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Found 3 results

  1. The Power Of Grayskull

    Too bright? not sure

    So I'm not even sure what I'm experiencing is a problem or not but I have a suspicion as to why I'm experiencing it. When I was playing Astroneer back when it still had a brightness option in the settings, I was messing with it and turned it really bright. Then the update came out that removed brightness setting, and I think it may be stuck on max brightness setting? Every time I load up the game, the loading screen with the revolving solar system switches from what looks to be decent color to a much brighter version in what I suspect to be it loading my settings. Now I can't correct it because there's no brightness option. If this loading screen thing is a normal thing feel free to tell me.
  2. megaDestroyer52

    Vision for the blind

    I have 3 suggestions. I have a friend that is mostly blind. He can play minecraft, but he cannot play a stronger because he has a hard time seeing the game. Because of this, I suggest that there be something such as a way to adjust the brightness, or some other feature that gives partially blind people the ability to play as well. My other suggestion is that there should be a first person view added, as well as a way to toggle between the two views. My final suggestion is to add a way to customize the controls so that people can play in the way that is the most comfortable for them.
  3. Truthseerguy

    Screen Brightness

    Any recommendations about adjusting the game brightness? I tried the display controls and set brightness to -50 (the lowest), but it's still so bright I have a hard time seeing in the daytime without wearing sunglasses while I play the game. I often lose track of the cursor and cannot clearly interact with "ghosted" objects waiting to be socketed or built. If I turn my monitor brightness down things just get pale and fade out to dark. Seems it may be more of a contrast issue, but my monitor works find for everything else. Does anyone use special video settings just for the game? What do you all do for this? Thanks.