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Found 1,927 results

  1. Hey everyone! Love the new updates to gameplay, and i love the tutorial! I found a small bug that i've seen in the past that reappeared. I like to flatten out the area around my base and, as you can see in the picture, there is a small gap around the immobile rock of home base and it won't let me fill it there. has anyone else seen this problem elsewhere in the game?
  2. Brainblow123

    Catalog Bug

    So, when I hold Q to go to the catalog, everything works fine, except for the fact that none of the pictures appear. The words are fine, but this makes it a lot harder to navigate and unlock what I want. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, or if it's just me, but I hope it get fixed soon.
  3. Hi. I have problem on my xbox one version. When traweled on my buggy, terrain is not rendering too fast for me and every few meters buggy STOP and sometimes FREEZE and cant moving again. Every freeze i must push by my hand buggy to move again. Plz fix rendering on xbox one thx.
  4. Metal587

    Smelter ingot bug

    so i was smelting some malachite and laterite to aluminum and copper and this happened. i would not call it something "normal". the copper did not properly de attach from the smelter and cliped into the aluminum, i cannot get the copper, it is stuck there.
  5. Ethan .

    Unloaded chunk glitch

    I was on the most recent version of astroneer and the world wasn't corrupted. I was playing multiplayer in another player's world and i was mining a really deep tunnel to get good stuff. I ended up glitching and falling into a void then i teleported to another cave. I then slowly tried to make my way back and eventually died. I got my stuff later but it took me a while. I found there are many bugs when being the second player in a world. Heres a clip :
  6. Hanzmeister66

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    See this step by step: // SAVE FILE INCLUDED I couldn't believe what is happening! I thought there will be a collision with my Moon and this broken planet! I've started evacuation immediately but Moon wasn't hit. Lucky day - it was not my Home Planet! :-)
  7. Steam - Win8.1 64-bit - Mouse/Keyboard - Intel i7-3770 - 16GB - Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (Driver Version 397.64)- MBAudio MSI B75MA E33 - Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB SATA Medium Turbine on reload turns when out of wind (sometimes after creating is turning out of wind), does not generate power the small turbine stops turning in the same area (behaves as normal after placed in wind then moved out of wind area)
  8. commander_blu

    Multiplayer drill BUG

    A bug in me and my friends game where when one of us is using the drill on a large truck the other cannot dig using their person tool.
  9. Good day. Every time I start Astroneer and the loading-screen is on the end. The ingame-music starting but the screen is frozen. And finaly 20sek after starting musik the game crush. No error massage, nothing! I hope you can help me. Thank You <3
  10. Xbox One Alpha 8.0, unable to build crane on large rover due to height. Difficult to adjust terrain to compensate. When large rover is level with vehicle bay, the build option is unavailable due to interference.
  11. So I made a new world when the new update got released, but I noticed I can't flatten the land near the starting area like I used to be able too. I'm not one to care a lot about aesthetics, but this is one of the few things I would do as soon as starting a new world. I know the terrain is supposed to be uneditable, which is nice; but you used to be able to just flatten terrain around it since you almost never land in a flat area. Screenshot of how it works whenever I try to flatten:
  12. the new vehicle control does not read the key change ! if you change the key map, u need tu use the default mapping to drive ... !? it's a realy stupid bug ... And please can you think to record key mapping change ? Astroneer really has a problem with keyboard management, at the beginning ok, but now at 8.0.0 you should think a little about anyone who does not use qwerty ! .. Do not you think it's time to think about this problem?
  13. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  14. Hi, last night I played a bit just to try the new version and I realized that this bug happens more often than before. When you move the research pods around, and you happen to release it when it still is underground (clipping through the terrain), the pod will fall under the ground. Every now and then, when I release the pod, it jumps over the ground, but now it just falls down (or at least its more frequent than before) .
  15. Tristen B.

    Falling through planet

    Hello, I just wanted to report a bug. I was driving through the landscapes of my beginning planet when I suddenly fell through the ground into nothing (or planet). Still flying there Thank you!! *Note added: I just left the vehicle and I kinda catapultated back to surface an died cause of fall damage? Anyway, my vehicle is gone 55053162988__D2A39C00-13D7-4F65-97BF-5314A75EC68E.MOV
  16. Hello, I am a player of version 7.00 in Alpha on Xbox one. I encountered the bug of vehicles that end up in quicksand lol. I do not know if there was a fix. But by digging a gallery and depositing dynamite on the ceiling, the vehicles above do not fall anymore! (but I suspect you're there for what too) Before fixing the problem in this way, I crafted a dozen rovers that I can not delete .. It would be interesting to find a way to remove them; or by deleting them by a simple touch. Or by creating a larger trading platform. By exchanging rovers, we recover composite, copper and aluminum for example. Between 06/06 and 10/06, I tested the multiplayer version. Unfortunately on the console, it is unplayable! The game lag enormously !!!!!!!! Even today, in the solo version, the game lag much too much, which makes the experience sometimes difficult. Since 12/06/08, on my home planet, my rocket no longer touches the ground lol. On the other hand, when I go to another planet, there is no problem at the landing. A little bug of nothing at all .... To continue on travel and materials, will it be possible to recover different materials on other planets? This would broaden the scope of the trading platform. Still on the exchange platform, but this time in multiplayer, can we trade with the other players of the session? By imagining each player on different planets - and if materials not common to all planets exist - we could exchange them between us. Since the 12/06/08, I discovered that we could pick up the seeds of the "biting" plants. But I do not think that we can do it with other plants of the game. So when can we do it with all the plants but also get some seeds from the trees? It would be ideal to be able to modify the surroundings of its base, to cultivate certain plants, even to create entire floral zones !!! Well, it may be a bit long to read but, having enjoyed this game, I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my experience, my questions and my expectations. Thanks again to you for the work done (and the one to come) BKNBTK
  17. Lukas Araujo

    Bugs and Bindings

    Google Translate: My game is always locked when certain players come into my world, and whenever it left my world my game crashes and I have to restart it. Original: Meu jogo sempre fica travando quando certos jogadores entrao no meu mundo, e sempre que saiu do meu mundo meu jogo trava e eu tenho que reinicialo.
  18. Summary / Description: Driving along with my mobile mineral extractor / crane setup on two large rovers, and rover just fell into/through the ground. Hovered there in graphical nothingness after slight fall through immediate terrain (see images) for a while. Obviously it was stuck, when I got out I fell to the bottom of the cave and died. Took a small rover to the cave system underneath and the terrain had regenerated around the rover. I cut the rover out, allowing it to fall into the cave system. Had to engineer a big ramp to drive it back out. took a long time! When originally falling into the ground, it was over terrain not previously traversed, altered, or otherwise modified. See images for more information / different camera angles from when the rover fell through, prior to exiting the vehicle. Platform: Windows 10 Steam version: 7.0 Version / Build Number: 7.0 version. New save, no previous saves were even opened, all were deleted during 6.8 in preparation for the updates as I am aware of the policy here. Specifications: OS: Win 10 Build: 16299.371 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 GPU: EVGA 1060 SC, 6GB RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 - 2133mhz Drive: Crucial BX100 500GB SSD
  19. I like this game very much, ever since I first saw this game has deeply in love with him, this is my first steam of the game, I, as of version 0.1, started to play the game players, I witnessed this game from many bugs to gradually improve, this is not something that I feel very honored to. Here, I am 0.7 version of the alien explorer has the following Suggestions: 1: I hope I can develop geothermal power generators, because of the cave, there are many geothermal, without using too wasted. 2: I want to be able to develop them, because in the cave research content need to spend plenty of time to handle this problem also is many players believe distress. 3: rovers power consumption is too big, just has power of turning, just out of the base steps the power went out. 4: I want to repair good platform can infinite lose oxygen BUG. 5: I hope you can remove small rovers, because even if is a large rovers have huge power consumption, small car battery life is less. 6: I hope I can drag the cockpit and sit inside a BUG. Hope can be in the final game out when can implement these Suggestions!
  20. Summary: Steam, world loading with cracks in it after loading a save and floating tethers. Can be fixed if terrain is dug and then reflattened Description: After loading up a save I found that my world loaded with cracks in it Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x643 CPU: Intel i5 3570K @4.2GHz GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 RAM: Can't recall, I'll bust into the case if needed Drive: WDC WD1003FZEX-00MK2AO AUTOSAVE_0_2018.05.22-23.24.29.sav
  21. Whenever I open the catalog I cannot see what I am researching other than the name. the recent update has made this happen. (windows 7, Steam, Mouse and keyboard)
  22. Xbox one controller So just today I was traveling to the arid planet with three other people and we were going to leave so I got in the shuttle and my friends landed and so did I but my camera was stuck in space. I have no idea what caused this glitch whatsoever.
  23. This forum is really inhibiting your ability to tracks bugs and suggestions. The search is next to useless. It appears to be a full-phrase search rather than fuzzy searching, so it's almost impossible to find pre-existing bug entries. For example, I want to raise a bug along the lines of "item disappears if backpack is full" but I can't search for it because that returns 0 results. I could only search for, say, "backpack" or "full", and that returns too many results for anyone to ever be able to search through. It's making it very difficult to help.
  24. ground bug destroyed entire map upon loading the game making it impossible to play, see picture bellow ---------------> (whole map looks like this and you continually fall to death/crash vehicle , plz help!!
  25. This started with the update which added more basebuilding platforms. I've tried changing the graphics settings, nothing works. Reinstalled, didn't help either. Anyone know how to fix this? This is on windows store version btw