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  1. Hello again System Era, I have a new suggestion: You guys should increase the spawn rate, not the respawn rate, but the spawn rate of the cave research byte nodes on Glacio. Maybe increase by like, oh I don't know, maybe 5%? Because I can literally almost never find those little cave research byte nodes on Glacio, and it's so very annoying.
  2. I've noticed that when I doing research(collecting bytes), that the byte counter sticks, & remains stuck! But, I've found that if I go & do 8-9 or so research samples(small research), the counter un-sticks! However, when I start a new set of research, the counter sticks again! I've probably lost several thousand bytes, from the counter, not counting them! I don't care about the lost bytes! Just please fix the 'issue'! P.S. I use my "Research Train' for byte collecting! See added image!
  3. If you've reached this milestone by researching items, samples, and resources: congratulations! You've finished the grindiest non-achievement in the game. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back by posting a screenshot of your Research Catalog.
  4. Hello! I love the sound design of this game, and would love to have a clean copy of the sounds the backpack makes to use as my phone's notification tones in real life! Specifically, when an item completes crafting it makes the "bee-boo bee" sound, and when you open the research center it makes the 'buh-duh' sound. These are a couple of sounds of many that I think would make great ringtones -- but lack the knowledge to try and extract them from game files! So here I am! Thanks for such a great game, in every way. From the sound design, to the art style, and especially the modular nat
  5. I was up early and came up with the idea for reintroducing the Exo Request Platform (ERP) outside of just events. It is somewhat hinted in the game that this module is meant for quests and i have some suggestions for it. - Using bytes players can unlock different levels of quests ranging from common > rare > epic > legendary > event > seasonal at different byte costs. Each new quest will cost a specific amount of bytes and is randomized from a pool. You can only embark on 1 quest at a time but you can choose the difficulty. while event and seasonal quests will persist throu
  6. I've reached 1 million bytes! Not trying to brag! Took a long time to get here!
  7. Summary: Research chamber stops providing bytes Description: After certain amount of accumulated bytes, with all blueprints unlocked, sudenly any research in chamber doesn't provide new bytes. When I hit bytes accumulated around 999000, even my research catalog shows rate > 0 B/m no new bytes are added to counter. It ads only few bytes when game going to be saved by entering rover/shuttle seat. When I leave game and load saved then for couple of seconds after load it works and stops again. It is not a bug related to research station because, these works and show time and amount of b
  8. Researching items and exploring to gain bytes is fun. But what happens when a user buys everything that Astroneer has? Gaining bytes no longer seems fun I think to make it worthwhile and to keep the game enjoyable, items should deteriorate or damage (from a storm, from higher drops, and from use). User can repair items or repurchase them. Also, another thing that could be done is to make it so the user has to, perhaps, spend bytes build things with the printer. These are my thoughts. More to come! Made a huge list of (50+) ideas and suggestions as I am playing the game that
  9. So to amalgamate and elaborate on two ideas already posted (Trading Currency and Another Use for Bytes), I got geeky and came up with a visual representation of the idea. Seeing it can hopefully generate some excitement about it. The name "ByteKoin" and the graphical representation were created as a quick placeholder, but I thought it was fun. They can be done in many other ways if anyone has issue with currency in Astroneer. One could use Bytes on Data Chips or Data Drives and trade those instead, but you get the idea...
  10. Since there are not many uses for Backpack Power at the moment (1.0.8), I believe that scanning Research Samples should require 1 unit of Power from the backpack. I like the idea of free Bytes but I would like it to not be completely free. I find it unrealistic that one can go unteathered and infinitely scan Research Samples if they have no source of Power. This also challenges those who use Rovers to use their Power wisely. Please let me know what you think.
  11. Research base mod will stop working after 2-3 units are researched. the blue "field" where items are snapped into the researcher disappears. Need to save/quit and reload game to fix. Tried the following: Pickup and move researcher to new platform Pickup and replace researcher to same platform Package researcher and re-open Create multiple researchers (all have same issue 2-3 items research then stop working)
  12. 1) currently bytes serve no purpose after everything is researched: 1.1) make bytes function like currency used to purchase, for example, resources at twice their research cost (titanium byte output: 2001, so the cost would be 4002, etc.); 1.2) new module possible Transcriptor which would be used to write bytes to a new item HDD (maximum capacity per unit 2500 bytes with the longest writing time of 25 minutes (1 byte = 0.6 seconds)): 1.2.1) manually enter needed amount by pressing buttons | Add_1000 || Add_100 || Add_10 || Add_1 |, so to buy titanium you would need 2 HDDs and fo
  13. It would be great if you could use bytes to purchase resources. Perhaps it could be enabled when a player has researched everything. Gives incentive to keep farming it.
  14. Hello, System Era! First, I would like to say that I genuinely enjoyed the 22 hours I've played so far. The lack of a permanent UI is probably the most underrated part of the game. Well done. I began with the tutorial--which was completely necessary. Thanks for that. After starting a full game, I researched, built, and used, at least one of everything. I drilled to the core by transporting a Rover for Oxygen, which is a gentle way to say "dropped repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes," mined Astronium, then dug back out with tethers. The storms on Terra were interesting and cool, but I do
  15. I think the current cost of the items that cost bytes need to be changed. For the most part, cheaper items should becomes slightly cheaper, and more expensive items should become much more expensive.
  16. There is a certain type of mushroom in the game which produces two seeds when it dies. Currently the seeds can be used to grow even more mushrooms, which is useless. My suggestions/ideas are: 1. Make the seeds be researchable, it will bring motivation to grow the plants and consume the seeds for researching the bytes. 2. Treat the seeds as an organic item. The small energy generator, which consumes organic, should be able to consume a seed as well. Another reason to grow the mushrooms. 3. Fully grown mushrooms should produce energy spots around them. Collecting the en
  17. Did it ever happend to you that you have been missing only few bytes to the amount you needed to research something, and couldn't find any more researchable items? Therefor my idea is being able to trade a big amount of material in order to achieve a small amount of bytes; 8 compound for 10 bytes or so. Further more, to do it you simply go to the trade station and put the bytes as the wanted item.
  18. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  19. Just a small thing but I was playing with my friend and I couldn't research any tethers even though i had the right amount of bytes however after getting 1 more it was fine. Not a big deal but worth bring it up! Playing on Steam version
  20. @SES_joe @SES_Adam The Trade Platform is a very useful tool for gathering materials you need. Especially when you can't find what you're looking for. However... Wouldn't it be nice if we could use Bytes to purchase needed materials, & not just swap out materials for others? (Not to mention that the trade-in values for rare materials are a total rip-off, but that's a totally different topic) At some point YOU WILL research every blueprint available. Even after the game has reached version 1.0, this is inevitable. Then all the Bytes you can gather after that point becom
  21. Hello Systemera, i have what seems to be a bug report as i cannot find anything about this in past forum posts nor the wiki/updates log. Approx a week or two ago i loaded up Astroneer on my laptop and upon checking my Bytes i noticed a negative number. Im not aware of any current game mechanic that reduces your bytes past 0. my actions up to noticing this were: leaving the habitat upon starting game, walking around my base to check my materials and generators, then opening up my bag to check what i wanted to research next. I have no idea if anything before i last saved caused t
  22. Summary: - Steam - Negative bytes after update Description: Was on I *think* I had about 194 bytes but I'm not sure the exact number it was above 50 at least. Noticed Steam updating the game. Now I have -261 bytes as in screenshot. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro | v. 1709 | Build 16299.192 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4350 Quad-Core Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 RAM: 8 GB
  23. I loaded my save after the update "Patch 0.5.1" to see that the item I was researching diapered along with having -4,000 bytes. This kind of pissed me off. I'm on Steam using KB/M.
  24. Hey guys, so these are my question : 1- I was spawned somewhere and it doesn't have any compounds and if I get far from my home, I'll die because of lack of oxygen, what should I do ? 2- how to get bytes ;-; ? (the dumbest question ever xD)
  25. Two closely related ideas 1: Diminishing returns from researching the same item multiple times. Using a bit of clever math, you could simply record the number of times a single type of research thing was researched, and multiply the maximum amount of research that item would give by something like 0.75+( 0.25 * ( -(x-5) / sqrt(1+(x-5)^2 ) ) ). This example makes the first 2-3 items give almost full bytes, the fifth will give 75% of maximum, and by the 7th it'd give only half. IT'd encourage finding different research bytes instead of the same ones over and over 2: Not asking FOR sat