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  1. Summary: 1.13 - Steam - Shuttle stuck in outerspace, unable to reload game Description: While playing in a multiplayer co-op game, my son and I took off from the mysterious satellite at the same time in two separate shuttles. I landed back on Sylva, but he became stuck in outerspace. He had the options of "C Launch" and "V Launch" but neither would do anything. He was also unable to select any planet or satellite to travel to. In an effort to restart his gameplay, we both logged out of the game. After relogging, I was able to rejoin without issue, but his game would give the error "unable to establish connection" and would return him back to the home screen. However he would show as "in-game" on my computer. We tried fixing this issue by restarting the game, restarting steam, restarting our internet, and restarting our computers, but none of these resolved the issue. Please help. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.13 Specifications: Son's Computer My Computer OS: Windows 10 x64 OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 2.1 GHz CPU: Intel(R) i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz GPU: Radeon Vega 8 Gfx GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M
  2. Summary: (See image) The Sensor on the left is set to full/not full. The goal of the setup is as follows: If the platform on the left isn't full => enable output on the canister so that the arm can take resources Else: Turn off the output of the canister so that other arms could add items. Platform: Steam, multiplayer
  3. This is a list of bugs that are vastly effecting gameplay on my cross platform server. Nitrado hosted. 1. Rovers tractors buggy jumping when exiting out than embedding i to ground 2. rovers med and larger getting stuck on nothing or every tiny floating stone 3. chem station making a non selected resource. such as making diamonds then making hydrazine 3. auto arms bugging out and not functioning 4. hydrozaine thruster not seeing the fuel or locking player in orbit. 5. camera going so buggy that driving rovers underground becomes impossible to do safely 6. med storage containers randomly turning from input to output when not around or on planet. 7. players randomly dying on logout. 8. loss of past xbox event items. 9. nor sure if glitch or mechanic but when group works to turn on the portal only one person gets credit making each player activate portal. 10. backpack printer holograms jitter and shake badly. 11. players tools randomly stop working. 12. items fall into world and are lost at random times. 13. camera grabs wrong item while locking onto item wanted. 14. shuttles throw passengers out into space. 15. planets become partly invisible on death or planetary travel. 16. soil centrifuge randomly gives atmospheric condensers menu making unit useless. 17. landing bubbles not appearing where they should. sometimes missing while marker still present. 18. resources disappearing from ground willing to invite dev team onto server to allow them to see the glitches themselves. Any help would be wonderful.
  4. Steps to reproduce: - put a chemistry lab and two medium storage silos on a large platform b - set the chemistry lab up to print graphene - put two graphites and two hydrazines on the storage silos - *two graphenes are produced automatically* - open the chemistry lab panel and navigate to "titanium alloy" - with no titanium loaded on to the platform, click the button to start producing titanium alloy Expected result: - nothing happens (since titanium has not yet been loaded onto the platform) Actual result: - diamond is automatically produced, wasting the graphenes I'm using the Steam version of Astroneer and using a controller (although I don't think that matters). Let me know if you need more information :) Bug Report.mp4
  5. Been playing for a good while with a friend and have been bouncing between planets gathering resources and bytes. Finally craft the large rocket and my friend flies it to the moon. When we go to leave i got into the rocket and my game crashed... Loaded back in and tried again this time i was fine. Only problem.... When i went to launch the game crashed again only this time it sent me back up to the starting satellite that you spawn on. The large rocket hasnt been seen since.....
  6. Using a mouse and keyboard; playing on Steam, multiplayer My group of friends (three people in total) have been playing on a shared file together, each of us working together. We had just gotten a Large Shuttle and multiple Hydrazine Thrusters, and I had packed up the Large Shuttle with supplies to start a base on Vesania, leaving from Glacio. Everything was going well, I did pre-flight checks to make sure I had all the materials I needed, and then I launched for orbit. And the controls locked. I was not getting the bubbles for landing back on Glacio, and I could not do the 'interplanetary launch' inputs. I was, in short, locked in orbit. After waiting twenty full minutes to see if the controls would come back, I tried exiting to the main menu and rejoining - which forced me to respawn, dropping me at the starting planet (Sylva) and leaving the entire Large Shuttle load of stuff in orbit around Glacio, now essentially lost forever. And to top it all off, we tried activating Creative Mode to get the stuff back, only to find it doesn't actually give you any special bonus things, like being able to print things for free or allowing you to spawn resources, it just lets you shape the terrain for free. So now we can't get any of that stuff back, and have to work back to the high apex point we had just reached, again. 1) Is there any way to fix/prevent this bug in the future? 2) Is there any way to get the stuff back? We already enabled Creative Mode once, so it's not like we're getting any kind of achievements now, so even cheaty things will be fine at this point.
  7. Summary: Description: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: i duno CPU: i duno GPU: i duno RAM: i duno Drive: i duno
  8. Just a Heads Up that this bug i experienced made it so that i was unable to use my save afterwards, here's what happened, i flew a rover into space in a creative mode save, using hydrazine thrusters on the back of a large rover, I exited the vehicle and was stuck in place while my rover flew off without me, i am now stuck in place and toggling creative mode or flight dont fix anything, i've even tried restarting my game, luckily i was messing around on a copy of my world so i did not lose anything.
  9. Well, When i was Transporting Research this popped up. The Land also is Popped up when i destroy land. This is only happening on the player that joins there world. But the host does not see it. We were playing on our LAN network and both systems are using Windows 7. If you need more information, just ask. Thank you for making this game, We do enjoy it.
  10. when I enter the main menu, the "load" option doesn't do anything. Attempting to rename the save file crashes the main menu completely, no buttons will respond.
  11. I was on a friends save, and after a large lag spike the chemistry lab screen was locked on the image below. I don't know what that is for but it wasn't useful.
  12. When I place the starting medium printer on a platform, everything is fine. When printing a large platform A/B (I haven't tried it with a C platform yet, I haven't unlocked it), I put a resin stack on the leftmost slot on accident (Where the hologram isn't for the B platform), the printer glitches out and raises up at an angle roughly every second. I'm playing on the Xbox One S, and I did notice this glitch in the pre-alpha.
  13. Please help me! My save files completely corrupted! It does not can fix anymore. I've tried to fix it. But, It does not working. I did the verification(Steam game verify), but the result was OK. That's a screenshot my currently status.
  14. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Atrox terrain not generating properly Description: Terrain on Atrox on some saves seem to generate wildly, creating porous caverns that dip down a hundred meters into toughness 3 rock, leaving floating chunks everywhere. the terrain is completely unnavagable by foot or rover. while it looks kind of cool, its extremely irritating and problematic for gameplay. I'm certain this is a bug in the terrain generation algorithm that may need to be fixed. also, this is NOT a graphical glitch, this terrain is exactly how it appears. note, the highest point of these floating chunks is supposed to be the surface. (pardon the compressed steam screenshots.) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 home x64 CPU: Intel i7 8700kK 4.9GHz GPU: Strix OC 1060 6gb RAM: Hyperx predator 2933, 4x8GB Drive: WD Black performance, 3TB.
  15. Summary: - Steam - Power things being weird Description: The collar looking things on the power devices (wind turbines (all sizes) solar panels (all sizes) are broken for me. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i5 7500 3.40GHz GPU: RX 480 4GB RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x8GB DDR4 2133MHz Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
  16. Anytime I start Astroneer, the game will always start on monitor 2 instead of my primary display which is monitor 1 in windows.. This is an extremely annoying bug as I then have to wait for the program to load all of the way into the game before I can take it out of full screen, move it over to the primary display, and then go back into full screen mode. System Specs are as fallows OS: Windows 7 64bit Proccessor: 8 Core AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16 gigabytes Graphics card: Radeon R9 380 4GB
  17. * * * Please Don't Report Bugs+Crashes In This Thread * * * Anyone looking for a Format to report Issues can feel free to use and modify what me and my friends use. To many times "Bug Reports' consist of "It won't work anymore" or "My guys stuff was lost" with no details on what platform or idea what they were doing at the time makes it hard for others to share their input and for developers to know enough to do anything. If the Devs, Moderators, or Fans reporting Bugs have any heading modifications for the list below please share them below. Just Copy and Paste the list and delete what doesn't apply to your report and add your description and information that does.
  18. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Tractor Wont move no matter what Description: I was in my tractor and I got off to pick up a medium storage I left in the forest with generators on it full of organic. I have a tractor and two trailers. The first trailer is empty and I have a wind turbine in the front of the tractor giving energy off, full power. I then placed the medium storage with the 5 generators on the second trailer. I then get back in to drive back to my base and I was unable to move the vehicle. I had full power and I tried almost everything I could. I detached the trailer with the generators and I could move again. Since i was able to move I just reattached the trailer with the medium storage and the generators to the first trailer. I went back in the vehicle and I couldn't move once again. I believe that this is a bug that I should report. Hope you guys can fix it! Thank you and I appreciate your time and effort. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 880k Quad Core Processor GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: 16GB Drive: 1 Terabyte -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Summary: 1.0.4 - Xbox One X - Crash to dashboard when saving in habitat Description: Every time I go to save the game by entering the habitat, the game crashes to dashboard and I lose all progress. I only have the basic printers down and haven't explored very far away from the base. The first time I played, this wasn't an issue, only since I loaded the game for the first time after the initial session. No amount of time passing seems to make any difference either. Platform: XBox One X Version / Build Number: 1.0.4
  20. So! My friends and I have been playing the co-op mode the last day, and here's a list of the bugs. - Mainly for me, my friend is the one hosting the server and any time I enter the shelter to try and save it kicks me out immediately and everything around me becomes non-responsive. I cant hover over anything to select it, I cant pull out my terraformer, and I cant open my backpack. - This has already been mentioned but if a tether line is long past line of sight it causes the game to lag to the point where I cant even play it. - Co-op just lags so much, no matter what. I spent time playing the solo run and it barely lagged for me at all. - The second my friend used a packager my game crashed. He packaged a medium generator and my game immediately shut down and refused to open, and nothing happened on his end. Sorry if the format of the bug report is incorrect, I just keep having to restart the game hoping itll eventually fix everything but its not. I really enjoy this game and I understand it takes time to address bugs, especially when just getting out of beta.
  21. Summary: Patch - Stuck inside Orbital Starting-Shuttle (MP - not hosting) Description: The game crashed while launching the large shuttle loaded with a packed Atmospheric Condenser, packed Large Platform B, unpacked Medium Generator and unpacked medium battery at 100% Charge (With Oxygenator and powered by a Hydrazine Thruster with 3 Full Canisters of Hydrazine attached and launching from ground (no Landing Pad)). The game was accidentally saved by the host after the shuttle started and my game beeing crashed, and once I joined the world again I was stuck in the orbital station you start from (SS attached). I could still access my inventory, but could not drop Items. The Shuttle was still in orbit but was inaccessible, and after several attempts to rejoin I was unable to get out of the stuck position. (Host restarted the game aswell) A new save was required, as the other players mentioned having severe framedrops to about 20 fps (60+ previously) and me not beeing able to play. My latest crash reports are from 2017, and no crash report was created from this crash and all previous crashes (somehow) // SS attached. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Patch Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4GHz GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung HD103SJ 1TB
  22. Summary: Medium Storage Falls through Exotic Planet when Unpacked Description: When unpacking a medium storage module after landing on the exotic planet, it completes the unpack and then falls through the terrain. Reproduced it with my second medium storage, I'm not wanting to attempt it with the other, more valuable modules. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 10.0.17134 | Build 17134 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X GPU: MSI R9 380 x2 RAM: G.Skill 16GB (8GB x2) 1066MHz DDR4
  23. Here's the problem. Me and my friend stepped on the spaceship and went upto space. Then he landed on the earth by press some button. But I stuck in the space. It's a good wallpaper but there's nothing I can do.
  24. This is super frustrating and I genuinely like this game a lot so stuff like this sucks. But there's a bug where when you get into the medium rover where you just drop dead. As far as I can tell it's from fall damage. I have now lost two medium rovers, and 8 research samples entirely because of this glitch. Firstly the rover SPITS you out and you will take one fall damage regardless but with this you just die right away. I was on PC in a friends game.
  25. I started a new Xbox one game because my previous game failed to save three days in a row costing me aprox 6 hrs of playing. Now I get to arid planet and save and exit and the game is still at the previous days save. Tried three times and no change. Every time I save and exit it reverts to the save from three days ago.