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Found 7 results

  1. Lots of words? Damn! But lots of words also means lots of news! Give your excitement a push: PS: But don't push it too much. The future looks great, but it still takes time. We can't have you burn out already. Btw since we didn't post it here (what horrible fellow I am trying to forget that I forgot about it), if you're interested in a little (really just a little) peak regarding animations, there has been a blog post about this not long ago:
  2. Adam just posted a rather insightful blog post, taking a look back at the last six months, as well as outlining some stuff for Astroneer in the future! READ IT HERE:
  3. And here's the second blog post regarding the upcoming (well, it'll be out very, very soon) update: Link to the previous one (locked to maintain the chronological order):
  4. (Woops, I am late to re-post that here, damn time zones ) Samantha has written her first and quite elaborate blog post, and it's about the changes in the upcoming update! Another blog post is supposed to follow soon!
  5. This time we got a blog post from Zabir, System Era's lead engineer! This surely will be pretty interesting for everyone who is extremely bothered by the current performance issues.
  6. Brendan has written a blog post about the first 50 days after the release of Astroneer!
  7. Sorry, that announcement comes a bit late. I forgot you guys like to have a place to discuss all the posts. PS: If you're wondering why this post is in this section, I try to keep things more sorted by separating posts about Astroneer's development itself and posts about things that are necessary for it's development (or related), but not talking about Astroneer in particular. Sounds probably weird, but you should get the idea. If it's get too confusing, just tell me, I'll throw it all into the Astroneer Announcements then.