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Found 590 results

  1. 1hunterofshadows

    Trade Platform Auto Arm Dupe

    If using a trade platform while auto arms are placing and taking the scrap off, then you can choose what you want and press the button as soon as the auto arm goes to grab the scrap, thus the auto arm grabbing the scrap as the rocket launches off, it will come back with the item selected and the auto arm will have the scrap still.
  2. A bunch of rockets spawned in each other and now whenever i approach that i get about 2 frames a second, this is in a survival world creative has not been enabled i have no idea how to fix this besides deleting the world but me and my friend that im playing with have gotten very far progression wise.
  3. I was an Art Lead for Assassin's Creed Unity so its totally okay I use it as an example here, right? Hello! If you're playing our game in Early Access or Game Preview then its almost a certainty you'll come across a bug. If you have experienced a bug, we'd love to hear about it! This sub-forum is a great place to share that. To share a bug: Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. Finding bugs and ironing them out is crucial to the game being a success and we really appreciate any time and effort you put in to your bug reporting so thank you in advance.
  4. Dieses spiel besitze ich schon seit der alpha und da waren schon genug bugs drinnen aber das diese bugs nicht gefixt wurden bis zum release ist lächerlich ich und ein freund waren dabei alle planeten zu aktivieren und waren kurz vorm ending aber da bekommt man einen bug das man nicht auswählen darf wo man landen will und man auch nicht zur planeten auswahl kommt. er reconnected und die rakete mit 30 BATTERIEN sind weg. Fixt diese scheiß bugs und das spiel wird mehr gefeiert! sowas kann und darf man nicht release nennen! vorhin kam wieder ein bug das die profil datei einen fehler hätte. ich muss sagen sehr gute arbeit
  5. Ever since I first went to those planets I have been getting stuck to the ground constantly. Every few meters I become unable to move unless I jump first. I don't have this issue on any of the other planets. And vehicles works fine.
  6. When you are in tether range of the tractor and go to change the small batteries for fully charged ones the tractor does not gain any power. With full (small) batteries on the front of the tractor, there is no power provided to it and the tractor will not move. Instead the power is being transferred to the empty (small) batteries that are on your backpack. The only way for me to get a charge on the tractor (while using the small batteries) is to attach the small batteries to the tractor while OUTSIDE of tether range of the tractor. Even still the batteries prioritize re-charging the batteries on your backpack resulting in the tractor running out of power very fast.
  7. Johnathon Dupuis

    2bugs I've exsprinst

    First the not as suver bug after an up date a couple months back all the serfis gateways on glashio duplicated. Now for the game breaking bug for awil I was able to work around it to beat the game but now I'm unable to but it's the crashing when ever I get to the core of calidor if it makes any differents I beat silva disollo glasheo and atrox I can spell if you can tell o and I'm on the xbox one version but I hope you can fix this soon so I can beat the game and I wonder if anyone else reported these bugs if so let me know. Thanks for me being able to report these and bye
  8. After Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.815 updated, you CANNOT savegames in any way shape or form. I had to roll back the update in order to get to save again. So if you want to be able to save to NOT update Windows as of apr 24, 2020. This bug will have to be fixed before I even come close to playing again.. already lost 3 to 4 hours of time. was fun! but all the work was for nothing.
  9. Recently my current world on Xbox has been having a issue with printing and just in general not able to work. All of my machines don't show the green icon that activates when using, nothing appears when using. I separated my printer from the rest and examined it with no power displaying the red icon for no power, but once adding power the icon disappeared once again. If anyone has a tip or is in the similar situation please give feedback and share this bug.
  10. So I came across multiple crashed ships all in one spot, probably hundreds and every time I go near them it creates insane lag, less than 1fps. I tried to blow them up with dynamite one by one but the lag is so strong it just locks up my computer, please help.
  11. Lil intestine

    Random crashes in coop

    Today, I was playing astroneer with a friend on PC and experienced the game freezing every half hour or so. Anyone else dealing with this?
  12. We've all tried being the host but after we get the large shuttle, the game crashes for them and whenever they try to join, when they're loading, they crash. We've tried hosting the world with PCs and with our Xboxes but no matter what, the game starts crashing after a certain point. No matter how many people try to join, they all crash and it won't let them fully load at all. It gets almost to fully loaded and crashes.
  13. Anyone else having issues with the buggy. Ive recently been having an issue where i attach. Small batteries to the buggy and when the buggy is fully charged the batteries dont stop. They just drain rapidly and i don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?
  14. My friend is hosting a game and we awoke Novus and Atrox together. I got the achievements, the suit, and the pallet. My friend however. Only received the achievements for awakening both planets, but did not receive any rewards for doing so. They did not have them previously, since this our first run through of the game. Were on xbox one (I have xbox one S and he has a default xbox one) 😄
  15. adrian-hip

    PS4 save error

    I'm playing on PS4 and i like Astroneer. After too many playing hours can't save and continue, it's very frustrating and game is unplayable. When trying get to shuttle, rover, tractor or shelter, game freeze. Error message CE-34878-0, for last two days over 30 times.
  16. Zoe Page

    Save Crash

    Every time I go to save the game by entering a shelter or shuttle, my game crashes
  17. mad mann

    Low Framerate

    I was playing this game on steam before the Christmas update and my frames were above 60 fps, Now i have to use the lower resolution to get nearly half that during the day and a barely manageable 15 fps during the night, this was not a problem before the Christmas update.
  18. I came back to this game earlier in the week to check out the new content. The last time I played before then was in June. I'm really enjoying the new content but the performance has degraded quite a bit since then. I've got really choppy frame rates when driving, launching into space, or any quick traversing really. There also seems to be some issues with terrain pop-in and bits of floating terrain hanging around when they should have disappeared. I brought down my settings all to medium, standard for cloud quality, and it doesn't seem to help much. Previously I was playing with much higher settings with less issues. System: AMD FX 6300 GTX 750ti 16GB ram
  19. 1) Mouse and Keyboard 2) Steam 3) Getting things ready for trip back to the home planet. 4) Have a research chamber mounted onto the platform. Put research item into the chamber. Start the research. Pull off the research chamber from the platform to disconnect power and stop progress. Place packager onto the research chamber. 'Pack' the research chamber. Crash.
  20. Whenever I close the game, either through the game itself or force-closing it through the Steam interface that appears in-game, it's technically still running, and can't be found in the Windows task manager, but Steam indicates that it's still running when trying to start the game again (the STOP button on the library page doesn't work on this game). Ultimately, I have to close the Steam application completely to get the game to close.
  21. System = HP Omen i7 gaming laptop, wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard. After playing Project Cheer for several hours on Sylva then Glacio, returned to base on Glacio, had terrain re-spawned partially in cave entrance I had dug previously. Removed that terrain, went down to first cave level and saw re-spawned terrain as seen in pic. I had entered this cave when first arriving on Glacio during this session, no problems with terrain. I then returned to Sylva, tried to switch out of Frosty visor, could not. The visor changes, but 3-D elements are still there no matter which visor, suit, or palette combination I select. Thanks, and hope this helps.
  22. Look at this! I found a this bug! Previously, this did not happen! There is a my base near this chamber. Because I want activate a chamber. But I can't do that in this state. In my memory, this didn't happen at least before the latest update(Holiday Update). Since the last update, some strange bugs have occurred. The first is this bug. And secondly, some terrain is transformed at will. (e.g. Cave, Modified terrain by player, etc.) In addition, there are nowadays bugs where the same object is created in the same location every time you update. Like this bug. (e.g. Gateway Chamber, Wreckage, Research Objects, EXO things, etc.) (This bugs make scares me... Because very risky.)
  23. CreateTeen

    Bug with frames

    I started a new game and after 10 min, my game got 5 FPS with nothing else running on my PC, and it didn't lag this bad before the update. Please update me on the issue ~CreateTeen
  24. I am on Calidor, and have powered up all 6 of the Gateways. I went to teleport to another Gateway but all other nodes were marked "DIM" not Bright. I even verified that the other Gateways were in-fact powered up. Quit out of the game, Verified the local files via Steam and the reloaded the save- nothing. No other nodes were BRIGHT. Is there a patch or a fix that I can apply?
  25. RheniumGames

    Terrain Glitch

    My friend and I are on a multiplayer game and the terrain is re-forming and glitching for them. I don't know if this has been covered on the forums before, but is there any way to fix it? I have attached a badly edited image to show what I mean. I am playing on software version