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Found 489 results

  1. On the terrain test map when a vent is destroyed with dynamite it still makes the wind noises.
  2. Sorry for bad english! I was using the centrifuge panel and changing the resources while it was running, but when it finished making the resources it spilled out invisible resin and compound, that appeared the circle thing when I put my mouse on it, to all slots in the medium storages but continued spinning until it spitted out two compound with only three of the balls. I got out of the game and come back and these invisible occupied slots weren`t apearing anything but it wasn`t usable either. I can take the organic and glass that were there before but can`t put in any other slot and can`t take out these two compunds.
  3. Steam keyboard and mouse loaded into a game with my buddy (I joined his game *new world btw*) and when my pod landed and the door opened i was messing around and pressed one of the emote buttons and was able to emote while in the pod still. It's pretty funny was just giving a heads up. I left the game by accident and when i rejoined i did not come down in the pod so i couldn't take a pic of it sorry
  4. рюкзак відділений від нового персонажа
  5. I was an Art Lead for Assassin's Creed Unity so its totally okay I use it as an example here, right? Hello! If you're playing our game in Early Access or Game Preview then its almost a certainty you'll come across a bug. If you have experienced a bug, we'd love to hear about it! This sub-forum is a great place to share that. To share a bug: Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. Finding bugs and ironing them out is crucial to the game being a success and we really appreciate any time and effort you put in to your bug reporting so thank you in advance.
  6. First we put the earth, and then we dig it out.
  7. First things first, I'm the host playing on PC 1) my friend is unable to collect resources even when she's digging stuff up and visually seeing the resources disappearing. 2) character model phasing through buggy seat sometimes. 3) terrain is split up at the edges sometimes, allowing me to see underneath terrain at different angles. 4) friend not having their characters saved, fresh new character being generated sometimes losing everything on them. 5) character randomly gets pushed into the sky and falls down.
  8. My game runs great I have a good PC and everything I have the retro suit and when I use it or the test map it lags me out other than when I try to use the suit or the map the game runs perfect
  9. Summary: Rover(medium rover) fell through terrain. Description: The rover fell through the bridge I built when I came back to the bridge. Could've been that the terrain loaded faster than the rover. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit(10.0 ,Build 16299) CPU: Intel i8 8750H 4.1 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB RAM: 8GB DDR4 Drive: ST1000LM035-1RK172(Only write down the drive where Astroneer is located)
  10. I've run into a problem where, I would build a bridge and use it for my vehicles. Due to circumstances I left my vehicle on the bridge and accidentally fell off. I re-spawned and went back. The rover(medium rover) disappeared. I couldn't find it and it turns out it fell down. I think it's the rendering issues. Maybe you could make so that the land renders a half second earlier?
  11. Elmo

    Many Bugs

    First of all, multiplayer if very bugged (I love this game and am not shaming just trying to report some bugs). I had to remake a space ship 2 times to get off of the planet, while my friend (server host) was already on the next planet. When I landed all the materials that he mined (including the small rocks) were floating (I tried re-logging and restarting my game but it was still there) another bug was that we exploded dynamite and our all of our medium storages and resources got stuck floating in the air. (Steam on moon around first planet)
  12. This is a decently large list of bugs I've found while playing for a couple months. All of these have occurred on PC (mouse and keyboard) while playing multiplayer of 2-3 people. If the bug is italicized that means I found the bug before an update in a past game and haven't gotten the chance to check to see if it's still there. If its strikethrough, then that means its a suggestion and you can ignore it if you would like. The motion of another player while walking seems choppy. (2 player game, may just be a janky connection). The Buggy/Rovers, when first rendering in, produces a large cloud of smoke until you get closer. (They have solar or storage units on them, and have just loaded in but have not gotten close yet). The wind turbine is finicky. (Sometimes doesn't work, but then when you move it slightly it does work). The Terraformer goes into the ground when you put it away. (The terraformer minimizes but instead of going to the side of the pack it goes below the feet of the character). A better way to join friends in multiplayer. (Joining through steam is alright but an integrated joining system would be nice). Terraformer mods sometimes don't work well together. (When a wide mod and a boost mod are on the same terraformer, only on works sometimes) Button to surf? When placing a tether it only shows one possible connection. It would be nice to see all possible connections to the selected tether. Trouble selecting things in general. (Like extenders for example). Teleporters to motivate the exploration of other planets. (So you don't lose your base). The jet on the terraformer stretches. The winch when released and selected right away will display two hooks, one is passive and one is extended. I tried to have a car with 3 trailers. (Not a great idea in the first place, but I wanted to try). Backing up was is a nightmare with any trailers at all. Possibly support for that, or rigid instead of loose connections between the vehicle and the trailer). Maybe overclockers for research or other machines? If I find any more bugs I will try my best to report them as well.
  13. The pictures in my catalogue won't show up. None of the pictures there are no exceptions. I am using steam with a keyboard and mouse. Ever since I got the game on steam it has been doing this. I have made sure that the files are validated but the issue has not been resolved. No one else that I know that has the game has this problem. At first, I thought it might be a graphics problem (I play on low graphics because my computer isn't that beefy) but I changed the graphics and restarted the game but nothing changed. I am not quite sure if you can replicate the result. It has been happening to me for a while and no one else as far as I know.
  14. I bought the game as soon as it was released and I played a lot at the time, but I spent years without playing it and this weekend I played a lot again... Here are my considerations about the game so far... First I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot the new research system, graphics, and general improvements, but I still found a lot of bugs that I'll enumerate here... Tethers - Since it was released this was a problem in the game, but I must admit that you have improved it a LOT, but is still a problem because if you still place a lot of them the game starts lagging. Terrain cracking - It was a big problem, but I am still seeing this problem happening, it happens when your save starts having more than 10 hours of continuous play. Multiplayer - Again I would like to say that it has improved a lot, but yesterday I was playing from a guy that lives in Central America and his ping was high, so when I left the rover it started spinning crazily and I spent almost 30 min trying to recover my rover... Planets divided - While I was on the space the planets were split in half... Saving the game - If you are the host of the game, everytime someone (that`s not you) enters in a vehicle, the game saves - As a host, I would like the game saves just when I enter in a vehicle, not others. Flying around the vehicle - Sometimes when you are playing with other people, when you enter the vehicle you float next to the vehicle and does not sit on the chair. Just a small suggestion Car upgrades - I would like to have a possibility to add a turbo on the rover or rocket engines like you can do with the terraforming tool. Small flying vehicles to explore the planet - this would be awesome, something like a helicopter. That's pretty much it... I know that you are working hard to improve the game, this is just to help you. Thank you!
  15. Moka Akashiya

    Tether Lag

    Unsure whether or not this could be considered a bug, but whenever placing tethers in the game, they have a tendency to cause a major drop in the frame rate. Although this issue is not major, nor is it game breaking, it just gets annoying after a while especially on multiplayer sessions where others lag from the tethers being placed while they are off doing something different. Also I should mention that this issue has only occurred whilst stretching out the tether line. For example, if I place down a tether that doesn't connect due to being out of range from the rest of the line, the game does not lag, however if the tethers are in range of each and connect there is about a second and a half of time where the game drops to in frame rate. I know this issue isn't as important as others, but as a live streamer I would prefer it to be fixed soon, so I don't waste seconds waiting for the games frame rate to catch up. If anyone else has the issue please let me know because I really hope this isn't just on my side.
  16. My space craft always land on the vehicle bay, i tried changing the location of my vehicle bay and flying my space craft away and back but when i did that my space craft landed on the vehicle bays new location Long story short my space craft always lands on the vehicle bay where ever it is (This occured for the small space craft, haven't tried if it happens with the large one)
  17. I think the hitbox of my character when i mount the vehicle stays there invisibly for a while which causes the vehicle not being able to move towards that direction, this is easily solved by re-mounting the vehicle from a different location (at the sides or back). Long story short I can not move my vehicle forward if i was standing in front of the vehicle before mounting.
  18. Stranomy

    See-Through floor

    Has anyone else encountered a bug where you can see through the ground near the shuttle you land in i have been able to see caves and minerals weird bug
  19. The Trading Platform isn't letting me place items in order to trade. I placed copper and scrap to trade, but I then wanted to trade for only scrap rather than using copper. After removing the items it simply stayed this way, and doesn't let me attach anymore items. This has happened twice and it seems the only way to fix it is to restart the game.
  20. The title pretty much explains it all. I was skidding down a mountain and I died because the mountain was so steep and I went too fast but when I died, instead of tilting itself up or being affected by gravity and falling down the hill, it glitched inside the hill. If possible, I will do a follow up with a video of me replicating this glitch.
  21. TheTangarang

    Major FPS Drop

    After the 9.0 update on my steam version of Astroneer I can no longer get more than 20 fps anywhere no matter what. I have 2 bases and lots of beacons so I'm not sure if it just can't handle the object load or what but it has been doing it since my fresh save after the update. I absolutely love the game but would just really love some way to fix it. Sidenote: it also takes a minimum of 3 seconds for my character to load into any type of seat every time.
  22. Current system : custom PC Specs : CPU: AMD FX-6300 6 core processor GPU : AMD radeon RX 560 GIGABYTE OC edition 4GB Ram 16 GB of DDR3 ram clocked to 1800 mhz Mother board: GIGABYTE 970A -DS3P Version 1 System Preformance : Runs Astroneer very smooth with little to no lag spikes Current Game Version: The main problem or, problems I have noticed is that the game starts up fine, and I can easily join my saved worlds. But within 5-10 minutes of play time, the game crashes, closes the window out, with no error code, or sign that the computer is the problem. but, after about 3 times of this happening, the game does not crash. I am playing the version that I bought from the Microsoft store. This is not the only problem.... The multi-player seems to crash constantly after 5-10 minutes also, and has not resolved itself.
  23. After loading in to my world, I went down to my underground cave system and I noticed weird empty spaces at first I thought that the textures didn't render through all the way so I saved and reset my game but when I came back on the empty spaces where still there! after I cleared my inventory I decided to investigate and when I went into the empty space on the wall I went through and led me to another cave that I haven't explored yet. After more investigation I noticed them on the floor and when I walked over it I went straight down killing me. When I first experienced this I also noticed that rocks would be floating around my base. This only happens sometimes as they appear and disappear. The empty spaces/non filled in textures causes trouble for me to get around my tunnel system and makes it really hard to get resources and oxygen particles. Hope these bugs get fixed. P.S. Love the game, so addictive!
  24. so I was playing with my friend and we started to fling objects around we grabbed the medium rover and started flinging it around we flung it so badly it flew into space how an astroneer can carry such a rover
  25. The black terrain used on the initial starting base can be destroyed by first creating terrain using the terrain tool, then removing it. It deletes a bit of it when you can't delete it normally. DEVS PLS SOLVE!!!!