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Found 3 results

  1. brandon Nutter-Rohr

    Hit a small bump and went into space

    I was driving my truck when I hit a small bump that spiraled me as it launched me and when I expected to start to come down I didn't and didn't stop until I broke atmosphere then I slowed down until I stopped but now I can't get down without dying can someone help me with this
  2. toastedtoast


    I have a suggestion. While I was browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon a picture. This is a tank/excavation tool. Before I say anything i just was to say that I did NOT make this render and am showing because I feel it need recognition, the maker of this image is Quiznos32; if you want to view the original post click here.
  3. I feel like this forum needs a bit more interaction between its users than just the ability to throw text boxes at each-other. If we had the function to favorite, like, or dislike certain posts, then we would be able to keep up on the progress of things that individual players care about other than trying to sort through a wordy mess; at same time, weeding out the nonsense posts or the "same posts posted more than once", and being able to bump up posts that enough people feel are important for the devs' to see would be nice too. It just seems like something that would make the forums a bit more engaging. Heck, maybe the like/dislike could be little Astroneer hands or something. C: