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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sure the rovers that went to the moon had a Hand break - can we please have on for the rovers even if we have to research an item to get which could form part of the new modulation , also i believe the rovers were all wheel drive but when u attach a 2nd rover its seems like your dragging this trailer and it acts dumb and only used as storage and a backup power source . not sure about the last one but a hand break on the rovers would help heaps . next update cant wait ! G
  2. CoOp client players cannot build on non terran planets! Every time my friends and I have played co op the client players can never see or place deployable items on planets other than terran. They cannot deploy tethers or interact with a deployed habitat. Ships and resources are visible. Tethers disappear when placed and no modules can be seen, extended, or interacted with from the deployed habitat. All of these objects that are invisible to the client players are actually still visible to the host player. This bug makes co-op quite frustrating. An amazing game, nonetheless...jus