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Found 2 results

  1. 7sins_Pride

    Unstable Branch - Patch Notes

    I looked like 30 minutes, but neither were I able to find some patchlogs on steam, nor here in the forums. Is there a patchlog for the unstable (beta) branch of the steam version of the game? Would be nice to know what I actually should test with that version
  2. So far I've been able to play about 30 minutes at a time before encountering a crash/game freeze. However, tethers performance has definitely increased. Some notable changes: Tethers can no longer be extended infinitely by "hot-swapping" them. Upon loading a previous save my framerate has increased quite a bit. I honestly never noticed it drop before the beta branch, but there was obviously something happening behind the scenes. Starting the game with a new character creates and auto-save upon landing on the surface, as opposed to have to save it yourself. This is a great change, because I tend to not save the game for 15-20 minutes after i start; unfortunately I do lose progress, but at least I don't have to wait through the landing cycle anymore. The view distance for base objects are quite aggressive. Some tweaking required. Some notable persistent bugs: Game still freezes. This problem only arises while moving my camera. Perhaps the problem lies with post-processing being incorrectly handled when an error is thrown. The floating items in backpack upon game load is still there. This may be NVIDIA specific, but when PhysX is set to Auto/CPU using the terrain deformation tool causes the game to ["Crash"] freeze. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. I'll continue testing as much as I can in order to help this game become one of the best.