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Found 2 results

  1. Jonas_Dit

    Farming Bot

    I don't know if this idea already exists, but I would like to have a little bot for the crane. I hate it when I have to get out of the rover, get into the crane, harvest the resources, get out of the crane because the rover was sliding away a bit, get into the crane again... I think you can see what I mean. So my idea is that farming bot. First, you print it in the printer (maybe with iron). Then, you program it which resources the bot should harvest and which ones not. After that, you put it on the crane seat and take it with you on a trip. The bot will automatically use the crane to harvest resources when you get near them. This way you can save a lot of time. It would consume the rover's energy so the farming bot is not too OP. Feel free to add some more ideas.
  2. So I have heard the devs plan on making interior building where you can connect smelters ect. That would make dangerous weather way less frightening. I would love to see some of the more exotic planets have weather that gives that "Holy crap" feeling back. Like lightning storms, radiation storms, acid rain, hail storms, heat waves from solar flares that do damage over time. These storms would also damage some of your structures so you would need to spend a small amount of resources fixing some of the damage. An alternative could be to research a hovering drone/repair bot that could follow you on your resource collection runs. You could fill the drone up with things resources it needs to repair or if you are desperate for an extra slot he could hold single slot resources. I know ppl asked for extra bag slots but i think this would work for them as well. Another thing I think would be cool is the ability to see the storm from the skylight of your indoor base. See the picture below. Biodomes could defiantly come in handy in a future update. They could provide food and water if that's ever going to be implemented. Players could collect and grow exotic plants to use for food or just toss unwanted organic resource into a generator to give a little extra power to the base. TL:DR Would love to see more dangerous storms indoor base Useful drones exotic agriculture <3