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Found 2,098 results

  1. Julian000000

    bug here is a bug i found if you boost your self in to space then your buggy will get stuck
  2. DiGiaCom Tech

    Multi-Monitor Mouse Issues...

    I have a multi-monitor system, that is there are three (3) monitors (#1 2560 w x 1440 h, #2 & #3 1080 w x 1920 h) connected to my Windows system and Windows is set to extended mode so it sees them as one contiguous monitor (4720 w x 1922 h) set in a [2][1][3] arrangement . The problem is that, when playing your game full screen, the mouse IS NOT constrained to the game window that is being displayed full screen on the main/center monitor (#1 2560 w x 1440 h) and can move off of that monitor onto either of the two (2) side monitors. If this happens and a mouse button is clicked, whatever is under the mouse at that time becomes the 'Active Window' or application which jumps me out of your game and/or breaks, disrupts, and/or interferes the current action I'm performing in game (e.g. Terra forming). Sometime s when this happens the Terra forming tool locks into whatever state it is in, even after the mouse button is released, and just keeps on Terra forming. Very irritating! As a Unity3D Indie developer I know that it is possible to lock the mouse cursor within the game window so that this issue does not occur. I also see allot of hits in Google concerning this issue with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) game development. Though I have no experience with UE4 development it appears that this is something you can and should implement within your game. ThanX - DJ
  3. The item disappeared twice through the ground, one was a medium-sized storage made by a small manufacturing machine, and the other was a research item.
  4. [DK] The Mustard Cat

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Hello System Era Team! I was playing Astroneer here the other day with a friend. We spent like 6 hours on the same world and quickly discovered a bug with the Small Shuttle when we wanted to go space traveling. The problem occurs when you land a Small Shuttle. The thing is, when you first have printed a Small Shuttle you cannot move it. Then you launch it. When you then land on the home planet again it lands near the place you created it. In our case it landed on the side of our vehicle bay. This means it's blocking it. Well, not physically but optically blocking. We cannot move it so it stays there. All we can do is launch again and hope for a better landing spot next time. Of course we have gotten further and no longer need our Small Shuttles and therefore they're just there, floating mid-air, making our base look messy. Neither can it be removed nor moved. I have attached a photo in which the bug is displayed on the right side. Additionally: We had two and they land at the exact same place. This does not really do anything as they still work and we can still access both just fine, it's just a suggestion; maybe you should change that. It makes that part of the game look clumsy. Thank you for great game, can't wait till release.
  5. DiGiaCom Tech

    Master Bug List?

    Is there a master list of bugs and/or new feature requests managed by the developers that players can review and check on the status of correction/development??? Inquiring minds want to know ... instead of us just posting and reposing the same bugs over and over
  6. Noticed a bug where a friend of mine took away the seat from the buggy while i was still in it. He was then able to carry me everywhere x) He tried to throw me from very high, but i took no fall damage and i even got through the ground in a cave. What's more, you can't die of suffocation if u're staying in the seat ! Had a pretty long time staying in it waiting for my friends to save me ! Thanks for considering !
  7. BarnBurner

    Spaceship landed sideways

    I landed my spaceship and it landed itself sideways.
  8. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  9. XP-Lionheart

    Vehicle Controls

    Shifting from non-default controls (WASD) causes issues with controlling rovers. As with all games, I prefer the "home position" for keyboard use, which causes a shift from WASD to ESDF. With this config, the game does not save the config properly for vehicles. The intended ESDF becomes more like EAFS. Rebinding the keys does not help, rebooting does not help. This was reported before the September 6 update. With 2 reinstalled clients, the glitch is still in the builds.
  10. Desktop 2018.11.17 - Desktop 2018.11.17 - (2).mp4
  11. Summary: Whenever I load a new world all of my beacons that were previously on that were placed into medium storages (on rovers, platforms, and shuttles) turn off. When I turn them on again, they still keep the correct color I set for them. Version: 0.10.5 System: Xbox One S with an Xbox controller
  12. Whenever me or my friend enter a vehicle we encounter a very large lag spike, this also happens with the exo habitat and the shuttles. Another source of lag that happens rarely is when me and my friend are far away from each other the game will freeze for a few seconds. Thanks, Barnburner.
  13. Every time I try to pick up an object with two slots/attachments/things when it's attached to anything it plays the error sound effect. I was able to pick up a dropped researchable but after picking it up and dropping it again it stopped working. Hopefully I didn't explain this wrong.
  14. Cuando entro al juego inicia normal pero cuando cargo la partida a veces se pone la pantalla en negro entonces voy al menú principal y sigue la pantalla así y no me queda otra que cerrar el juego la unica forma de jugar es iniciando una partida nueva una y otra vez por que si cargo alguna partida se pone en negro al igual que cambiar la resolucion
  15. ProcessorCodeur

    Bug Control And Audio

    hello, I can write to you because I have a bug with the game, when I run the game there's no sound while I recorded at 50 before, I also have another one that annoys me is that the game does not record my keys, I run a game I change the keys everything is fine but as soon as I leave the game and I restart back bah he did not register my keys, it is very annoying. If you could fix both of these problems in the next update this will be great
  16. PixelTheOne

    Planet bug

    there's no need to explain
  17. Alhassan Manhal

    frame drop

    For some reason after i've been playing for a while whenever i put down a tether my game freezes and then starts again.
  18. While doing some resource management , I moved a spiky plant seed (my friend brought it back and we didn't know what it did at the time) onto the ground in my habitat area and forgot about it.After a bit I saw that the plant was starting to grow , so I tried to mine it out but I couldn't because it was growing on the indestructible ground.The only way that you can destroy it is by using dynamite.
  19. nickmagarra

    Planets not spinning

    After the last update all planets stops spinning. But! If I click on window title bar - the universe moves a little bit Yesterday I've clicked till happy sunrise for home base region but the problem is serious I think. Also, I noticed that universe spins a little if some disk activity happens. I tested it by copying files between folders or playing some videos: in moments when writing on disk from cache or reading from disk to cache I saw little spins of game universe. Here is a little video with this issue
  20. PixelTheOne

    Vehicle steering bug

    I was playing with my 2 friends and we built the small rover. My friends were able to drive the car normally, but when I tried to drive the controls were messed up. Something like A was forward, S was left and else. The weird thing is that when i press any button then the controls switch to something totally else. I checked the control settings, but these were okay. This also occurs with the medium rover and the large rover. Does anyone know a fix? This is really really annoying to not be able to drive the cars.
  21. AquaticD3VIL

    terrain bug

    The terrain is still having your character fall through the surface and bounce through the ground till you jump out of it
  22. Summary: - Steam - An interesting bug regarding the small buggy. Description: I tried to carry out this wonderful resource-creating tool to my base and when I put on the little buggy and sat on the buggy, I suddenly got inside the terrain. Attached screenshots. I am testing the terrain 2.0 built. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit (Build 17763) DirectX Version: 12.0 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 799.8 MHz (1:12) Drive: WDC WD5000AAKX-001CA0 of 500GB
  23. Summary: - Steam - medium rover and small battery recharging on own without a power source Description: in a hole I was digging rover and batterys on rover died I had no power source for them so I left to find compound for a small gen and organics to fuel it. cam back to the rover to find it full of energy again Steam Version / Build Number:
  24. If you start printing something with the Little Printer then move it, the printer will continue printing to the precedent position. Video :
  25. Summary: 0.10.5 - Steam - Terrain Analyzer from Resource Plinth not working Description: If you take a terrain analyzer from the resource plinth, it does not pick up colours, while still using power. If you make one using zinc, then you can use it properly. Please look into this issue. Even other people faced this problem. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.5 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations x64 CPU: i3-7100 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB (only factory overclocked) RAM: 8 GB ~2600 MHz (can't remember exactly how many Hz; this is approximate) Drive: Seagate 1 TB Cardiac Blue SATA HDD