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Found 11 results

  1. Last night I was playing per normal, got to Deso and everything had been working fine. I load it up today and not only is my Retro suit gone but also the other things I unlocked by awakening Sylvia. The game is acting like it was freshly purchased today. What the heck just happend?
  2. I've had this game for quite awhile now, and though I haven't been active on here as much, I never got the Retro Suit at release. I had it right before, which was odd. Is this a bug maybe or what?
  3. Noticed over last few weeks that Astroneer didn't always save progress. If I went into habitat or shuttle, it would save the game OK, but if I Closed the game and restarted it would revert to a previous 'save' Got to the point where it won't save at all now. I tried uninstalling/reboot/reinstalling but still no change. Once I quit the game and restart, it always reverts to a previous save. Thought it was when I was just 'terraforming', but tried building things, moving tings, flying to other planets - nothing will save Any ideas? or is this just a bug?
  4. Usually game performance is low in the pre-alpha stages of games, and I'm sure it will improve in the latter stages of the game. But it's been causing a lot of trouble for me. Every time I enter my save, the the game seems to be fairly slow with my actions, and makes everything blurry because of how slow it is. Just wanted to bring it to your attention if it hasn't already.
  5. Hello developers, I don't know how the code was implemented, but I have the impression that in the beginning the host sends his save and then you start the multiplayer game... I am pretty sure that this file is not compacted while sending it, because if I am trying to enter into a multiple hours progress game it took some time to join... Can you zip this file on the server and then send it to the client, and after receiving it just decompress and start the multiplayer game? This way will save us some time and bugs... I am sorry if I am saying something that you are already doing! Thank you for the awesome work. Best wishes! Otávio A. Reis
  6. Power doesn't transfer properly when resuming saved game. (Same build) Adding node(s) and then a power source, wind-turbine, solar-panel, refuse to transfer power on save-game resume. Saved Game attached: Please let me know if you need more info in the app-data/saved folder. AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.10-12.41.18.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.10-12.42.11.sav
  7. As the title suggest, My Spacecraft is unable to take-off once I've landed. I have plenty of Hydrazine. The button is there, but will not do anything. Steps: Left Terran planet. Landed on Tundra Planet. Didn't quite like the landing I tried to take-off again, but although the button was there, it would not work.
  8. So, I decided to post this as a bug because it results in waste of resources. When using the generator ( small or large ) it will consume all the fuel even if there is no demand, resulted in wasted resources. I came across this when setting up to go spelunking, solar panel, battery and 1 generator. The battery were full but it was night so not wanting to run out of power i hew some coal on a generator and walked away, then forgot my tethers so when back to get them and saw the coal was gone! So even if you grid is full, the generator will waste the fuel and not store it anywhere.
  9. I landed hard right before I got in my spaceship and it doesn't seem that I'm healing in there. I went to space immediately so maybe there's something in the script that does it that way. I feel like you should regenerate health in your ship, even if you got hurt and took off.
  10. So if I fall a little bit some times if I don't stop holding the forward button it will make me slide indefinitely. Then if I drop even the slightest amount it will kill me. I feel like the fall damage is a little aggressive in this game and the sliding thing I feel should be dialed back some if it's intentional
  11. 不知道这个论坛能否使用中文。我的版本是Windows10版,发现在驾驶车辆的时候出现了非常严重的掉帧卡顿现象,我的电脑是I7-6700HQ+GTX960M+SSD的配置,运行这个游戏应该没有什么问题,打开任务管理器发现,卡顿的时候CPU频率出现了大幅度的降低,应该是主要的原因,我的声卡是Realtek的,前段时间有注意到部分Realtek声卡驱动与UWP应用存在兼容问题会导致CPU降频,不知是否是这个原因,但我想更有可能是这个游戏的问题,希望尽快优化。