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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I've recently encountered a bug and it's very annoying since it sets back quite a bit of progress. Setup: Large shredder on a Large Vehicle. Step 1: Find a power cell (the small ones) and place it in the Shredder. The shredder works but then it bugs out and no other items can be placed inside. A powercell is visible as if slotted on the left side on top of the shredder. Step 2: Find another power cell and place it in the Shredder. This is the only item that will shred at this point. The animation shows 2 power cells being shredded (quite effectively) but it leaves 1 power-cell behind that you can select and take out. The shredder now works again. Step 3: Try and exploit the fact that you shredded the same power cell twice by putting the power-cell back in the shredder. Congratulations, you now have 2 power-cells slotted inside the shredder and it is completely unusable. The power-cells cannot be selected or consumed either. (Images 1 and 2) Step 4: Go make another large rover and another large shredder. Never shred power-cells again. Misc: If you restart the game, the shredder will be "closed". To open it, consume some of the power on the rover and then refill it, the shredder mouth will open when it's "reconnected" to a power supply. (images 3 - 5)
  2. sparker3d

    Game Breaking Oxygen bug

    My teathers have gone black and only the first one works. please fix fast, i really want to contue playing! (Yes, i'm addictied)
  3. I noticed that the giant naturally spawning solar arrays that can produce power are able to be moved. I immediately start to move one to my base to provide easy free energy fast. Once I got the solar array to my base i tried hooking it to the base directly via the little connectors on the side of one of the extensions, that didn't work. After that failing i tried to figure out a work around and came up with a way around it. I got a rover that had a storage unit on top of it I then took a seat and attached it to one of the storage slots so that I could move it around. After getting it position and connected to the solar array i then made 3 Giant Batteries to and attached them to the last 3 free storage slots on the rover. This work fine nothing was wrong at this point. I was able to use the Giant Solar Array to gather power. I let the 2 giant batteries fill up. I want to test and see if the work around would work in a full circle so that i wouldnt have to remove the batteries from the rover and move them back and forth, so i attached the rover to the base and then detached all devices that could produce power from my base (solar panels, wind turbines,power blocks,etc) . after all power producing devices were remove except for the rover with the full batteries and giant solar array attached to it i started up the fuel condenser to drain power, right after the fuel condenser was finished and it tried to start to fill up its power the game crashed. I can no longer access the save. I have included the following attachments crash log from around the same time all this took place (Sorry if it isn't the correct one) the save file (i think this is the correct file) a picture to show how the setup looked (i don't think i explained it well, sorry for poor drawing) Thanks for reading - Cory P.S. This is my first post so go easy on me, let me know if I didn't follow any rules or something CrashContext.runtime-xml UE4Minidump.dmp AUTOSAVE_0_2016.12.19-13.47.42.sav
  4. So I don't know what I did, but I THINK it has something to do with having a habitat attached to my truck. I just loaded the game and it started like this. the truck is constantly spazzing out as the concrete of the habitat drills into hell Other notes: I saved at a shuttle before i quit and loaded to this When i saved, the rover W/ storage attached to the truck was flipped upside down When i exit the game from this state the game will crash sometimes the game will crash randomly while this is happening I've loaded to the same situation 4 times in a row