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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, my name is Luis Fernando, and I need help with the Astroneer game. I recently purchased the Xbox Game Pass And With that, I decided to download astrooner. I installed the game and opened shortly afterwards, a microsoft tab appeared. It was something loading, but it does not leave the 0%, and was at 0% for about 15 minutes, decided to cancel, and confirmed the cancellation. And it was black screen. I closed the game, and opened it again. But the game opens, and is black screen, and the menu does not appear or anything, just a black screen. I tried to uninstall and install the game again, but the same thing happened. If you want I put a video for you to understand better, but it's not a big deal. I just click start, a game screen pops up, then it's full screen, and it's black, and it doesn't come out of it. What I have to do?
  2. Summary: 0.6.5 Steam Black screen Description: When I load a game or i try to join a friend my screen become black but the game don't stop or crash (I can hear sound, see the cursor and the name of my friend come and go through the screen, and i can access to the echap menu who normally apears on the screen) Note : this bug dosen't appears if I launche a new game Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: (alpha) Specifications: OS: Windows CPU: inte core i5 cpu @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz GPU: None (portable graphic card) RAM: 4 Go Drive: 2nd fragment of my 1to hard disc Thanks for the game and for the replies (if there is somes) *<8^D