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About Me

  1. Beacons are handy, that's for sure. But they suffer painfull limitations so far, so here ideas which could - I hope - improve them. 1) not enough colors so far there is 5 colors (Blue, green, orange, Violet, Red, yellow, Black). Plus 3 ohter in different hue (dark blue, dark Violet and dark green). That not enough and difference between hue are not always distinct. So, why not add more colors, like: brown, grey, white (not sure for this one), pink, transparent, etc. 2) contrast/transparency with backgroung When you look at beacon from a distance, thus they are
  2. When that whole NASA thing came out, we had a method of locating the satellites. How in the world the Devs have not utilized this for either home base relocation or body relocation or something else is beyond me. I don't know how much time I've wasted just trying to relocate my base or dead body. Use the same device that tracks the signal to at least give you an idea of which direction to go. The whole beacon in the sky thing is painfully limited.
  3. 1. (Tweak) Beacons appear as colored arrows on compass, It would help players not get lost when they end up turned around and have to circle around the planet until they stumble onto something familiar. -Beacons can only be seen from so far, and even with my moderate navigation skills, I still get lost just because for some reason, the art style makes everything look the same. -If they appear on your compass, finding the way back home or to where you want to be is much more straight forward. 2. (Addition) Mid-Late game/Tier 4 Rover with "All Terrain" Spider legs for easy maneuvering o
  4. So as you guys know theres has been a new feature that you now cant see beacons when youre in orbit how should i find my landing spot? Havent played the game for 2 weeks because i was away
  5. Given that transport often falls underground, this is a very good idea. And in general, for navigation it is not bad.
  6. At the moment, markers of beacons often overlap with clouds. Because of this, the last time I could not find a base for 2 hours.
  7. Howdy, When I load a game all beacons are deactivated. I have to turn them on every load. This defeats the function of beacons.
  8. I'd like to suggest a second type of beacon, visible on the compass when standing still. This behaviour could also be alongside the standard beacon display behaviour, but if so should 'cost' more.
  9. I have an idea for a logical beacon system that is actually based off of something System Era has already done. When you first start off a game you are given an examinable Landing Pad as shown below: Then, when you go away, the text disappears but the icon remains as shown below: Every object with a tag has a beacon similar to this. It can be toggled by holding B while it is selected. This is also similar to the tags in No Man's Sky. My new system also allows for finding your base, even when halfway around the planet. Please let me know what you think.
  10. I kept confusing the Orange and Red beacons I set, wasting a couple hours going the wrong ways on my planet. The orange is too close to the red/violet side. No yellow beacon? Can't use beacons in caves, then find them above ground.
  11. You should be able to make a Scanner for your backpack that scans the surrounding area for deposits and wrecks. It should mark them using the beacon system that I suggested earlier. ? = wreck = deposit crafted at backpack printer Recipe: 1 Zinc Please let me know what you think.
  12. beacons don't have very good rang from a distance you cant see them and i get that the planets it round so you cant see it but i think that the becon should show on the side of the screen pointing to the place of the beacon and also compasses should be on top of the screen it only makes sense (yes i know my drawing is bad i use Microsoft paint)
  13. My beacons are visible from another planet
  14. I believe beacons should require power and have two cable plugs like most other single slot items, with the exclusion of the habitat beacon and death points. If your power runs out during an expedition and your beacons are the only way home, the habitat beacon should be visible from anywhere, along with all other beacons. Beacons should simply show up as colored dots with symbols on them, and they should be visible through terrain. (Also, please add the antenna back to the Astroneer to depict that beacons send out signal instead of lights.)
  15. I find it annoying now that we have no Beacon to indicate the location of our vehicles, so what if we could switch the Beacon on and off? Simply get i the vehicle, then use the same button that opens our backpack when on foot (Y button on Xbox One) to toggle the Beacon on or off on that vehicle. This would allow us to have just the Beacon o the lead vehicle of a vehicle train, instead of on all of them.
  16. Idea: 1. Make a mini map, BUT make Repeaters that must be places insight of you, and it insight of the base. Makes player climb Mountains to place these Repeaters. 1a) If it were me, I would just take your Asset for the Small Solar, and change out some color, and put a huge (8ft) antenna whip out the middle. Let it run on its own, no platform, no power, it just works. You could make it go out if there is a storm by it or by the player. OR 2. Or can you make the Beacons more customizable so I can drop "Bread Crumbs" as I walk away from the base. Like let the Player choo
  17. Hello! Beacons in their current state are a useful way of marking your location, whether that be a base, a cave, or your buddy's AFK spot. Other than that, their use is fairly limited. My suggestion is to allow an astroneer to write a message on the beacon, allowing for it to act similarly to that of a sign from Minecraft whilst also retaining it's current utility in exploration. Basically, you place down a beacon and when it's settled an icon pops up reading 'HOLD (random key) TO CODE MESSAGE'. You hold it down and it brings up a little Astroneer themed keyboard (Yay! More custo
  18. I play astroneer on Xbox and I have been having a problem in all of my saves, the beacon for vehicles are not there. This makes it harder to find my rovers, and in some instance I lost my rover on Barren because I died, and never found it. Is there something that I’m doing that is wrong, do others have this problem, or can this be fixed? Thanks!
  19. I would like something to address a couple issues: Some sort of sign to point back to your base. Some sort of tether net split-er. Internally powered sign-light. I envision a super-tether. It would be used at junctions of tether lines to break-up the huge networks of tethers that start getting huge pauses while the code recomputes the tether network. It would also be an glowing arrow-sign. You would spin it to point toward your base (or it could point itself based on the number of tethers to a safe object (that can be 'entered'). It would be like a beacon with col
  20. So played the new update. One thing which is off is that, if i keep the Beacon on the Ground, it will show up from a distance. But if i put it on the Small Rover, it doesn't work (i.e. no indicators visible from any distance)
  21. I like Astroneer's minimalist UI, and I have a suggestion for increasing beacon usefulness without adding to the existing UI paradigm. When you place a beacon, you assign it a name or number (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc). This is done by tabbing through with the use command (E or ALT-click on ground, etc.). When you've cycled through to the identifier you want, stop: That becomes the beacon's unique identifier. You could still use colors, or color combinations, but that might limit the number of beacons... which could be OK, if that's desired limitation. To use the beacons, you would
  22. Hey there. I got some very nice suggestions: I would like to name my beacons, so communication with my friend about where someone is gets easier. Also I'd like a minimap with a display for vehicles and beacons, just like you see them in the game already. It gives a better view of where something is, especially how far it is from you (I already noticed distance is being displayed with color saturation, but I think that isn't a very elegant solution) That's everything! Hope you guys are going to implement it. I'm really enjoying this game and I really like giving these suggestions!
  23. I think that we should have something like a tricorder when we press the LT button. It could show the nearest base or vehicle, examine the ground to find some hidden caves and show storm locations. Another thing that we could have on the game is snow, rain, storms, water, etc..
  24. Small RadioBeacon what can attach to astroneer Backpack and for planet side base to base medium radiobeacon then for planet to plane bases large radiobeacon so like radio in real life exploration radios could be used local communication and Small work by Small distance like radio range and medium one need other medium radiobeacon to operate. with multi-astroneer exploration would be nice even they could use discord for example but radiobeacon can be more local and need to unlock those radios by bytes