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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys, I might need some help on this one. All your knowledge is appreciated. So, about 2 months ago i spoke to a friend about Astroneer and he ended up also buying the game on Steam. We played during the whole Saturday besides some occasional crashes that were occurring. No problem though, as they were previously reported (ex: picking up research) and I was already expecting this as the game is still in development. All went relatively smooth until we decided to stop for the day. Later on, I started to play Borderlands 2 with another friend and this is when I noticed something was wrong. For the first time in years (966 hours played) I was not able to join a session. When I do join, i have lag spikes building up until connection is lost. Usually between 1 to 5 minutes. For the last 2 months I have been around installing/uninstalling my Steam account and the games to the point that today I only have Borderlands 2 and still have the same. When it comes to troubleshooting I have done a lot apart from formatting, which is planned for the next days if I cannot understand the root cause. I even did a hard reset to my router/modem and changed my IP via router settings. I also released/renew/flushdns the new IP. No need to mention about scans (Malwarebytes and Avast Free). Please understand that my machine was working normally, as it was formatted about 3 months ago due to Lavasoft software issues. All my programs and games were fully working after format. Weeks later, from the moment I enjoyed Astroneer multiplayer with a friend, then the above happened. I do believe something may have corrupted my Steam account, files or connectivity as it is only conflicting with online multiplayer on Steam and only started after the various crashes while on multiplayer on Astroneer. I tried to find other resources and troubleshooting for Steam (fully reinstalled) but I am running out of options. I also noticed that since then, every time I try to join a game via Steam chat or open a Steam game from the the Steam icon on the task bar, I have a pop up window asking to confirm if I want to open the game (instead of just launching it) to which leads me to the conclusion of a possible corruption on the permissions for Steam folders. Maybe someone else have reported it with another game after playing Astroneer? I cannot find anything related or similar to this anywhere on the internet or on the forums. I could contact Steam but this originated after several hours of Astroneer with a friend. I am sorry for the long description and lack of system info as this is one thing that happened from one moment to another. I am just trying to describe the chain of events I went (and still am) going through, since that so far, I only ended up understanding less and less to the point of posting this request for help. Thank you all in advance for any information! - Serge