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Found 568 results

  1. I am on Calidor, and have powered up all 6 of the Gateways. I went to teleport to another Gateway but all other nodes were marked "DIM" not Bright. I even verified that the other Gateways were in-fact powered up. Quit out of the game, Verified the local files via Steam and the reloaded the save- nothing. No other nodes were BRIGHT. Is there a patch or a fix that I can apply?
  2. RheniumGames

    Terrain Glitch

    My friend and I are on a multiplayer game and the terrain is re-forming and glitching for them. I don't know if this has been covered on the forums before, but is there any way to fix it? I have attached a badly edited image to show what I mean. I am playing on software version
  3. The medium battery's power showing lines are not on the battery's main texture. It happened when I put it on a large shuttle on an another planet and I came to home.
  4. Okay, so a friend and i recently switched over to playing Astroneer on Windows 10, from Xbox. We both downloaded the game from the Microsoft Store (my friend purchased it directly and i downloaded it via gamepass). Whenever my friend attempts to join ANY one of my worlds (whether he is invited via Xbox Companion OR through the in-game friends list) , he is greeted with "Joining Host" for about a minute and then a screen that says "Failed to join host/session". However, i am able to join his worlds with problem. Please reply as soon as you can! We sunk HOURS into a world that we can't play anymore and it really sucks :(((
  5. Sara Stodden

    Ghost Astronaut?

    Playing with only 3 of us in the game we keep seeing a 4th body. It is following one of us around and picking up things behind us. It also sits in the seat of the rocket keeping us from getting in. Besides that it does nothing.. it is just there. At this point, we are kind of creeped out. Is there any idea what this is?
  6. Just got the game in Game Preview about three days ago via the Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 and got one lovely bug with my friend today. A slew of items that either i've interacted with, or built were mass spawned in a cave underground by our base that we dug into to try and get to the center of Sylva. Prior to the glitch we were just returning from the center. Items like Medium Generators, Research Sites, Research Items, and (majorly) Debris are all there and interactable with. Some you see were pulled out in my utter confusion as to why. Not sure how it appeared, but I assume it had to deal with some existing debris and code just going sure lets spawn EVERYTHING here. I'll post two pictures of the clump and whatever else I can add afterwards to help I definitely can. Specs Of PC: Windows 10 Home x64, Version 1903, Build 18362.295 Intel i7-6700k CPU 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 8GB RAM DDR3 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Drive ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard Specs Of Game: Version Windows 10 through Game Pass Ultimate + Microsoft Store Keyboard and Mouse controls (If it helps, I was playing with the aforementioned friend that was on an Xbox One at the time)
  7. MrMarsMonkey

    Game Breaking Bug

    Hey everyone. So I love this game, one of my favorite games ever, but recently I have been experiencing huge bugs in me and my friends multiplayer world. Recently, we set up our first base on another planet, and due to some occasional disconnects, have experienced a lot of problems. We already have used 3 rocket ships to get back to Glacio after something like this happens. You disconnect, then are sent back to sylva in a dropship. This happened 3 times. So please tell me any known fixes. Thank you.
  8. Issue: There is a huge organic resource piece that shows up and overlaps a lot with my character for the person joining my game. I am the host. It's not a bug that breaks the game and quite frankly, it's hilarious. This issue occurs when I pull out my mining tool. When I put my tool back up on my character, it goes away. Computer specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18362 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Attached is a screenshot from my friend who was joining my game. ~I love your game and I look forward to future updates!
  9. when I put my soil canister in the soil centrifuge it acts Iike I have nothing in the canister but the canister is full . the soil centrifuge wont work
  10. GeneralMayonaise

    Email to System Era Support

    I wanted to post my email to SES for public viewing. Maybe if enough emails are sent, the devs will finally start paying attention here. Comments are welcome and I'm hoping I will get a response from them eventually. Any response would be better than nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello System Era, I am writing this message in the hopes that you will read it and reply, or at least take it into consideration. To start, I very much enjoy Astroneer. The concept is awesome and it has great potential for expansion into something greater. The ability to sculpt the planets however I want is something that has kept me playing. Also, space is one of my favorite subjects and was what got me interested in your game in the first place. Having said that, I have been met with many disappointments. The greatest of these is the fact that you, the developer and creator of the System Era forum, have no real presence in said forum. There are a multitude of posts on bugs and crashing issues (mine included) that have gone ignored. In your latest update, 1.1.2, a number of members have complained of crashing within the first 30 minutes of play which is generous to say the least. This was originally an issue in the 1.1.0 EFT 'beta' you held on steam that carried over to 1.1.2. Other members also posted this game breaking bug, who also went unheard. The latest semi-stable version is 1.0.15, which I have been able to play for several hours before crashing which would usually freeze the entire system requiring a hard reset. I purchased the game after reading reviews on Steam, YouTube, and various other sites. After watching several YouTube game play videos and seeing the smoothness of the frame rate I decided that I would pay the $30 to get the game. I started playing version 1.0.7 which also had crashing and whole-system freezing issues. From that moment, I thought that this couldn't be the full release version of the game. I was wrong. Thus the second major disappointment. Astroneer went from alpha straight to a 1.0 'full release' without having a beta test to work out the bugs of the release version. From what I have read on the forum, the game was more stable in alpha than it was after 1.0. I have played many games over the years and very rarely have I seen a game that had more issues post-release than pre-release. The third disappointment was that I was excited for a well-made game with a wealth of future updates from what seemed like a group, however small, of experienced developers. I have played many of the games that some of your developers had a hand in creating. The fact that quantity over quality seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Astroneer was very unexpected. For example in the latest update, we were given access to the extra large scrapper. A number of us were unable to use this because of the crashing issue that carried over from EFT. I couldn't get past the first two to five minutes after loading my save before crashing to even be able to craft it. Content updates are all well and good as long as the game is playable. Which at this point it is not. Many games that are worth-while and satisfying aren't pretty but they are more than functional. I am not saying the game is not worth-while but it has become less than satisfying. I have enjoyed the game enough to the point that I went through the frustrating process of downgrading to a previous version so I could play a semi-stable version of the game. Which brings up an important point. If you are going to update the game and ignore the bug reports, at least give us the courtesy of including the previous version under the beta tab in Steam. Other games have done this simply because some players enjoy certain versions over newer updates. In this case it would give us, the players, something to fall back on in the event an update goes haywire. Recently, a fellow member came up with some great ideas on how to improve communication with your player base. mystikro, a member of the forum had this to say, addressed to SES_joe: "Choose a team of free QA testers/players that get early access to builds (daily, or as soon as you have one ready). I think steam can help you with this, they have beta codes and stuff where you can enter that and gain access to it. The community can enroll and log bugs for you guys (JIRA or anything open source). You get free QA, the players feel like they are part of the development." He continues further down with: "And all you need is one QA manager. Someone to supervise the QA process. Someone that is active and interacts with the QA and the forum. You took refuge in the Discord server and don't really care for the users on Steam or on the forum. I think that is a bad approach. Get one community manager to have daily contact with the users so that the forum doesn't feel like an empty echo." None of this is unreasonable. In fact, this would be extremely beneficial to System Era. It would increase your player base which would in turn increase positive feed back and word-of-mouth advertising which is highly cost effective thus increasing profits. Currently, as I'm sure you're aware, Astroneer is $30 on Steam which in my personal opinion is at least double what is should be considering the state the game has been in for some time now. Another point I would like to make is about your Discord page. Wyvyrias posted: July 19, 2017 "To make sure everyone is aware that we have a Discord server for the whole community! The developers (and Joe) are around as well and sometimes chat with us, too. We'll also try to keep you up-to-date about important events about Astroneer. Feel free to join if you haven't already (and don't forget to read #information)..." After becoming frustrated with the lack of communication from SES on the forum, I decided to join your Discord server and try to contact someone there. I became extremely confused when I read through your rules, specifically rule 10 and #5 under additional notes: 10. | Do not ping the developers. Face it, SES is busy and can't take care of the individual messages of thousands of people. Use the forums or talk to the community. (5) Do not DM or ping anybody (especially not the staff/moderators) without a good reason (for example, you are free to DM a mod if someone is breaking the rules). This is somewhat misleading regarding what was posted on the Discord announcement post on the forum. It seems to tie our hands behind our backs seen as any kind of System Era presence is non-existent on the forums, almost as if the community is expected to fix issues with the game or given a single choice and that is to live with said issues. That's like me saying to you, "Buy this overpriced car, with warranty, and if it breaks give me a call. Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you the warranty is void and I've turned off my phone. But here's the number of a plumber who I've never met." I don't want a refund, I want a working game. That's all. I don't think this is too much to ask especially when I paid my own hard-earned money for it, along with many others. I believe Astroneer holds great promise for the future and even with all of the major issues it currently has, it is still a beautiful game. When it isn't crashing. I hope someone from System Era will respond to this email and the issues within resolved. I don't expect it to happen overnight. I understand that such things take time, energy, and of course money. At least take the time to read this as I have also spent my time and energy trying to get Astroneer to work, as well as money spent purchasing your game. -Thank You, GeneralMayonaise Active System Era Forum Member -----------------------------------------------------------
  11. To put a long story short, my stuff keeps falling into the V O I D. In all seriousness I’ve lost a lot of time in resources that just sink into ground for no reason. This includes structures. I’d wager I’be lost roughly half my storage of materials, all the materials to build the storages that held them and a small army of tractors and trailers all to just sinking. I love the game but I’m getting real sick of it considering it’s happened 2 times in the last hour, it makes me not want to play to get all these resources only for them to disappear and never be found again save for digging to the center of Sylva which I’m beginning to consider.
  12. Hello, I just purchased Astroneer and have been enjoying the game a lot. However, I've noticed a lot of FPS (frame rate) drops while playing and while troubleshooting online only one solution has worked for me. In order for me to eliminate any stutter or fps drop I need to set my steam launch options for the game with the "-nosound" command. Now this fixes all my fps drops, however it's not ideal to play this game with no sound. Now I've noticed this was a problem almost two years ago and was wondering if there has been a fix yet that someone knows of, as I could not find anything else online. If your interested in my specs I will list them down below, also keep in mind this is a brand new laptop I just purchased as well. Laptop: Asus Scar Strix III CPU: Intel i7-9750H GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 RAM 32GB 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD, 2TB Virtual Drive
  13. I was an Art Lead for Assassin's Creed Unity so its totally okay I use it as an example here, right? Hello! If you're playing our game in Early Access or Game Preview then its almost a certainty you'll come across a bug. If you have experienced a bug, we'd love to hear about it! This sub-forum is a great place to share that. To share a bug: Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. Finding bugs and ironing them out is crucial to the game being a success and we really appreciate any time and effort you put in to your bug reporting so thank you in advance.
  14. 1.3.13 The node is activated\charged, but does not work. I tried to activate another node, but it did not work. Nodes remain dull after activation. And core is closed. Planet: Vesania
  15. Chicken Nugget Soup

    Terrain tool pick up range bug

    You can pick things up from far away by clicking on them with the terrain tool. I am on the steam version of the game. Terrain Tool Bug.mp4
  16. I have a question. This isn't meant out of spite or any form of malice. At this point I feel it is a very fair and necessary question. Does anyone actually play test these patches on Xbox before they release them or are they just ported from Windows and assumed to be ready for launch? I ask this because of a continuing trend I see from every console game I play that isn't exclusive to the console. Almost every single patch after official release either fixes nothing substantial or actually causes additional problems. I have played this game since about 4 months before 1.0 dropped. Each patch from then until 1.0 addressed basic game function issues and with a few exception enhanced the game in my opinion. However since 1.0 dropped each patch seems to be either making the game less enjoyable or just flat out making it unplayable. I have lost well over 200 hours due to Xbox save corruption involving the save system that is used. Vehicle mechanics have always been iffy but are systematically getting worse ( for an example try using the tractor to drill resources with the new breaking system...which only works while trying to drill...). I seriously love the concept, art, and overall function of the game itself, I am just at a loss to understand why I see patches dropping and no perceptible change for the better. It's not just System Era, AAA game publishers have the identical issue, which is why I wonder if the devs are actually sitting down with and actual Xbox and testing it or if they are emulating one and assuming it's the same, because it isn't.
  17. Martin Sedovic

    Medium rover bug

    So i started playing astroneer 2 days ago AND ALREADY had to make 2 madium rovers. I found out that when you flat the floor around the rover the rover will go into the ground and will disapear with all of your stuff now i have nothing and im disgusted to try getting the resources again
  18. There are so many things wrong with this game "Astroneer", I join someone's server, and many more bugs kick in like this for example: When using the soil centrifuge in someone's server the materials will be flipped up, indicating that the process is done, but on the host's screen, the soil centrifuge is still spinning making materials. What and how?? Here's another example, I place a tether and it starts floating, later on when I bump into it, it starts to fall, that is very annoying. Here's another example, I place a bit of materials, it starts shaking making noise then all of the sudden, Bloop! it becomes casper and falls through the ground, hello?? Oh yes, another thing about the soil centrifuge, if you run out of power near the end of the process then power it back up, your materials are stuck forever untill you package the soil centrifuge, so make sure to make graphite once you get one!! This is an important step to saving you a trip to the mine when you need to save your machine. Oh yea and another very annoying bug, I was using my tractor yesterday going for a test ride bc it was my FIRST TIME using it and after a few minutes of being lost, it stops moving, (Keep in mind I had a generator plus a bunch of organic material, the gen was running I tried turning it off then on but nope, it decided, it didn't want to go anywhere! So me being stuck I had to power up a portal, (or whatever you call it) go back to base, make packagers, run all the way and tp back, package everything i had on it, then unpackage it all over again, so much for tractor pumped with generators. Also, idk what is causing it but every time someone joins me or I join someone the game runs like I have a potato plugged into my internet (I have good internet plugged into my ethernet, any game I play online usually comes up to say I have from 9-45 ping), I've played games like Rainbow Six: Siege without lag but this game for some reason chooses to be laggy every time I try to play co-op. Also, due to this, I tried to save a friend that was stuck on another planet. So I made a small shuttle and a solid-fuel thruster. Once I set off to space, (it had been laggy since I joined to help him) I selected the planet he was on, and sure enough, another lag issue, I sat there for a straight 30-45 minutes stuck there all because the ship wouldn't move an inch, it was acting like I was still orbiting Sylva (the home planet) but it was invisible since I selected the other planet (my thruster had only been used to get into space bc I had just made it. So this game needs to be fixed because of the darned paragraph of issues above. And oh yea, the game crashes all of the time even when I am in my own game at good fps (doesn't lag unless in a multiplayer server) I lost like 3k Bytes due to that
  19. Admin ✔

    Control Panel / Bugs

    Hi Everyone, this is mainly aimed at the game developers ( @SES Annie @SES Chloë @SES_Adam @SES_Anthony @SES_Brendan @SES_carl @SES_J @SES_joe @SES_Paul @SES_Sam ) I would like to know if their is any plans to implement a system to where the shuttle will land on the nearest planet after 10mins of being in the same orbit or a control panel to make it force land! I’m currently playing on my friends world and my game crashed mid flight, I was forced to redeploy to the default planet. Now all I can see is my shuttle constantly orbiting the plant with no way no send it down. Any Ideas? 💡
  20. So, since i switched back from EFT, and started playing back on my save on astroneer, for some reason, it went from 100+ FPS on all ultra settings, to not even 10 frames per second on any settings. Help? It also occurred on any save.
  21. Sparad_S

    Car in Earth

    Hi. I found a ploblem with my new car, when I building it near with my base. She stuck in earth, but how did she can do this, I don't know. I did: Started car creating. After creating, I change object in middle printer, add resoureses and look on my car. She in earth... In undestroyable earth. I can't do nothing with this. Except to tell you about it.
  22. Willlllllz


    Today I unlocked the Sylva awakens achievement (am host) and it gave the rewards to my friend but not me I play on xb1. What do?
  23. Soooo Co-op is still buggy. That's my friend looking at me, who turned into a roll of resin/compound right before his eyes. Also, another bug caused our storage units full of stuff to randomly disappear from our camp and reappear elsewhere on the map. Just thought you'd like to know, co-op still is not playable without pretty big problems. Keep trying guys, we love this game!
  24. Good morning, I write this post in order to bring to your attention a series of bugs that happened to me and my friends in co-op. 1) this is the less serious bug but that however ruins the gameplay that is the fact that as the players join the game the framerate decreases drastically. like when I am alone I have 160-200 fps and instead when we are in 3 I have 20-30 fps. 2) this is the most serious bug because it does not allow us to play astronner for more than a few hours from the moment you create a new game that is the fact that when you are in 3 in co-op and you go to the space with 3 spaceships at least one player crashes and he can't re-join the game so we have to create a new save. we have tried it few times. 3) similar to bug n.2 if 3 players in co-op travel in space with the bigshuttle only the host will remain in the party while the other players will be kicked out of the game and will no longer be able to re-join it. So the problem is that if u go in the space in 3 you will no be longer able to play. So it means that if u want to play with friends u are allowed to play only on Sylva. That's a serious problem that ruins the experience.. it would be nice if u could fix it.