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Found 3 results

  1. StubbornDonkey

    Controller Layout

    I suggested being able to adjust button mapping for xbox, didn't get a lot of feedback about it. But I think at the very least a layout in the menu screen should be available to see which button does what. For example, we can set up 4 emotes but on a controller only 3 can be used (that I've found so far). This is because they use the D-Pad and the bottom direction is used to drop tethers. Only having 3 emotes isn't a big deal but I'd like to know what controls I may be missing out on. The tutorial only covers so much; things like rotating platforms, changing camera distance, even just sprinting; are trial and error and could mean making it back before running out of oxygen.
  2. StubbornDonkey

    Xbox button mapping

    Can we get button mapping on the xbox? After having played the pre-release and coming into 1.0 with all the buttons changed it's hard to re-learn the controls. It also doesn't help that things like the backpack get pulled up with the B button, which is commonly used across all genres to close out of menus, meanwhile the Y which previously brought it up is picking up everything nearby which is very annoying... Oops you picked up your tether, oops you picked up the research, oops you pulled the oxygen generator out of the base ...Allowing us to customize like pc has would be very helpful.
  3. First things first, thank you System Era for creating such an amazing and complete feeling game at such an early stage of development! Now onto the topic at hand. As an xbox one preview program consumer ive had a fair amount of time constructing great optimizations and ideas for this wonderful and vast piece of work. For now ill be starting off simple but look forward to more posts from me in the future! Now lets go! To begin with some of the Xbox one optimizations for the controller that may already be planned for development are -Button Mapping -Toggle Sprint On xbox this seems like a really great feature to add because putting constant pressure on the analog stick can be painful and difficult at times during the long trek back to the ship! And this could work well on PC too ( I do not know if this mechanic is currently used in the PC build ) Onto button mapping it may be a bit early to work on this considering alot of core elements and tasks may change in the future that may require more inputs or possibly things like new inventory management. But allowing xbox one players to map their controllers according to their personal playstyle sounds very helpful for the select few that may desire/need it. ( personally i enjoy the way the controller is mapped and wouldnt change it even if there was the option to ) for now these are just the start to my simplistic and optimistic ideas for ASTRONEER and in the future i cannot wait to delve deeper into my thoughts on gameplay mechanics and features that would make this game even more entertaining! I hope to hear feedback on this simple start and maybe some people can add their own input for controller support and mechanics that can allow this game to thrive! See you all Planetside!