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  1. Big Wheels on Rovers A lot of times, I find myself trying to drive my rover, and getting stuck on really silly things... like a small bush with one small resource node on it. And I mean *completely* stuck; having to get out and dig the thing up in order to move. If you added in the ability to research Big Tires for the rovers that would lift it so it wasn't so low to the ground, most things could be much more easily driven over. This would add a cost of 1 Rubber to the medium and 2 Rubber to the large rover, and elevate them maybe an inch or so; just enough to lift them over obstacles like plants, rocks and resource bits sticking out of the ground. The increase wheel radius would also make it so the tires were a lot less likely to get suck in small crevices. Another option along these lines would be an upgrade that would add tank treads to the rovers, which would also be able to handle the terrain better. Maybe add the ability to crush obstacles to the treads as well, so it doubles as a trailblazing device. I also feel like this would make them a lot more fun to drive, since it would make the rovers feel like monster trucks. I don't know what changed in the rover suspension either, but they're super bouncy now. if I tap forward, it's like I jammed my foot down on the gas, then equally jammed my foot on the brakes a second later. This needs to be fixed in some fashion; either stiffening up the suspension some, or making the vehicle accelerate slower and stop slower to get rid of the jerky motions. Terrain Mapping Balloons This idea is to add a device that can be fixed to the ground at a certain point. It would be a base unit, a long tether, and a weather balloon-like aerial part with cameras. It's purpose would be to allow the astroneer to track all of their important markers via a holographic HUD. By pressing M, they would be able to call it up as an overlay that would show objects of interest within the balloon's line of sight. The objects would show as icons or letters associated with the thing in question around the astroneer, similar to how you can see directions around them when you hover the mouse over them. This would also show a basic distance in numbers from their current position. Things that would show are beacons, teleporters, vehicles, bases and dead bodies (aka your lost backpack). This would only work on the surface; it wouldn't be able to detect things underground. And it would have only a certain range, requiring the player to set up several across the planet to get complete coverage, but the distance would be appreciable. So for example, you set a beacon to the south of your base, then return, but it's out of your line of sight due to terrain or clouds. You press M, and to your south, either a 'B' for beacon, or a symbol representing a beacon appears, with the number '123' or something to show how far it is away. These devices would have a long range, but not be world encompassing. Maybe a max range of 500 each or more, depending on how large the planets are in general (I have no idea what units of measurement are used in the game for distance). If the player went outside the range of the balloon, the HUD would become unavailable. These objects would be able to be overlapped as well, so placing a second one on the outer edge of the first one's range would still detect some things in that first one's area. Beacon Icons/Skylights I mentioned this in other threads, but I think two ways to make beacons more useful would be if they had different icons along with colors. Icons for resources, pathing, dangerous areas and so on would make it easier to remember why they were placed. I also feel that the beacon's icon size could be larger, so as to be more easily read. The last idea would be a beacon upgrade. This would add a light pillar that you could also color to your beacon, similar to the light pillars thrown up by the alien teleporters. This would make them much easier to see (the colors would be visible to some extent, even during the day). The second effect of the skylight upgrade would be a kind of 'batsignal' type effect on the clouds overhead. One of the major weaknesses of beacons is they go above the clouds, rendering them invisible to people on the ground most of the time. This would have the beacons project their symbols on the bottoms of the clouds overhead, so even on cloudy days, they'd still be visible.
  2. Astroneer's planetary navigation system is definitely lacking, and although there are many suggested features to make GPS and whatnot I think I have a solution that I think would be rather simple to implement compared to that. I am taking a bit of inspiration from No Man's Sky here, in that game if you have a waypoint on the far side of a planet it will appear on the point on the horizon in the direction of the waypoint even if it's far enough to be far below the horizon. This way the indicator is always visible. That game may have a ton of flaws, but waypoints is something it actually did right. This sort of thing could be adapted to Astroneer with what I assume would be relative ease compared to something like GPS. If a player gets too far from a beacon, rocket, base, corpse, or another player to the point where the beacon indicator will be below the horizon, than the indicator should sort of follow the player and remain about on the horizon no matter how much further they go. That way if you are half way around the planet in a rover and you want to get home, you will know what direction to start traveling in.
  3. Please bring vehicle beacons back. It's baffling why these were removed, but they make it significantly easier to find your rover again if you happen to get separated from it. Possibly due to bugs, as happened to me a few times. Die in the middle of nowhere, spawn back at base. Well crap, where's my rover? Too bad it doesn't have a built in beacon like it used to. Well, maybe it should. That was a good idea I wish you hadn't discarded for some reason.
  4. At the moment we have five different colours for setting the Beacons to (plus a strobing/flashing version of red), but this isn't enough. As well as adding one or two more colours (Yellow? Cyan? Brown? Pink?), we should be able to further customise each Beacon so as to better represent what it stands for. I am thinking that instead of just switching between each colour, clicking on a Beacon brings up a small interactive display with four options: 1). An On/Off button, used for switching the Beacon on and off. 2). A colour button, for switching between each available colour (around six or more). 3). A Style or Mode button, which switches between flashing and non-flashing modes. 4). An Icon button, which switches between different icons that the Beacon shows. For the icons, I'm thinking of the following options: the default would be what we currently have, a single white dot in the centre. Option two would be a trio of white dots, just like what we used to have on vehicles. Option three would be the white Hab icon, useful for marking out where we plan on placing a Habitat before we've unlocked it. Option four would be a white Star in the centre. Finally, option's five through to eight would be the four symbols that represent the four suits in a deck of cards: a white Heart, a white Diamond, a white Spade and a white Club. With the ability to customise the colour, state and icon of a Beacon, players will have much more options when it comes to configuring their beacons in game. If anyone has any suggestions for additional or alternate colours, modes or icons, please share them below.
  5. Its so hard to use the beacon right now, you need to keep "scrolling" the colors, and if you acidentally pass of your color, you need to scroll all over again so what i suggest is to make that when you use the beacon, a UI would appear on top of it, always facing the player (if there's two players it would face the closer one) with buttons for each color in a grid, and also the "deactivate beacon" button. It would close if you use the beacon again or go away, should not be hard to implement
  6. Idea: 1. Make a mini map, BUT make Repeaters that must be places insight of you, and it insight of the base. Makes player climb Mountains to place these Repeaters. 1a) If it were me, I would just take your Asset for the Small Solar, and change out some color, and put a huge (8ft) antenna whip out the middle. Let it run on its own, no platform, no power, it just works. You could make it go out if there is a storm by it or by the player. OR 2. Or can you make the Beacons more customizable so I can drop "Bread Crumbs" as I walk away from the base. Like let the Player choose a Keyboard Letter, And more colors. Email me, hit me back if you need more info or help doing any of this (I'm a game developer).
  7. I have 3 beacons on Terran, 2 beacons and my home. There has been a number of times that I have seen these 3 beacons from Barren when exploring, without seeing a planet at all. One such instance I caught on video at the video below. I've also attached an image. Steam version, 0.8.0, single player, Windows 10.
  8. Summary -Beacons appears on space -Fps drops when I place a tether -Vehicle bay preview bug -Flying dropship -Shows resource symbol which is already collected Descriptions 1 - I traveled to another planet than my home planet and when I looked the sky I saw that my home sign and beacons(which belongs to my home planet) on space.I can see them while I'm on space. I traveled back and same things happened for my second planet. Middle of the first screenshot Top of the second screenshot Middle of the third screenshot(Between the clouds and planet) Bottom of the fourth screenshot -As you can see beacons seem like maintains the shape of the planet. 2 - I played the game many hours, almost traveled %35 of it and placed a lot of tethers around my home planet(maybe more than 400). But I don't know why, now in my home planet when I place a tether(if the tether connects to another tether)(if I place it far from other tethers by preventing it to connect another tether fps does not drops) fps drops very bad and game stucks for a second. It happens too when I break a connection between tethers. In my second planet I placed more than 100 tether, made even more things in this planet, I started traveling and came back where I start by going straight and it's still working correctly without any fps drops. On the right my home planet. On the left my second planet. 3 - There is a bug in the vehicle bay's preview(Only happens when I try to place it in that way) When I place it, vehicle bay show up like preview for a moment and places itself to the middle of the platform(Right placing but wrong preview). 4 - Dropship deployment I deployed the dropship by mistake while its on the shuttle and I can't do anything about it. I have a flying dropship . I can't move or undeploy it because of its nature. I think we shouldn't be able to deploy it while it's on a vehicle or shuttle etc. and I think it's a bug. It should be on the surface of the planet. 5 - Resource symbol bug When I collect a resource its symbol disappears naturally. But if I quit and restart the game, they appear again while there is no resource. Platform Steam Version ALPHA Specifications Lenovo Ideapad700 Laptop OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.1088 CPU: i7 6700HQ 2.60GHZ GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX950M 4GB RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2133Hz Drive: 5400Rpm HDD
  9. In update 7.0, my beacons have been inconsistent and have been randomly disappearing. Any ideas?
  10. I bought the xbox game preview of Astroneers almost on day one. I adore the game, and have delighted with every improvement and addition. One thing that hasn't changed, but needs to, are the icons for home/beacons/vehicles. The colour is difficult to see against the sky sometimes, and its especially bad when clouds pass because the clouds completely obscure the icons. I can't tell you how many times i've had to abandon a save because i got too far from home and spent hours trying to find home base again, but couldn't. If clarity of the icons through distance/weather/terrain can't be managed, I would highly recommend a map system of some sort. Perhaps basic geographical terrain that is filled in as you explore, with icons clearly visible on the map, or perhaps a compass system like on Skyrim.
  11. The frequency of Storms seems to be way too often, 3 or more everyday is annoying and it takes up most of the daylight hours. Beacons should also be able to be seen over greater distances, maybe through mountains? The research module seems to draw a lot more power than can be stored, they are almost useless at night.
  12. Can you make beacons customizable to where we can label the beacon. For example, when we put the beacon down, we can click on it and type in words.
  13. Hi Everyone, Any of you ever get frustrated by getting lost during exploration? Get turned around in that cave, come out a different entrance and never see your base again? Well suffer no further! Here is a [near] foolproof method of GLOBAL navigation, tried, tested and verified: The Beacon Meridian Method. Fig 1. The Beacon Meridian Method of global navigation. Step 1: Make beacons. For example, you will eventually need about 10-14 depending on terrain for Terran. Step 2: Drive North from your base, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, second panel). Be sure to look over your shoulder and keep the last beacon in sight. Ideally, you should be able to approach one beacon and see the next on the horizon. Step 3: North Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Step 4: Drive back to base along your beacon meridian and continue South, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, third panel). Step 5: South Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Sounds great, but... how do I use it to navigate??? ----> SOLUTION: If you get lost, just drive by dead-reckoning until you reach the beacon line. If you have no clue at all which way to go, drive West or East and you will encounter the beacon meridian (see Fig 1, fourth panel). Then head North or South. If you are really lost, you will end up at one of the poles before reaching your base (evidenced by the column, so don't bother looking for the next beacon) and simply have to turn around and go in the opposite direction, eventually reaching your base. Using this system, you can explore the entire planet and never worry about not making it back home. I hope you all find this useful. Cheers! -TSG
  14. The beacons and way points are very useful but when using the shuttle or just generally traveling around it can be hard to know which one is the one you want. Therefore there should be a way to recolor them making it easier to know where you are going.
  15. I would like to see depth meters so I know how far down into the planet I am.I would also like to be able to make things in my game (e.g. Mountain ranges and other land marks) so I can find my way back to my base instead of just trying to use the compass and remembering how I got to where I am Thanks for the great game can't wait to see what happens in the future keep up the great work Kirby
  16. When placing beacons, it would be handy if we could pick from a list of icons to define the reason the beacon exists instead of them all just showing a blue symbol with dots. If I'm out in a remote area and find a bunch of deposits, but my storage is full, I will drop a beacon so I can come back to it. If I've traveled too far from home to get to that spot, I may even drop beacons along the way making a "road". The difficulty is when trying to discern which beacon in the distance to aim for when you've got a lot of them lying about. So maybe some basic icon changes for the beacons or at the very least a color shift the background. Dots: default beacon marker icon. Shovel: Could help manage places you want to mine for resources Binoculars: Explore this area later. Road: (two solid lines on a shifted perspective with a dashed line down the middle) Use this for marking major roads that you travel. Pick Ax: Could help mark a cave for later digging. Skull: Danger Will Robinson! Asterisks: Something special here. Letters A-Z: For whatever you want. Drop 8 beacons in a row to spell out "Pizzeria" if you happen to stumble over some good pizza in a random cave somewhere. Then have like 5 to 7 different background colors so people can mix and match their own setups. Use black and the Road icon for all their major highways and blue and the road icons for expeditions off the beaten path, etc.
  17. You should be able to name each beacon. When they are in the distance, they all have the same icon, making it difficult to see what beacon means what. If we could label the beacon, then when you see it in the distance you can know it means something, like "Resin Deposit" or "Crash Site Research."
  18. Hi all, I'm rather new to this forum but like all of you, my girlfriend and I stumbled upon this amazing game and we haven't been able to put it down since. My idea is pretty simple. I would really like if there was some way of customizing beacons. I have this (not so) crazy idea that I want to connect the entire planet, but when you go just a little too far you lose track of where your base is. No matter we can put down a trail of beacons, and this works really well when going in a straight line But if you want to map out your exploration a bit more than just a single line, now all of a sudden its really easy to get confused as to which beacon leads back to the base. The way I have currently solved this is with a system of self-made mini-mountains a little apart with a beacon on each, and then for each "ring" I go out further I have to add to the previous rings, that way I always know which "ring" I am on.. but this gets kind of silly when you start hitting the 5th ring and you need 5 beacons in each of the points in the inner ring. So yeah, the simple TLDR: Improved / customizable beacons to allow for further exploration. (Side note: It would also be really nice if there was a way of differentiating between Habitats put on a planet so you knew where you wanted to land )
  19. The one thing major about this game that is such a small feature in most games is a map. With so many easy ways for you to die or get lost with seeing as theres no way to locate what direction your beacon is towards finding your way back to your base or your truck after dying is completely frustrating. Id personally like it if rather than just having a map laid out for you, either add a device or navigator that could allow you to look in a direction and know what beacon so in that line of sight. Or add a map that as you explore it will uncover more of the map so areas already explored will be slightly easier to navigate. And the second issue is not being able to mark beacons with unique tags to know what will lead you where. This would be another great feature allowing players to easily navigate there way to old areas while not taking away from the difficulty of exploring new areas.
  20. Dunno if this has been suggested, or is in the works, but a map like system to identify where we left beacons, or vehicles, far away from the base would be so handy! I've lost quite a few now with my poor navigational skills. A way to mark a direction from our base to find beacons would be so cool. Perhaps radar? Or something to that effect. It would also help when finding the base after an excursion, or trucks after dying. Love the game! Totally addicted. Cheers
  21. Fairly simple idea. While playing the Multiplayer for the first time with my friend we came to use beacons to mark notable cave entrances. It was quite handy, though we came to talk about what would make it more helpful. What we came to discuss was basically: Naming beacons would be a big help, once the beacon is in line of sight the name could be projected above it. Think road sign. Choosing icons for the beacon waypoint from a distance. A little cave entrance icon for a cave I might have marked is one good example. With both this and above organizing what everything is becomes easier. Some kind of map gadget that can help you oriented between waypoints that aren't currently visible. Not a detailed world map per se, more like a radar item that points towards all the beacons in a given range - along with their names. I can't always SEE my beacon - that doesn't means I don't need it's help. In fact, I might REALLY need its help the minute I can't see it anymore.
  22. I play on gaming PC through steam using keyboard and mouse I've noticed on most of my saves i end up with a cluster of markers hovering in space that i can see as i move between planets, at first i figured it was the station but recently noticed it seems to match up to the markers present on and around my base on planet terran, not sure when they appeared but are there when i first take off from the planet.
  23. When orbiting in space, the beacons built on terran can become 'detached' from the planet and are seen rotating below the map, while not associated with the planet they are built on.
  24. Hello, This is my first post. I found astroneer through the steam queue while I was looking to access my reward trading cards for that day. I immediately fell in love with the cutesy/toy playdough in space aspect of it, and the way you can go off plantes. And the "survival" "no oxigen unless you place lifelines" element just made it look better. As it's early access, I understand it's not realy useful to do freature request in terms of gameplay, the vision of the game has still to be truely realized. But I would however want to make a suggestion regarding The most annoying thing (besides of the obvious bugs, multiplayer glitch vehicles), are the way you can lose your death location beacons , other beacons and vehicles in caves (after you die). The beacons don't show through walls and have a limited location of visibility. I do find this compelling, because I understand when you would see them all across the world, you're just homing in to the location and you lose some of the "exploration" narrative. if your truck is visible by waypoint throughout the world on the exact location, you just dig yourself to it and some adventuring is lost. What I do propose in this matter is - and I hope this stays within the philosophy of the game - - give the ability to color beacons. (so their icon will display red or green etc). THis way we can determine important locations by abstraction (color). - allow us to launch satelites in orbit. These satelites will reveal all the beacons in their hemisphere. The limitation is, you can only see colored dots (or vehicle icons) on a horizontal surface. (you stil have to dig and look how deep they exactly are). At least you'll be able to find your lost car again. Perhaps it's even a good idea that you also have to enable your car to be tracked by a GPS item ?
  25. It would be nice to be able to name the beacons as you use them. I also noticed that during a wind storm, the "wind turbines" don't move!?