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Found 3 results

  1. Mouse/Keyboard - Steam - Version I was placing a delay repeater and a storage sensor when I noticed the Bug and found out what was going on exactly. I was playing with a friend on his save. After I created a few branches with the delay repeater in a cave to activate some dynamite I wasn't able to create another branch although I had 6 left. The result was that I automatically placed the segment pin on soil. But I wasn't able to pick it up again. Every time I hovered with my mouse above the LAST pin I saw the window that usually pops up when clicking on the repeater itself (
  2. I looked like 30 minutes, but neither were I able to find some patchlogs on steam, nor here in the forums. Is there a patchlog for the unstable (beta) branch of the steam version of the game? Would be nice to know what I actually should test with that version
  3. So far I've been able to play about 30 minutes at a time before encountering a crash/game freeze. However, tethers performance has definitely increased. Some notable changes: Tethers can no longer be extended infinitely by "hot-swapping" them. Upon loading a previous save my framerate has increased quite a bit. I honestly never noticed it drop before the beta branch, but there was obviously something happening behind the scenes. Starting the game with a new character creates and auto-save upon landing on the surface, as opposed to have to save it yourself. This is a grea