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Found 3 results

  1. I put in one of the research puzzles into the extra large shredder and it will no longer shred. The top is closed like it has no power. I do not know why or what is going on
  2. So basically, I was in a mine in a brand new save, a few hours in. The auto save function when entering habitat decided not to work, and my game crashed while mining. When I crashed, I was moving really fast by sliding, and my camera did a really fast 180 turn. The game froze and crashed, losing my save file. This could be related to chunk loading possibly, and isn't too big of a problem compared to things such as multiplayer glitches and bugs like floating battery cells. Just thought to chime this in :P
  3. I can't put stuff in my inventory and I can't get it out anymore I can't build stuff anymore so don't click any more, and I can walk through buildings