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Found 2 results

  1. These are a few of my ideas for new research items. Comments can be submitted with other ideas. 1. A Bulldozer Some kind of bulldozer, plow, or steamroller head attachment for vehicles. When creating a base one of the more challenging things about it is making the area flat. The smooth tool helps a great deal, but even there the tool starts making slopes or getting uneven. It would be much nicer and easier if there was an attachment that could either go on the crane or ideally on the front of the truck to flatten the ground horizontally so the base doesn't slope to one side. In addition a bulldozer could be used to make easier roads to drive on, and could possibly get rid of (smooth) boulders or plants that would get in the way of the vehicle. To keep this tool from being overpowered it could actually push up the dirt it smoothed so it had to be put somewhere. 2. A Satellite A satellite could be launched into space for a multitude of reasons, but my primary idea is that a satellite could take pictures of the planet to send you back a map or some kind of Global Positioning System (GPS) to track your whereabouts. To make it more interesting the satellite might only be accessible for a limited time while its orbiting around the space above you. Other possible features could be a warning alert for upcoming storms, a means of recording yourself on a journey, or sending you down pre-loaded resources wherever you are such as tethers or oxygen. 3. A storage platform This platform would be one of the expanded module platforms basically with nothing build on it. it would be covered in only attachable modular spots to place storage on, basically as a dedicated space on your base for resources.
  2. My idea would fill a need within the game to provide pathways comfortable for a truck or rover to follow in order to cross otherwise unpassable terrain, OR to provide a means to level a large area of ground for expansion of the base. Currently the only ways to achieve this is with the deform tool under "level" mode or to attach the drill head to the front of the truck, which tends to be unmanageable. The problem is that this tool is difficult to use when you want to create a wide, level surface, and the deform tool does not automatically destroy decorations such as rocks or stalagmites. I would hope the dozer could push through and destroy these small objects, but only to the height of the blade. I suggest two modes for use (I use Xbox One, so probably same left-bumper/right bumper selectors once inside a truck with dozer attachment) : 1. Doze: Default function: activates the blade. Whatever orientation and direction the truck is heading will be flattened ahead of the truck at wheel level. Useful for ramps, exploration, and creative play. 2. Auto-level: Creates a swath of ground perpendicular to the center of the planet. Useful for base expansion, and to satisfy the need of any self-respecting civil engineer. Notes: - I would suggest the blade not be active if a truck's tires are not on the ground. - I would suggest the blade only work on ground polygons touching the blade (not like the level tool which creates an opening above the surface being leveled, or the drill head, which seems to impact polygons several units around the surface of the head). - I would lastly suggest the blade only work up to the height of the blade, which should be about level with the top surface of the platform of the truck. That will avoid intrepid players aiming dozers straight down and digging to the center of the planet through the click of a button (since falling in a vehicle is apparently survivable).