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Found 2,235 results

  1. Right, so I don't have a picture because it happened so fast but just now while I was on Glacio, I dug up the plant that throws those sort of bombs, and upon it disintegrating, I noticed immediately there was a researchable spawned beneath it, but what also spawned were those, I suppose, chunks of the plant that may be left behind which are also research items. Those two spawned above the ground a tad, proceeded to fall, and knocked the researchable below further into the ground, now lost to the abyss. I play mouse and keyboard. Steam. It's not that big a deal seeing as so many researchables spawn, but I figured I'd leave this anyway.
  2. PlateGlassArmour

    Can't activate nodes on Desolo

    Summary: - Steam - Can't activate either of the surface nodes on Desolo, despite supplying power Description: In one of my save files, I can't activate the nodes on Desolo. I've restarted my game, supplied more than enough power to both nodes, tried various plugs on each node, supplied more than double the power required, etc. Nothing I've done has helped so far. I can hook up power to the node, and the pillars appear, but they don't go down, despite making the charging sound effect. I've included a save file and a screenshot, if that will help. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, service pack 1 CPU: AMD FX-8320 at 3.5 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue, 1TB 1-0 FIST GAME$2019.02.09-22.13.04.savegame
  3. Pongo Sapiens

    Physics Bugs

    How was this game released with physics bugs that were repeatedly reported throughout the EA phase. None of the "falling through the world" bugs seem to have been fixed by "Terrain 2.0" despite the promises that they would be, and it's now impossible to excavate ANY buried or partially buried EXO stuff without it vibrating wildly and frequently exploding from the earth and flying a significant difference. It's the FIRST time I've ever seen a game regress between EA and release.
  4. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  5. This morning I was able to load into my save just fine and got some more done, but tonight I got home only to discover that I can no longer load my save. The menu loads in fine, I can select it, but as soon as I hit load it just brings me back to main screen with no message, can anyone help? I dont even want to start a new save if this can just happen again.
  6. It is also not displaying my steam name but the name of my pc with a long string of numbers after it
  7. When you place a sufficient number of tethers in the same tether network the game starts to have massive lag spikes. Each time the tether network is modified the game recalculates and causes a big lag spike. A huge number of tethers is not even required to produce this behavior, and hour long expedition will cause this lag. I suspect the game is recalculating the entire minimum spanning tree when a tether on the network is modified, and a simple hack fix would be to not recalculate the mst when it is unnecessary (ie new tether should just connect to other tether when there is only one other tether per tether network in range). This would not however fix the issue when modifying a complex tether network, and an optimization of kruskal's algorithm (which is I assume how the mst calculation is implemented) to lower the E in O(ElogT) would be ideal.
  8. Summary: 1.0.4 - Xbox One X - Crash to dashboard when saving in habitat Description: Every time I go to save the game by entering the habitat, the game crashes to dashboard and I lose all progress. I only have the basic printers down and haven't explored very far away from the base. The first time I played, this wasn't an issue, only since I loaded the game for the first time after the initial session. No amount of time passing seems to make any difference either. Platform: XBox One X Version / Build Number: 1.0.4
  9. XP-Lionheart

    Savefile Woes Ver

    Was looking forward to the 1.0 release. I missed playing on the 6th, but played shortly after. I had been to 3 planets & powered a few of the purple gates . . . still not sure what they do. Then my save file locked up. Meaning, as soon as I try to load "One point Oh" the entire system locks up. I set out again on a new beginning. The new save file is "Unwrecked". It will load, but it will not write over the file. I've created a 2nd base on that planet several times, but each time, I'll either go to the small shuttle, or chose something like save, or save & quit. The client crashes & the file reverts back to . . . well to what you see when it loads. I have a small printer, platform B (not large) with a medium printer, and a medium storage with some starting items I've brought. I'll note I did bring my starting oxygenator, and I think the medium gen very well could have been found on starting planet (underground) and repackaged. My hope is this is not an isolated instance, and the save files may help discover why it is crashing. Attached is everything in the save directory. AUTOSAVE_0_2019.02.03-07.41.38.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2019.02.03-07.41.54.sav ONE POINT OH$2019.02.11-08.07.17.savegame PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg UNWRECKED$2019.02.13-22.53.08.savegame
  10. On PC v1.0.4 and I have lost 1 and almost 2 tractors because they think it is acceptable to sink through the floor and drag all my resources/trailers with them. It is sort of funny that they just disappear, but annoying. It has happened both on the surface and in caves, and sometimes the trailers do it too. Otherwise I love the update!
  11. Mama Kristi Johnson

    Xbox One Controller issues

    System: Xbox One When the controller batteries die and the controller disconnects, the character keeps moving in the direction it was moving when it disconnects. This needs fixing. Also the isn't a game pause function.
  12. I am going to share the post on steam, its the most recent version of the game. I am running on Windows 10 64bit Alienware Aurora R6 1080 GTX i7 7700 machine if this is needed. This is the bug forum on steam and I am not so sure you guys look here or what, but several of us having this issue. I am Dominatus on this thread, and my issue is mostly on Novus. Sorry if this is already reported somewhere on these forums, I did a brief search and didn't notice any previous reports! Thanks System Era! Love your game and love that its came so far since I bought it 2 years ago on Xbox Recently got my steam key since I got a nice new PC to play it on!
  13. Recently on a Z1Gaming stream he placed a zebra ball next to a drill on his rover and when he used the activate key it crashed his game. After removing the ball it went back to normal.
  14. I have a large rover, four rtg's, AND a medium battery. I have a level 3 drill head and while drilling, the rover will not move forward, reverse, left, or right. When I turn the drill off, maneuvering capability is restored. I thought...ok...draws extreme power. So, I put the level 2 drill head on. Same thing. However, the tractor can use the drill heads with less power and no issues.
  15. Raine Notter

    Retro suit bug

    I have just gotten back into the game after hearing about the 1.0 release. But when I go to equine the retro suit in the menu and in game, it’s not there. I have had this game for over 2 years and have been here from the start and remember playing with my retro suit equipped. I would just like to know what’s going on and if I’ll get the suit back.
  16. Summary: Mouse cursor not showing up at all in in-game menu and only partially in general. Description: Pretty self explanatory, I cant see what I'm doing in the menus like backpacks and such. When panning around I have a small circle but no dot in the middle. The circle disappears the moment I hover over an object or try to use a menu. This is making it REALLY tedious to play. I have tried connecting a Steam controller and a Playstation 4 controller with no results. I will try to show what it looks like with some attached images but it can be hard to tell because, well.. you can't see it! Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700X CPU @ 3.60Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 RAM: 16GB Drive: WD Black 4 Tb
  17. ❤~Fluffy Dreemurr~❤

    ( (Steam) (Teleport to space)

    Space....The Final Frontier Was trying to put 4th trailer but could not get it to connect with other trailers and then tried to move my tractor but teleported to space for some reason
  18. Hello, my friend cannot join my game after we played together yesterday. I tried to invite him through steam and he was able to launch from the invite but he cannot join the game. Your co-op system is confusing because the first player must launch the game as a solo game and then someone can join via their co-op menu. My son bought the game last night to join us but has not yet played, he will be refunding through steam if we cannot resolve the issue today, do not launch broken software. I also noticed that my computer's name Desktop-12345 is displayed on my character when I mouse over. This is not normal for any game, your game should not even be reading my system folders and files. I bought this game in EA and supported you by getting more players only to look bad for suggesting file reading unplayable garbage, how can you fix this?
  19. 1.0 version of game. I was playing multiplayer on steam with a friend (both using keyboard and mouse) and about 50% of the time he would get in a rover seat it would glitch him into space and then the game would crash for him. I was hosting the server and It did not crash for me but it would cause any rover where the seat was attached to glitch and not move. Only fix was to remove and replace the seat.
  20. Night.Trek

    Vehicle wont move forward

    about half the time i get out of my tractor or buggy when i get back in the vehicle wont move. This is a serious game breaking bug since most of the time all i can do is exit to main menu and come back in. in the tractor i noticed that when the bug takes place things like drills work but the vehicle wont move. I have had this issue over ten times today alone its a serious problem i cant be the only one with this problem. Let me know if you need any details or logs or reports
  21. ADHD-Pupper

    Desolo Gateways Broken

    Hello, I just been working on the Desolo gateways, powering up them in different ways. The first gateway I powered up using my base which was right next to it. I connected it up using extenders and ended up being fairly far away from it when connecting it and it finishing receiving power. When it received full power however the gateway didn't light up and the globe didn't appear. I can still connect power lines to it and the triangle will rise up, but it will not accept any more power going in to it. I also did the same on the other gateway on the other side of the planet and received the same problem. We also checked the core of the planet and it's locked off to us despite powering up both gateways. So kind of stuck here without being able to progress in the game despite having played on this save for 20+ hours, I don't really fancy starting again. This was done on a multiplayer save, however when I powered it up the first time on Desolo it was in solo play, there was no other client connected to the game at the time. Also while I'm here, please give the option to turn auto-save off when entering vehicles, as this can cause high frame rate issues and even potentially make the game crash multiple times while in multiplayer. Thanks
  22. I'm noticing that the augments are very dependent on the order you put them on your gun. If you want to use Boost, Wide, and Drill 1, you have to put them on your gun in order of Boost, Drill, then Wide. If you do Boost, Wide, then Drill, when the drill is put on, the Wide mod will turn red, turning the augment off. If you then pick up the wide mod, and put it back on the gun, all 3 will turn green. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  23. I have built a tunnel that goes through various caves where I want to bring up a commodity with a vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not correct, since in the tunnel occasionally spur small pieces of rock and thus the vehicle hangs fast. Also, if I sometimes mine rock for the tunnel, it'll just come back on the road. But only I see it then, no other player. In the added picture are some small pieces of red mackiert and behind the vehicle which I can not get through And the last one. When I walk through the tunnel, I've had it a few times before, the stone disappears around me and everything is empty. When I empty up in front of me and I go on, I fly through the mountain and when I land I am usually in some cave where I land immediately.
  24. Unholyfroggod


    I'm disappointed and sad that the terrain glitch made it to 1.0 You get one by your base and you have to constantly be careful not to fall into it and float through and suffocate or get shot through the planet to other side or shot into space. This is game breaking. It's been there since the first early Alpha. I really though this would be fixed by full release. It makes me sad. I'm thinking this might be a bug that can't be fixed due to the game engine or something.
  25. Summary: Two bugs: one Place i found a ravine kind of place whilst playing around i got catapultet up in to the sky after bugging into the ground, when trying to repoduce it the second time i got thrown into a cave. Description: by jumping and ocasionaly mining soil at a thight spot (see 20190206105026_1.jpg) i glitched throug the ground to the side and down whilst being catapultet upwards. (becaus of your if in soil than fly up deglitching method wich safed me many times because of falling into the soil whilst mining and getting up again). when you get catapulted out you can reach great hight and fall to your deat even on higher level soil (see 20190206105155_1.jpg). also you can get into caves without oxigen (20190206110520_1.jpg) Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Win 64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2601 MHz, 2 cores, 4 logic proccesors GPU: ? RAM: 16 GB total virtual storage 30.9 GB