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Found 2,365 results

  1. So if you try landing on ground that you flattened out and/or heightened for a better look, the shuttle will automatically launch back up into space, wasting your fuel.
  2. While left clicking and holding and then right clicking to adjust the camera then releasing right click causes the screen to be locked to your mouse as if you still right clicking until you stop left clicking.
  3. So a friend and I were playing on my server when landing a Large Shuttle onto Vesania for the second time (First time was with a medium shuttle - no problems occurred then). I was able to get out of the ship fine (riding in cockpit) as for my friend (in chair attached to shuttle) couldn't leave the chair. Eventually he tried exiting out and entering back in, but he could only join as a new player. When he decided to join as a new player, he used the medium shuttle back at the base to fly to Vesania, but when he was in orbit of Vesania, he couldn't land the shuttle. He also mentioned that when stuck in orbit, he saw a huge white rectangular line shooting out of the shuttle. Eventually we called it a day and haven't played multiplayer since the incident. I'm still definitely going to play the game still, but I would love it if you guys would fix this issue. Thanks for this awesome game and best wishes to you guys in the future.
  4. I've been playing Astroneer on PC for a few hours now, and the game is great! However, I came across some bugs, one of which is very annoying to say the least: When I launch with a medium shuttle towards another planet, I can't relaunch or land it, the planet doesn't seem to be rendered either.. To give a little context, I am playing multiplayer with a friend and I am not the host. The sad part of all this is that the only way to get out of this screen is to re-enter the session, only to find out that the shuttle and all that was in it is gone :/
  5. Summary: - Steam - Sufficiently Powered Teleporter Does Not Unlock Description: After powering up one of the intra planetary teleporters (purple vertical bars are at maximum) the unlock animation/procedure does not start. The usual unlocking sound is beeing played endlessly. This occured at all two teleporters which i tried to charge and unlock thus far. As a result, no teleportation orb is appearing. One tractor + one trailor with one medium storage incl. eight charged small batteries + one medium wind-turbine + four small wind turbines are used. At my very first unlock attempt power was lost / became insufficient right after the unlocking animation was nearly complete, i.e. the structure had completely sunken into the ground. Savegame + Screenshot is provided. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.423 CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio, 11GB RAM: Corsair CML16GX3M4A1600C9, 4 x 4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: WDC WD10EADX-00TDHB0, 1TB PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg SAVE_1$2019.02.09-21.55.08.savegame
  6. I am unable to save or move anywhere in the game at this point without loosing my work completely .. i do some things.. save.. and then it will let me continue obviously in the game but it doesn't create a save point.. I do not know what to do and wish to play the game .. what am i suppose to do. When are we going to get a patch for some of these really intrusive bugs.. on the XBOX i am unable to play at all without a crash jeff
  7. I don't know if that YouTube link will embed properly. Just figured I'd reiterate this bug - the terrain regenerates in multiplayer (connecting to host - host is fine) when doing deep-cavern dives which subsequently makes mining deep planet minerals impossible. It makes me not want to play the game.
  8. Axelgaksel

    can't get out of seat

    This bug happened after i got killed by a daggerroot and accidentaly entered a rover seat while the dying animation was happening. After i respawned i went back to collect my stuff and when i entered the rover seat my character got kicked out of the seat. i could still drive my vehicle, but i couldn't exit the rover seat or drive outside of the radius of my character. My character still used oxygen. A fix can be that when you are in the dying animation, you can't use items.
  9. Windows 10, steam, various PC's. all updated as of april 8th 2019. Bug once someone has gone into space the game starts to get laggy and choppy and eventually becomes unplayable. Restarted game, computer, etc, no change. Once someone is in space its horribly laggy. Played with 4 people total and 2 of us were in space. Also I was hosting the game and the other player couldn't land on another planet in the same location as I landed but I could land in the same place he did. That's great except that I was the one that built supplies and machines etc so the player needed to land need me but the landing bubble wouldn't generate for him to land near me only me near him.
  10. ToastedDragon

    saving Bug

    So i was going to save my game while their were 3 people in my game and when i got into the base my guy was sitting out side the base but i was able to move around and i was not able to interact with anything nor get out of the base since i was not in it to begin with
  11. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  12. All goes away in a flash. Inability, reset, corruption. I'm currently enraged while writing this because not less that 10 minutes ago I was launching a rocket to Desolo with 2 RTG's in a RTG transport to a Desolo base, and in orbit I reach complete Inability to land, launch to go back to Sylva (full hydrazine thruster), and do anything other than restart. When rejoining I am forced to "start a new adventure" and come back to lose my entire inventory and the loaded rocket (with the loss of 2 RTG's taking me all day to make). This is the seventh time something like this has happened to me and I am fed up with enough of it. If you are a System Era Developer/Staff, please fix this. I will report back with video screen footage, (seeing as this happens a lot) and show more of this SUPERBUG as I would call it. Please fix or help this. I am tired of corruption. Please help me.
  13. Summary: 1.0.9 - Steam - Solar System/Time Stuck Description: This issue only impacts one of my save files; the rest still function properly. The planets are no longer moving in their orbits in the solar system; they are all simply stuck in place. As a result, time appears to stand still on each planet. The sun does not move in the sky (if visible), or if on the dark side of a planet, it is permanently night. Planets and stars in the sky appear to be stuck in place. If I walk or drive, the sun, stars, and other visible planets/moons will begin to move slightly, but they never return to functioning properly and will quickly just freeze in place again once I stop moving. I have dozens of hours on this save file versus only a few minutes up to a couple of hours on the other save files. The save file in question is attached, and I can upload video of the issue if requested. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.9 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro | v. 1809 | Build 17763.253 CPU: Intel i7 8700K 3.7GHz GPU: RTX 2080 8GB RAM: Corsair 8x4 DDR4 2400MHz Drive: Samsung 970 PRO 512GB (NVMe) YOUTUBE$2019.03.12-16.41.54.savegame
  14. Occasionally in a multiplayer game solar panels won't work at daytime. This might happen because of the actual postions of the sun for the solar panels being synced with the postion on where the host player is at. So if it's daytime for you, it might be nighttime for the hosting player, which causes your solar panels to not produce any power. Reproduction Play multiplayer Play on seperate planets with different rotation speeds setup solar panels The solar panels at the guest player are desynced (sometimes don't work at day or work at night) I had this happen in Early Access too but wasn't quite sure about it. Let's hope this will get fixed soon™.
  15. I put unpacked large battery on my large spaceshuttle (at Sylva) and flew to another planet (Calidor) by hydrozine thrusters. When i landed and shuttle opened cargo bay - batterie's cells was moved down and right relative to its base
  16. I play on PC, and whenever I try to use a drill on a vehicle, the vehicle it is attached to sinks into the ground. The drill I have been using has a strength of three. Everything else ranges from begin attached to a tractor on glacio to being attached to a large rover on sylva, and I dont really see any pattern. However, this is rendering my drill useless(which took me a long time to get). I almost lost an RTG because the trailer it was attached to sunk into the ground: it took me 15 minutes to find in a cave two levels below the surface and 30 minutes to get it out of there.
  17. tldr; Cant click on your base to land when in orbit if its on north pole. ---- I spent hours packing up my large base and moving it to a location next to one of the big gateway/portal buildings. Set up everything and made it cool.... then launched into space to go get something off a different planet. On return... I was extremely frustrated to find that I could not land at my new base (I even had a habitat and landing pad there). It was apparently too far off to the right side of the planet (north pole area) to have the orbiting shuttle see its landing bubbles.... I could see all the beacons from my habitats and shuttles... but i couldn't click on anything to land there... I was forced to land at my original base... which had been completely stripped clean and moved to the north pole... it was just the landing pad and habitat with no oxygenator. I had nothing to get me back over to my new base. Stranded.
  18. Astroneer203370

    "flatten mode" bugs

    Bug or feature? Hello Astroneer community, as I mined to the core of the Planet, I accidentally pressed the Ctrl-Key while mining through harder material without any Drill Strength tools applied. The result was that the "flatten mode" mined way faster than the normal Terrain Tool. I tested it multiple times and there weren't any special conditions for it. You can see this in my 1st clip. I also tested it with Drill Strength tools applied and found another interesting thing, which I show in the 2nd clip. If you use the "flatten mode" but with Drill Strength tools applied, you´ll also constantly lose energy. I don't know if these things are bugs or feature s, but I just wanted to inform everybody, that they exist. Also, I play on Steam. Thanks for reading, Astroneer203370 ASTRONEER 29.03.2019 14_57_15_Trim_Trim.mp4 ASTRONEER 29.03.2019 22_29_50_Trim.mp4
  19. After placing a packager on an object, then shift clicking it off into your inventory, the item will float in mid air after you move. I encountered this while using a mouse and keyboard, so I can’t confirm if it happens with controller, but I’d suspect it will. Steps to reproduce: 1. Attach a packager to an appropriate item (tractor, debris, research item, etc.). 2. Without activating it, shift click the packager back into your inventory. The packager will appear to go into your backpack. 3. Move away from where you were standing. The miniaturized packager item will be floating in the spot where your backpack was. 4. After that, you can shift-click the miniature item to pick it up normally without issue. I know this is a minor issue, and currently it’s probbaly being overwhelmed by rover bugs and performance issues, but it still exists. Keep up the good work System Era. ❤️
  20. junurmi

    items glich in ground

    When I using my terrain tool near any item on ground it just sink to the ground. Version:1.0.13 Platform Steam
  21. When tunneling down inside the planet I make sloped downward openings. (obviously) Though when I get to a resource and start extracting it (in front of you or above you), the resource goes directly into the sloped smoothed out ground and disappears. This happens if the back end of the terrain deform tool is facing the slope and is actually inside of it. This might sound petty but it still is an issue. Of course I could turn around and face the other direction but that's not the point. I attached a pic with color coded identifiers to make the point crystal clear. The red line is the slope of the decline. The yellow circle is where the deform tool is inside the ground. Now if there was resources they would be disappearing and not coming out onto the top of the surface. As for the deformer tool mods. When I load into a game one or more do not register as being attached. The green light is not lit on it. This can be rectified by removing and replacing, sometimes several attempts to have it work. Also swapping them around. I mentioned this because I assume that they can be in any order on the tool and work and they should all be on all the time when attached.Even when loading into the game.(second image). These issues are small but to me they are important enough to mention, I guess I'm OCD when it comes to things not working as intended.
  22. xbox


    i was digging and exploring the cave I found a research pod stuck together on planet sylva near the base where first getting started
  23. When I enter a shuttle, exo habitat or vehicle seat, the game will instantly crash to home screen during the games auto save. essentially making it impossable to save, even using the save and quit option causes the game to crash to home screen and not save. This started happening around he launch of 1.0, but was intermitant, As I progressed towards end game however the issue has progressively gotten worse. Now the game crashes multiple times a play session and anytime I attepmt to save. Thus making it completly unplayable as I cant make and save any progress. ERA, if you're reading this, Please make this a priority on you're fix list, I enjoy this game, but with this crash on save issue. I cannot enjoy you're game.
  24. xbox

    bug xbox and pc

    have a bug need a fix I have this screenshot
  25. Hello there, So I bought Astroneers way back but the Microsoft store says I don't own the game. This hasn't really been an issue until I saw that Astroneers has Xbox play anywhere. Here is my problem, I can't play on my pc. I have no idea if you can fix this because it has to do with the Microsoft store. No harm in asking. (The Attached File is Video form of my issue with proof that I own the game) I dont own Astroneers.mp4