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Found 2 results

  1. Getting more than a little sick of parking my Large Rover nicely by a resource deposit, only for it to roll into the pit while im mining because once i get in the crane, the brakes release and the rover starts rolling. This is a problem that drives me to punch my keyboard until it dies.
  2. VEHICLE BRAKEING SYSTEM: OVERVIEW A system that would keep vehicles steady when you are not in them. On Slopes Vehicles slowly float or move down hill (Even when not in a storm). Vehicles are very confusing to manage and a braking system would at least give the user the ability to stop the vehicles where needed without worry of continuation in the wrong direction... or off the edge of a cliff into the unknown abyss. Vehicles need to be able to stop when you have reached your destination. As the current controls allow for the vehicle to drive in the direction you press on your keyboard concurrent with the direction of the camera. It is very hard to navigate tough areas as well as near impossible to stop where needed, or stay where you park unless on a completely flat surface unless you build around the vehicle to prevent it from moving but this can cause all kinds of glitches and problems. Options: Make vehicles more stable when not in operation. Give vehicles a brake function (IE: Hold SHIFT to stop) Vehicles not in operation don't easily move without significant force... or building around them. My Thoughts: I am unsure why vehicles currently don't have a brake system as it is quite frustrating. It would be useful to be able to stop a vehicle in motion while you rotate your camera as well as be able to stop and not only go in another direction/backwards to slow yourself. I don't think vehicles of this caliber would be created without proper brakes. Just another suggestion! PS: Storms blow you vehicles around even while underground.