dying: does Not cause this, leaving research unfinished: does Not cause this. for those reasons i suspect its not a game mechanic as those are the only things i could have done on the play session before the glitched load. My Laptop is an HP envy x360. system specs are: Windows 10 64bit. R5 2500u (4GBs of system memory are set aside for iGPU) Ie ryzen/vega APU. 8GB of 2400MHz LPDDR4 ram. 1TB 7200rpm HDD. resolution: 1920x1080. Main rig used to test possible causes: Windows 10 64bit R5 1600 @ 3.8GHz GSKILL Tridentz 16GB DDR4 2934Mhz XFX Radeon HD7850 1GB; 1TB WD Black Ie 7200rpm. resolution: 1920x1080