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Found 1 result

  1. endurance

    Bigger Drill

    Yesterday I went on a journey. I tried to level a mountain. I started a new game. took me 1 hour to gather the necesary resources for building a truck+crane+drill. And than I started wasting time. I spent 1 hour with the drill. carving into the mountain like a masochist . BTW the drill doesn't consume any power. After 1 hour 1 got borred, really bored of moving the truck, carving. moving the truck, carving and so on... The camera view from the truck is awful when you have to drill above you. I got off the truck and i used the gathering gun.... and OH MY GOD .. the diference. The gun is TWICE as fast at least. and you can move as long as you have power. t The part on the left was drilled in 1 hour. the part on the right was drilled in 20 minutes. and there is a lot more that i drilled with the gun inside the mountain that didn't photograph. I built a tunnel to the top of the mountain. Best solution is to use 5 or 6 big batteries in base, 2 solar panels and tethers. Even at night the power kept comming. But we need a bigger drill. It doesn't make sense that the gun is better after so much research. I understand that it's use if for other tipes of rocks. but god damn it. drilling is as slow as my understanding of grammar We need something like this well, maybe not so big because the truck would go BANANAS as it does when you place 4 research items on it. But you get the idea