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Found 4 results

  1. Description: I went to the Gateway Chamber of Glacio and it was blocked with a forcefield that usually appears when it is given the appropriate resource. Am I missing something? Do other people have this problem? Platform: XBOX ONE Attatchments:
  2. So when i was playing i dug to the moons core and got killed by these. I cant dig them up and because of them i lost all my stuff. So as i was retreating my stuff i picked it up and then it started falling as the gravity of the core is a bit weird (i find it really cool btw) and then it disappeared. So if you can fix this and avoid Inventory to not fall towards the core and disappear that will be really neat.
  3. I suggest adding a float feature (like when you clip through terrain) or a bounce back system in the middle of the big purples. This would fix/ help people that were standing on the center of the purples when power was plugged into them, causing the astroneer to be stuck inside, and if they were tethered to O2 supply, be stuck inside forever, ruining their save. I put 20 hours+ into a save and it is now ruined because of this, I am aware that a co-op player can save you, but this would prevent the need for one.
  4. Description: If you leave the site of a Gateway Chamber and come back in a vehicle, you will find that the part in the center is raised as if it is being given power. Upon exiting the vehicle the Gateway Chamber will return to normal. Platform: XBOX ONE Attachment: