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  1. I loaded the game this morning only to find that I can't get into my main saved game. When I press the load button, the panel that has it and the other buttons on it goes away but the save just doesn't load and I just stay in the menu. Plus, when I try to duplicate it or edit its name, the same thing happens except for about a 5 second pause where I can only move the cursor around after confirming the new name or duplication. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, made a new adventure save file then quit, done the same with a creative one, and restarted my computer but I still can't load into my save file. It's size is only 2.2 Megabytes so it shouldn't be too big. Is there anything I can do or others can do to fix this? I don't want about 20 hours of my life wasted from a glitch.
  2. Basically, I have just spent the last 30-60 mins collecting a ton of organic and compound on Calidor. I dug a very small dent next to my shuttle to keep it in, because I landed next to a cave, and I didn't want them to accidentally get knocked in. I leave to get some resin, just a little bit out of the loading zone, and when I come back, most of it has disappeared! There is still some there, but for example, I had probably 10-15 compound, and there was only one left. I tried digging down, to see if maybe there was a cave underneath that they glitched into, but it was just solid ground for awhile. I looked around the general area and could not find them anywhere. I have no idea where they went! I have spent some time on Sylva and Desolo before this, doing the same tactic, but have never had this problem before. I do usually play with one other person, but they were not online at this time, so there was no one else in the server at the time this happened. I play on Steam with a mouse and keyboard. Hopefully this helps.
  3. I was an Art Lead for Assassin's Creed Unity so its totally okay I use it as an example here, right? Hello! If you're playing our game in Early Access or Game Preview then its almost a certainty you'll come across a bug. If you have experienced a bug, we'd love to hear about it! This sub-forum is a great place to share that. To share a bug: Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. Finding bugs and ironing them out is crucial to the game being a success and we really appreciate any time and effort you put in to your bug reporting so thank you in advance.
  4. I want to play with my 2 friends but every time they try to join it says the server is full and I tried it on a new save and it still did not work i even used invite but still both times it was just me in the game and neither of my friends could join so its not just on their end pleas fix honestly I'm kinda pissed about not being able to play with my friends but it's ok if you don't fix this immediately a short term fix for this would be removing the "server is full" error when joining session
  5. In my multiplayer server with my friends I grinded to get a crane, once I got it and put it on my large rover it didn't dig with the tier 1 drill. The host of the world tried it, and it worked for him but for everyone else it didn't. A bummer, a crane is pretty cool Please fix this! The crane doesn't work in multiplayer when you're not the host!
  6. Summary: EXO initiative request returns all progress back to zero upon restarting the game Description: After sending off everything on the EXO initiative for the BOO update, nothing gets credited to the Astroneer, nothing new appears in the menu to change your skin/items/helmet etc and no option to build the special pumpkin shelter. Then, when returning to the game the next day, all progress is reset back to zero wasting hours of progress Platform: PS4 Version / Build Number: Version 1.23 for PS4
  7. I play on Steam with mouse and keyboard, dunno if this technically is a bug or just difficult to code in, but when I was riding around looking for resources on my tractor I noticed that my backpack looked completely empty despite being nearly full in reality when I get off of it.
  8. When you are in tether range of the tractor and go to change the small batteries for fully charged ones the tractor does not gain any power. With full (small) batteries on the front of the tractor, there is no power provided to it and the tractor will not move. Instead the power is being transferred to the empty (small) batteries that are on your backpack. The only way for me to get a charge on the tractor (while using the small batteries) is to attach the small batteries to the tractor while OUTSIDE of tether range of the tractor. Even still the batteries prioritize re-charging the batteries on your backpack resulting in the tractor running out of power very fast.
  9. My friend and I jumped into our small shuttles, and launched ourselves into orbit, where we then chose to hover over desolo. Whenever my friend did it, he made it onto the planet just fine, but when i went, my shuttle ran into a gateway portal next to the landing spot, and i've been glitched ever since, with no way out, like the reset from a starting shelter option, and no way to look around, as the camera is phased into my torso, i can't do anything other than emote, pull up the pause menu, and somewhat look around my very dark chest. Any help?
  10. When putting a resource on the smelting furnance, in my case Graphite, the smelter with either move the resource to an open slot on the platform or not start smelting. I've reset my game twice and my Xbox once. Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. so whenever i try to join my friends co-op, it don't work. my firewall is fine (private public,) and it only do be happening on 1 world.we've only been on the coop for around 12 hours, and it do be workin' before. just now its broken. we are also both using STEAM. Plz help.
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Camera angles and auto adjustment (Mostly vehicle related) Description: Driving up a very steep narrow slow some times causes the camera to auto adjust constantly Driving with large items beside / behind you can making driving blind. Walking in very tight areas can cause the camera to 180, or clip trough terrain Suggestion: This is mainly directed at vehicle usage. A first person camera angle in vehicles would be very helpful in tight areas or at the very least make it so you can so when driving. Also allowing the camera to be zoomed out farther in vehicles so the terrain is visible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Auto arms don't work Description: Having more auto arms increases the rate that problem occurs. Even more so with filtered arms. Turning all arms off and back on with a timer is just a horrid way to solve this problem but it does work. Reloading the game also fixes the problem until it happens again. Kinda stopped playing after my auto arms no longer functioned. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: resource canister fills a one spot with all its items / tier 1 slots Description: I've had it happen a few times where a resource canister with output turned on will spit its items out but they don't go to different locations, instead fills a tier one slot with 32 iron etc Thou I have seen a tier 1 slot being occupied by two things before. quickly moving tier 2 storage and putting another down while and auto arm or anything that denseness items can recreate the canister problem, thou it seems to only 1 item and a tier 2 item in same spot. while resource canister can do 32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Walking forward seems to stop at some what random times Description: While walking forward all the character halts suddenly, releasing and repressing the key to move seems to fix the problem. I have mostly encountered this on terrain that has been created by the terrain tool. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Noise, anchored, and object state changing with terrain tool Description: Using terrain tool to level, or modify terrain under structures causes noise from the structure, it also no longer anchored to the ground and can be pushed even by the player. Tethers that have had terrain modified below them become solid objects that prevent vehicles from driving trough them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Object Snapping Description: The center of the screen is directly where I would expect the item to snap to, in most cases it seems I need to move the dot above / below what I am trying to snap to. Other times with snapping it just makes no sense why It has chosen its location and getting it from that chosen location requires player / camera moment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Website ( - search box Description: Using Google chrome (Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)) / Microsoft edge (Version 84.0.522.40 (Official build) (64-bit)) the "h..." is not behind the grey background, Seems to be that way under many different screen resolutions. The search query also overlaps the search button itself. Suggestion: Separate the search button from the text field as there is overlapping. Expand the light grey area to fully cover the entire search field. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summfary: Website ( - forum submission field editing Description: Limited amount of undo / redo. Some words changing to the color red and keeping their underlined state when using the right click word suggest for typos. Underline / bold seem to be very inconstant in staying in their state after editing a line of text. Typing new lines of text does not cause this issue. Suggestion: Separate the search button from the text field as there is overlapping. Expand the light grey area to fully cover the entire search field. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: Windows 10 (64 bit) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 240 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: G.SKILL Value Series 4x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM Drive: Kingston Digital 120GB UV400 SSD C2C 2.5" SUV400S37/120G x6 Hardware Raid 5 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. I quit the game last night while the shredder was shredding something and came back to a shredder that wont open up with power and i cant grab the scrap that it produced.
  14. the astronner game downloaded by Steam is in crash at initiation
  15. I had a huge base before this update and everything was running fine. A little slow at times but not really noticeable. Until the update , i was emptying out my base hoping it would take away some of the lag. But i got rid of at least half my base thinking it would help but the second i started making large resource canisters it came to a massive halt. Its slow , the sound dosent match with the animations. I try a different planet still the same. I simplified all my bases to nothing , still slow. Also friends can’t join and that’s no fun. I also deleted a lot of friends because i heard that helps. I want to play with the automation update but the lag makes it unplayable. I’ve spent money on a lot of skins and have yet to enjoy them. I’m going to just wait for a update hopefully. Please tell me how your games working or tell me what else i can do friends .
  16. Just recently updated to 1.14 on ps4, my software version says I just realized that tethers are not shining like a little light when placed. Any tethers I had placed before the patch are lit. If you pick up the kit one and replace it with a new tether, there is no more reflection of light coming from the top.
  17. If using a trade platform while auto arms are placing and taking the scrap off, then you can choose what you want and press the button as soon as the auto arm goes to grab the scrap, thus the auto arm grabbing the scrap as the rocket launches off, it will come back with the item selected and the auto arm will have the scrap still.
  18. A bunch of rockets spawned in each other and now whenever i approach that i get about 2 frames a second, this is in a survival world creative has not been enabled i have no idea how to fix this besides deleting the world but me and my friend that im playing with have gotten very far progression wise.
  19. Dieses spiel besitze ich schon seit der alpha und da waren schon genug bugs drinnen aber das diese bugs nicht gefixt wurden bis zum release ist lächerlich ich und ein freund waren dabei alle planeten zu aktivieren und waren kurz vorm ending aber da bekommt man einen bug das man nicht auswählen darf wo man landen will und man auch nicht zur planeten auswahl kommt. er reconnected und die rakete mit 30 BATTERIEN sind weg. Fixt diese scheiß bugs und das spiel wird mehr gefeiert! sowas kann und darf man nicht release nennen! vorhin kam wieder ein bug das die profil datei einen fehler hätte. ich muss sagen sehr gute arbeit
  20. Ever since I first went to those planets I have been getting stuck to the ground constantly. Every few meters I become unable to move unless I jump first. I don't have this issue on any of the other planets. And vehicles works fine.
  21. First the not as suver bug after an up date a couple months back all the serfis gateways on glashio duplicated. Now for the game breaking bug for awil I was able to work around it to beat the game but now I'm unable to but it's the crashing when ever I get to the core of calidor if it makes any differents I beat silva disollo glasheo and atrox I can spell if you can tell o and I'm on the xbox one version but I hope you can fix this soon so I can beat the game and I wonder if anyone else reported these bugs if so let me know. Thanks for me being able to report these and bye
  22. After Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.815 updated, you CANNOT savegames in any way shape or form. I had to roll back the update in order to get to save again. So if you want to be able to save to NOT update Windows as of apr 24, 2020. This bug will have to be fixed before I even come close to playing again.. already lost 3 to 4 hours of time. was fun! but all the work was for nothing.
  23. Recently my current world on Xbox has been having a issue with printing and just in general not able to work. All of my machines don't show the green icon that activates when using, nothing appears when using. I separated my printer from the rest and examined it with no power displaying the red icon for no power, but once adding power the icon disappeared once again. If anyone has a tip or is in the similar situation please give feedback and share this bug.
  24. So I came across multiple crashed ships all in one spot, probably hundreds and every time I go near them it creates insane lag, less than 1fps. I tried to blow them up with dynamite one by one but the lag is so strong it just locks up my computer, please help.
  25. Today, I was playing astroneer with a friend on PC and experienced the game freezing every half hour or so. Anyone else dealing with this?