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Found 2,062 results

  1. I got the products, but now i cant use my recicler because i cant remove the oxygen tanks. I placed one, it got stuck, then I placed another tank, it got stuck too
  2. When you connect theters to your buggy or rover with power supply, then move away with the vehicle to cut the connection, the theters don't lose the power.
  3. My brother & I were playing & I traveled to Arid. I suffocated & died. The dropship landed me on Terrain with my brother. Our shuttle was still on Arid. I only got to keep the things in my back pack. This has happened multiple times. Once, my brother died from suffocation and respawned on Barren where I was! Also, We exited & saved our game yesterday when I was on Exotic & my brother was on Terrain, but when we reloaded the game today the dropship landed me back on Terrain without my shuttle & with only the things I had in my back pack. - Platform- Xbox One & Xbox One S - To recreate this bug: In multiplayer, travel to another planet & suffocate. When you respawn it might respawn you on the same planet that your friend is on. OR In multiplayer, travel to another planet, exit & save, reload the game. The dropship might land you on Terrain. - Notes: This hasn"t happened EVERY time just MOST of the time. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM!
  4. When you died and quit the game and you join back in you'll see your dead body is gone but remains your stuff but they're tiny
  5. This is so funny lil bug. Please rework this bug thank you. ❤️
  6. I've noticed that I can move through the menium generator like it's not "physically" there - if I try the same on any of the charging devices (solar/wind etc.), I can't move through them
  7. Hanzmeister66

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    See this step by step: // SAVE FILE INCLUDED I couldn't believe what is happening! I thought there will be a collision with my Moon and this broken planet! I've started evacuation immediately but Moon wasn't hit. Lucky day - it was not my Home Planet! :-)
  8. Howdy, As the title says, whenever I play astroneer, the audio goes to my Rift. I have absolutely no idea why this happens. I have not got any settings pointing the games audio to the rift, but then again, there are no such settings in the game menu. Any help would be appreciated... I understand this might be difficult to debug...
  9. Hi there! I just started playing this awesome game and I made my first craft to visit another planet. It seems that I got problems landing. As the screenshot shows; the craft spawned in a large rock upon landing. A rock that cannot be tipped over (I dug a large hole under it). Now I can't get back to my home planet because, I can't get back to my shuttle. I hope you can look at this problem in the future so that nobody else experiences this.
  10. While playing on Exotic, I entered a cave and walked in a short distance. Suddenly, my astroneer fell or was pulled through the ground. I saw several layers of terrain flash by, then finally the black tentacle and red light of a dangler, and then my astroneer died. I'm not sure if the bug is that the dangler was able to pull me through multiple layers (from above it), or just that I fell through the ground, but I knew I was never getting the stuff on my backpack back. I went back to the same cave and didn't fall through, but I can't be sure exactly where I fell through the first time.
  11. Bromine

    Character Change Bug?

    This one is really weird. I was playing with a friend as the orange character. A storm came so we went inside the habitat. I was bored so I decided to act like I was going to put something in game chat even though there isn't one (if there is I'm not aware.) Here's the order of buttons I pressed: {t,y,u, hello gamer ho-} right when I pressed the "o" key my character teleported to the space station thing that you spawn inside, pod and everything but this time when I landed I was a different character. I am now the chubbier guy and had all the items that I previously had. I have no clue what cued this and I was unable to recreate it. Any Ideas?
  12. I had a seat on the side of my Truck. It was attached to the large storage you can put on the back. When I walked up to the truck to enter it I was put in the seat in the storage and could drive the truck. Video of bug
  13. If the player dies near a tether or habitat while gathering oxygen, the tank refill sound continues to play indefinitely, despite the player being dead. Please see the attached video for an example. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 23_12_2017 21_13_36.mp4
  14. My beacons are visible from another planet
  15. robin2814

    Chemistry Lab Bug

    I had been collecting resources on the Xbox One version of the game using an Xbox One controller. I was trying to craft the aluminum alloy with a copper and aluminum in the chemistry lab. I had already crafted 2 rubber prier and was making the alloy when I accidently interacted with the lab and it caused the lab to stop half way and not finish nor allow me to removes anything so I left the games after saving and went back the next day (today) and the lab still had the copper and aluminum in their respective spots but the were halved and the incomplete aluminum alloy was gone. Now my Chem lab is unusable.
  16. I tried to disconnect a cable connection and an extender appeared in the middle of the cable. Upon trying to disconnect the extender than appeared, it duplicated again, and again, and again! I swear... I didn't feed them after midnight...
  17. handsovereyes - Steam - Shuttle bug

    The first shuttle I built is locked in place, and regardless of what I try and do to disloged it, it won't budge. Tried: - Deleting ground below it - Inceasing terrain below it - Slamming rover into it - Using winch
  18. Hello, This bug bas in last update and here it its ( in this ). SO: when we can`t rotate the cabin (when we try to print it ), we try all the staff and it didn`t work(
  19. Adam Arnoldussen

    Chemistry lab bug

    There is this bug. While producing a product in the chemistry lab if you examine the control panel it will stop the production and the product will come out half done. Idk if I am the only one having this problem so any feedback would be great
  20. I left some items ground when I go other planets when I come back to my base with small shuttle some items disappeared. then i went mining and found those items cave under my base. I playing PC and my version is
  21. Universal Bob

    Chemical processors stuck

    Started making rubber, I believe I closed the control panel part way through. The chemical plant has frozen here. I made a new plant, but the button to start it is unavailable. Using a PC & Steam. keyboard & mouse.
  22. All non-rotatable vehicle modules build by vehicle bay are 180 degrees from normal I`m playing Steam Windows version of game
  23. I bought the game from the Xbox store a few days ago and played a few times that day and the game saved fine. Since then, it has not saved anything. Countless hours of work and base building on other planets have been lost to this issue. If this continues to be the case I WILL stop playing the game entirely. I’ve read the forums and tried everything to get it to save successfully so I can continue playing and enjoying the game as I progress. I enter cars, shuttles, and habitats showing my game saving icon. I log out by selecting save and exit to main menu. Yet, it still loses all my recent work and the only save data pod I have to choose is one from days ago with far less game progression on it. Just today I uninstalled the game from my console and reinstalled it. I played a bit and switched planets to test the save. Still not working.... Me signing into this forum and typing up this issue is my last hope to continue playing this fun game. Without having the ability to save I am truly just wasting my time playing this game. Please hep me correct this issue!
  24. Summary: There is no any UI or mouse over planet selection in space. Description: I make small shuttle, get in and liftoff. After second I at orbit with blue region at homeplanet (with help window - RB/ LB launch). I press RB/LB - and go to solar system screen - there is no any UI available to select planet. No any response of any keys. Just fly at orbit and you only can save and exit from game. There is no any available action. I try to get at mouse over any planet, but useless. Just look at screen. Version / Build Number: 0.10.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 2800GHz GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 8Gb Drive: 2 Tb
  25. I built medium shuttle, after tourney to another planet with small shuttle - it landed right in to medium shuttle! Also - after save - my small / medium rover almost allwyas is sunken in to surface. Sadly - it happens also with hard surfaces! One more thing - after save ang game reload i very often lose resources - left in smelter and other buildings. This is very, very sad! Also resources left on ground (specially built, hovered holes) - is mostly lost after game reload. Just reload after save, nothing more. When i play fo hours - they stay remaining, after save almost everything i gone!