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About Me

  1. Hi there, On the Steam version of the new beta, while playing in a multiplayer session, not as the host, the terrain gun in not accessible from the backpack menu by pressing E. I instead have to click on the gun to access its inventory. If the gun's inventory is open for access and the backpack menu is closed (Q), the gun stays floating in the middle of the screen. Not 100% sure what causes this bug or when it starts happening. Might be entering a seat or shuttle or flying to another planet.
  2. 1.0 is not a Full release in technical analysis. Still love the update though. (Amazing additions, and I understand the "Bug/Code" business, don't get me wrong.) Let us begin with Coder/Developer technical definitions, so none are misled by this common label language: Beta: Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.[4] Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, speed or performance issues, and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it. Beta version software is often useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, preview release, prototype, technical preview / technology preview (TP),[5] or early access. Astroneer in my opinion, is still deep in Beta zone. On the Edge of Escaping the Dark Forest, but not quite there~ WHY? What do I base this on? - Functionality to a "Regular Gamer" - Universal definitions used by developers, coders AND gamers (See Beta Definition ABOVE.) - vehicles still phase through the ground - Objects still phase through ground or vanish - Multiplayer is impossible on lag - Solo game lags hard once the terrain has been altered - Objects and tools will clip through terrain - (New issue) Double visioned object ghosts. Seeing duplicates of objects or their name labels, floating in mirror image away from the tagged object. Losing interactions. - The new "Hold Item" has no release or place function. - Still have not fixed BEACON visibility from distances - This in my opinion is the last bag of fixes for this game to be complete. So to a degree, this is pretty darned complete for any game ramping up. But I have to say these have to be fixed so the common player does not encounter these issues, and thus give Astroneer a bad running name as garbage, when it deserves more! We want new NON Alpha-Beta players to not get the wrong idea, seeing Astroneer tagged a complete game, when it is on the back end of Beta-- so it does not get a bad label and name in the judging gamer community as trash. Save Astroneers good game & Name! UPDATE! This post is not a BUG report, it is a REQUEST to TAG the game as BETA- so NON BETA players do not come in, and bad mouth the Project. Plain and simple. (cc: Official Forums, Astroneer Wiki, Message Blog) Please Obi-wan, you're our only Hope! I hope someone actually reads this and takes it to heart. You are not the Size company that can handle a ton of negative publicity in the game community. "Normal Gamers" are judgemental, opinionated & fickle, about the wrong things. Be warned. Your inviting them to spend their money.
  3. Hello, I was wondering how I can access the beta patch on steam? It says I need a code, after scouring through the forums in search of the code I can't find it. Not even on the thread devs posted about the patch itself. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi! I'm testing the new beta update and I don't agree with new balancement system. When I move up to another planet/moon, I need a lot of resine if I want to start my new base and hydrazine is like my money for exchange other materials that couldn't be find except travelling. I'm fine with double requirement of energy to make it work, but this adjustment hasn't made me happy. P.S: "This is the way meant to be played". Well, if a lot of players enjoy doing farming of fuel, why not? And if you don't want play like me, you are free to play as you like. Thank you
  5. So I've been playing hours of multiplayer and here are a bunch of bugs that I discovered today (mainly rovers flying into space) (View Spoiler) Specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 4770 GTX 1080 32GB RAM
  6. Was playing with a friend and we found out that if he mined ore while I was far away enough to not see him, and then approached the area he was in I could see ore and mine, though he already had, and when it collected the ore it would not actually appear in my backpack. Another bug was that my view distance was dropped significantly for markers such as home, and beacons, and the other player and his rover. Also if I am far enough away to not see the other player the physics on the rover tend to get crazy, if I hit a rock the rover will flip around erratically and uncontrollably. I should note that I was NOT the host in these situations.
  7. i was told there's a beta key for low performance computers so can start working on low end pc's. This game runs smooth sometimes but when the planets come around talk about lag city or over time.
  8. Seat is initially viewed/built on the truck in the wrong orientation, it does orient correctly once building is finished. Running latest beta on Steam.
  9. I was testing out the beta tether fix and noticed that my tethers were disconnecting randomly. As soon as I pick them up and place them back down, they reconnect: Also after exiting the game and loading back in, all tethers are disconnected except for the one a replaced:
  10. I found these vents? on the moon orbiting the starting planet, not able to fall into the central area (floating on nothing). Running the latest beta on Steam.
  11. In the first picture you can see the hole has no identifier above it, the other screenshot of the same area (roughly 7 minutes later) after a restart now has an identifier even though all the resources have already been removed from the area. This was on the latest beta on Steam.
  12. Trade station is missing the indicators of where to place items on several of the areas (see below left fuel canister and above middle one, right side has no indicators at all). This is on the latest beta on Steam.
  13. First 2 pictures - In the first two pictures the tether link is broken but I receive oxygen from both sides (unknown if I was receiving power or not), after a restart of the game the connections reappeared but some still disappeared over time. Last 2 pictures (green) - In one you can see I am connected to the tether but it is broken further ahead of me. When I removed the tether directly to the left, the connection above restored as seen in the other picture but then one past it broke. I was receiving oxygen from the connection but not power, if I went up past the missing connection I started to receive power.
  14. I died while carrying an unknown object, the object was then teleported with me to where I respawned and I was still holding it rather than it being dropped during death. Currently running the beta, no idea if this issue exists on the main build or not.
  15. Starting with the new beta a friend was seeing multiple connections to tethers for him and myself. I was the host and was only able to see one connection for each of us.
  16. So I saw this new [beta] update which "fixed" my #1 problem, the tethers. Let's just say these screenshots that I took aren't what I had in mind. Admittedly, the tethers connect better than they did before, but just a bit too well. PC Specs: (Running on Steam) Windows 10 Pro (Most current non-anniversary update) i7-4770 32GB RAM ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 Many terabytes of SSD's and HDD's
  17. When playing co-op on the beta version with steam there is a bug where if you have joined someones world, tethers don't disconnect! So as you walk past machines or other tethers you collect tethers lines that don't go away. You can walk as far away as you like and the tethers are still connected however they don't provide resources. Its strictly a visual issue.
  18. found this bug when I created a tall column to place a beacon on. put tethers on the sides of it as I went up... when I came down the tethers stayed put, seemingly floating in the air. this is the steam version, in beta.
  19. Just wanted to give a quick update with the beta tether patch testing. I found that tethers now provide oxygen by themselves. see vid for more detailed explanation. Beta_Testing_-_Tether_Update.mp4
  20. So far I've been able to play about 30 minutes at a time before encountering a crash/game freeze. However, tethers performance has definitely increased. Some notable changes: Tethers can no longer be extended infinitely by "hot-swapping" them. Upon loading a previous save my framerate has increased quite a bit. I honestly never noticed it drop before the beta branch, but there was obviously something happening behind the scenes. Starting the game with a new character creates and auto-save upon landing on the surface, as opposed to have to save it yourself. This is a great change, because I tend to not save the game for 15-20 minutes after i start; unfortunately I do lose progress, but at least I don't have to wait through the landing cycle anymore. The view distance for base objects are quite aggressive. Some tweaking required. Some notable persistent bugs: Game still freezes. This problem only arises while moving my camera. Perhaps the problem lies with post-processing being incorrectly handled when an error is thrown. The floating items in backpack upon game load is still there. This may be NVIDIA specific, but when PhysX is set to Auto/CPU using the terrain deformation tool causes the game to ["Crash"] freeze. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. I'll continue testing as much as I can in order to help this game become one of the best.
  21. I created an underground base and after reloading the built up walls and underground area had been filled in. I am playing steam with the beta fix. The second image is the before screenshot, the first flat surface is after a restart. the two images are of the same base from different angles. I had actually quit and restart a few times before this happened. It happened after I turned one of the nodes into a printer and then restart. one of the modules was still visible through a small crack in the ground.
  22. i just got to make a platform and u was to close to it and got stuck in it. then i tried to vac the terrain underneath (hopefully to fall through) but it froze the game
  23. Changed to beta build to test tethers, got into the world, loaded save and saw this It's the Exotic world, on Steam version and here are my specs: Windows 7 SP1 AMD FX 8350 AMD Radeon HD 7750 16gb of RAM
  24. A few minutes after starting a new world, having a single platform with a smelter and mining a few resources around the game started crashing 2-3 minutes after loading the game. Seems to only happen in multiplayer. I attached the logs and a DXDiag dump.
  25. 12/18/16 Beta update has made performance worse. Before the update I would be on a constant low FPS when around my base and tethers. After the update the FPS has definitely increased; although I am getting constant drops to single digits every few seconds. This makes the game very hard to play and hurts my eyes, I'd say this is pretty much unplayable for me. i7 4770k 980ti SC+ 16gb RAM.