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Found 4 results

  1. LeonKop

    Bugfixes please!

    Hi, I think the buggy multiplayer is a known problem but please stop at first with bringing new content, instead: new bugfixes and performance fixes for the multipayer/coop. There are so many bugs. I have big problem with the performance and still some items disappear or the game crashes while I´m flying and then I´m respawning on Sylva. That´s not cool! Please fix. I love the game but this is very annoying! Greetings, Leon (some examples are below)
  2. ASTRONEER you guys have an amazing game going on. I haven't stop playing since I got it. But may I recommend some bug fixes that came with this recent patch you released? such as: 1. Items/Objects falling through the floor and losing them. 2. The new rovers when connected the slots change back to like what looks like pipes? When you forget to take off an item and connect the rover to another you lose the item. It acts kinda like a garbage disposal. 3. When getting off the Large rover the rover bounces up in the air like someone kicked it from the bottom. 4. When getting on the Open 1 seat it sometimes lets you on but you have to click it as if you were taking it off and put it back on quick to get on the rover. 5. In the beginning of the game you don't have a rover unlock but you have tethers to roam and place down tethers. When placing down a tether the game seems to lag every time some puts one down. (When playing Online co-op) But when placing down a whole bunch placed down through out the map it seems to lag a lot. As if the game was trying to animate every single cable. 6. When joining a game the habitat launcher doesn't always seem to land on the landing pad it sometimes lands inside the really big habitat and when trying to get out it's a mission because you really can't tell what direction you're trying to go. 7. The large rovers has what some people call it sticky tires and it drifts to much. First is the sticky tires, when the large rovers are parked for some time the tires seem to just stay and place and cause the battery to drain when trying to move it. Second is the tire grip. It would seem that the tire would get a good grip to the surface but it really doesn't. Its more of a sliding motion then a driving motion. These are only some of the bugs I have only encountered. I don't know how every one else feels about this bugs. Some Suggestions I have and maybe the community may agree on. Have a debate on it. This could be a good chance for you guys the Developers to get more ideas on how to make your game even better then it was before. (I don't know you may take it, I'm just giving an Idea for future updates to come.) 1. Making like some sort of a recycle-er? Example if we don't want a small solar panel because it's just keeping up space and it could be used for something else. Or like a grinder when if you place the small solar panel in there you get your copper back or a random resource or something equivalent. 2. Making a orbital space station maybe to collect resource from Asteroids. 3. A better version of a mobile base. For an example an enclosed rover with some open slots for some machinery (ie: smelter, printer, research, etc, etc) 4. A mod that its used for the rovers that if you use the mod it'll be like a small boost to get over a steep hill or a hill that the rover is having trouble on but if you shimmy your way over it you'll make it. That can be done and over with. With just only a small Mod boost. By mod I mean like a small mod for the rover just like how the terrain tool has many different mods for it. These suggestions are just some opinions and ideas that may be pretty cool for the game. If the community can talk about maybe you guys can get even more ideas from it who knows what may happen. As for the bug fix well those are just some I have encountered. Thank you for your time.
  3. EGodAmonRa

    Vehicle Steering

    The problem I find with the vehicle steering system is that it's the same one used to control your character. Meaning that it follows the camera look direction as part of the keyboard character walk direction input. This is exactly what I would expect from a character, but not from a vehicle. They should implement a new camera for vehicles. When driving I want to look around and still have the ability to steer in a different direction. But as it is currently turning the camera makes the vehicle freak out in an attempt to follow both key inputs and camera look directional changes, and sometimes causes the camera to do a 360 spin. Having a disconnected camera look direction and walk/drive direction will add much to gameplay. As it is currently it's almost driving is tedious to the point where it's barely worth it.
  4. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? I'm using keyboard and mouse Steam? Xbox? Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Trying to create a train of trucks and rovers to transport more research supplies and batteries Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. take 3 or 4 rovers and/or trucks and attach them together. Side note: This isn't a lack of PC power, I run an MSI GTX 1080 by Nvidia with an Intel i7 6700k with 20GB of DDR5 Ram. I apologize for not having video of this bug but my capture card has stopped working recently.