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Found 2,489 results

  1. The centrifuge was stuck and i couldnt use it, until i packed it again.
  2. jlarry999

    Sticky research bytes?!

    I've noticed that when I doing research(collecting bytes), that the byte counter sticks, & remains stuck! But, I've found that if I go & do 8-9 or so research samples(small research), the counter un-sticks! However, when I start a new set of research, the counter sticks again! I've probably lost several thousand bytes, from the counter, not counting them! I don't care about the lost bytes! Just please fix the 'issue'! P.S. I use my "Research Train' for byte collecting! See added image!
  3. LeonKop

    Bugfixes please!

    Hi, I think the buggy multiplayer is a known problem but please stop at first with bringing new content, instead: new bugfixes and performance fixes for the multipayer/coop. There are so many bugs. I have big problem with the performance and still some items disappear or the game crashes while I´m flying and then I´m respawning on Sylva. That´s not cool! Please fix. I love the game but this is very annoying! Greetings, Leon (some examples are below)
  4. GabiKleebi02

    Found 2 bugs

    The first bug is that when you use bluetooth earphones and play Astroneer and you disconnect the earphones it sometimes happens that the game closes without any error message or anything else. The second bug is that when you produced an item in the chemistry lab and you leave the game, the item is shown when you enter the game later but you can not grab the item.
  5. I unlocked the achievement 'Novus awakened' while playing offline and it did not unlock, it's been over 2 days now while I was online and it still didn't unlock. I even re-did it online later and still nothing. Can you help me?
  6. Cant really show a picture as i cant really demostrate it
  7. Marioguy640

    “Disappearing Act”

    When I flatten or rise the ground below a platform or vehicle it will glitch into the floor and disappear forever. Even when I dug below where it disappears I could not find it forcing me to make a new one.
  8. When editing terrain near the tractor or the rovers, the vehicle sinks into the ground. This can cause you to accidentally lose a tractor or rover and it also can be exploited to do core diving.
  9. System: Win 10 - Steam - Keyboard/mouse - I was making some ammonium earlier today and while moving items around on some connected storage, I some how added an ammonium to where the finished resource comes out. It then glitched and put the finished ammonium onto the storage. However it then split part of the ammonium onto every available space of storage. Now I have 2 storages that are useless because it's got part of an ammonium on it, and I can't remove it. I also can't move the ammonium that is missing chunks. I attached a picture to hopefully explain this a bit better. I don't want to test if I can replicate it, as I don't want to go creating storages that are now useless. I moved the ammonium just as the soil centrifuge was spinning up. In the picture below the ammonium on the platform with the soil centrifuge is missing parts to it. The parts are on the medium storage next to it. I can't move any of the missing chunks, and can't move the ammonium with the missing chunks.
  10. Die neuen Farben vom Wanderer Update werden nicht korrekt freigeschaltet. beim Scannen wird zwar eingeblendet, dass die Farbe wanderer-xyz freigeschaltet wurde, aber im Menü ist sie nach wie vor gesperrt. erst nach einem speichern und neu laden des saves ist sie dann auch im Menü freigeschaltet und kann genutzt werden ---- the new colors from Wanderer Update will not be unlocked correctly. while scanning is displayed that the color wanderer-xyz has been unlocked, but in the menu it is still locked. only after saving and reloading the saves is it then unlocked in the menu and can be used
  11. When I use the drill stage 3 on a crane, the canisters on the 4th Rover on the attached large/medium storages are no longer filled. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1903 | Build 18362.295 (US Version with German Keyboard) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 3,00 GHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 8GB OC RAM: 64 GB Corsair Vengeance Drive: 4TB WDC WD40E31X-00HY4A0 Astroneer - Drill no longer fills canisters on 4th Rover.mp4
  12. When I use the research chamber to research Astronium (or any other material) it no longer gives me bytes, this already happened a while back, but since I researched Astronium (and other stuff) for about 2.3 million bytes worth, it did not bother me as much. I though I let you know that this is still a problem also in the Wanderer Update. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1903 | Build 18362.295 (US Version with German Keyboard) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 3,00 GHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 8GB OC RAM: 64 GB Corsair Vengeance Drive: 4TB WDC WD40E31X-00HY4A0 Astroneer - Research no longer gives Bytes.mp4
  13. jon fehring

    Bugged wall that appears

    Whenever I mine in my friends game I get random walls that appear only on my screen and I cant get rid of them because they just reappear. The first one is mine and the other is my friends
  14. Inari27

    novus probe bug

    today i did all the probes and all gone good (some with this bug but most of them was ok) but when i did the last it was on novus the game said i did the "Mariner X Probe" but it didnt unlock the color, all other was good exept novus
  15. Hi, Each time i'm launching the game and whatever the graphic settings are setup on high, medium or low, I'm keeping to have constant small freezes while I'm moving or changing view in game. I would like to find a way to fix it. Specifications: Specifications of the Host Player (me): OS: Windows 10 Family x64 V 10.0.16299 CPU: Intel i5-6200U 2.8 GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 4GO
  16. you can get stuck on objects and fall forever and then when you get off you will die it is very annoying pls fix it ASTRONEER 27_09_2019 12_19_54 PM.mp4
  17. I came across this monstrosity next to my base in a mountain as I was mining. I have tried covering it back up and it's taking a bit as the lag is horrible. Lag only happens when I am looking in the direction of this thing. Playing on PC, on xbox beta with keyboard and mouse.
  18. Spyrø

    Choppy Walking

    Information: Mouse & Keyboard (PC) Steam This issue happen when i update new version of astroneer (jetpack update) when i load my game file.. my character start walking like this (link) choppy , i tried to messing around with video setting.. still not the issue idk why this actualy happen. Astroneer: walking issue
  19. Help, the multiplayer of astroneer has a serious bug with the terrain rebuilding and killing the non-host player. have the developers said anything about it already? I'm playing through xbox store Video about the bug that I found:
  20. DEARON

    Realtime bug idk whats happening

    Friend was complaining and ive never seen this bug before like fu###ng please fix these types of bugs they are everywhere it has been like half a year since release and basicly nothing has been fixed expect the really critical bugs
  21. So, I just discovered that if you accidentally attach a full canister to the top of one of the 8 doodahs on the centrifuge whilst it's running, it will move that canister to any attached storage slots, but then continue to offload all the in-progress resources as well, which results in the attached image. On a related note, I have a centrifuge on Novus which has a complete resin stack stuck in one of the slots, and the centrifuge is unusable as it won't unload the final resin stack onto any free storage slots.
  22. Synthetic Mode

    Tethers and Tractors

    Last evening (9/22/19) I was playing and suddenly my Astroneer began asphyxiating. I had set up my tractor and some tethers and was harvesting resources. NONE of my tethers will attach to a tractor now. Not on ANY other saved games OR in a new one. The line appears as I'm placing it but doesn't connect when dropped.
  23. 1nf1n1t3P0W4

    soil centrifuge mass glitch

    this soil centrifuge glitch is annoying me. I cannot pick up any of the resin and i do not have the graphite to get a packager because i cannot use the soil centrifuge to get it... I have tried many methods i found online, i tried relogging and moving it to a platform that has a completely empty storage and nothing worked. I even tried getting the clay out of the machine by looking inside of it with my cam but still no. I do not know how to fix this glitch please help and here is video evidence. also i tried relogging both to menu and exit the game completely. I had to make video short because of file size sorry if it is not descriptive enough. ASTRONEER 9_19_2019 6_26_02 PM.mp4