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Found 25 results

  1. Mouse and keyboard, Steam Just fly to another planet with medium battery inside the shuttle Reloading the save file fixes the problem
  2. Playing on current Steam version (Automation?) on a PC running Windows 7. I just arrived on Calidor on a large rocket from Novus and transported the about 80% full battery on a medium slot provided by the rack that mounts on a large slot and gives four medium slots. The offset seems similar to the buggy behavior of small solar panels.
  3. I Filled a large storage silo B with some small silos, medium generators, wind turbines, and some medium batteries, and put the whole silo B on a large shuttle. When i got back home and took the silo off, i found the batteries looking like this. As I rotate them, the power bars rotate with a hoola hoop motion. The only way I could fix it was to package the battery and reopen it. Hope this helps!
  4. I have a large rover which I plugged into a gateway on Sylva. I had a RTG and a full medium battery on the rover. The gatway starts to unlock (pink bars going down), and I can see the battery on the rover depleting. The issue is the medium battery never gets used so the gatway won't unlock, it stays fully charged the whole time. Why does the medium battery not get delepeleted and unlock the gateway? im on Update 1.9.8
  5. Summary: 1.9.91 - Windows 10 Store - Large rover cannot be charged Description: On rare occasion when large rover was discharged fully is not charging anymore. EDIT: Large rover doesn't have any attachments on. However it looks like it still thinks that drill (that was previously attached) is turned on. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.9.91 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.592) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1070 RAM: 16GB HyperX Black 2666Mhz Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
  6. While I was riding on a tractor with 2 trailers I was receiving energy from my small wind turbines. The trailer battery charge icon appeared overhead a lot times as with the sound affect while I was riding. Computer, Version Astroneer Bug 1.mp4
  7. Razthon

    Battery glitch

    I had put a fully charged battery in my shuttle and then I went to a different planet and for some reason the battery texture thing messed up and I couldn't fix it.
  8. Since there is a small and medium battery you should add a large, it should be the same idea as the large storage (on a rover) but contain a lot of power. It would help in the research update a lot.
  9. The Large Battery would be built by the Medium Fabricator and would cost one Lithium, one Zinc and one Titanium Alloy to make. It would store 1,024 Units of power (equal to four Medium Batteries), and would have an Input/Output speed of 5.0U/s. The advantage to building a Large Battery over four Medium Batteires would be that it would be cheaper in terms of resources used for construction, just like building one Medium Battery is cheaper to build than eight Small Batteries. The Large Battery would have just under half the Input/Output of four Medium Batteires (four lots of 3.0U/s equals 12.0U/s), just like a Medium Battery has just under half the Input/Output of eight Small Batteires (eight lots of 1.0U/s equals 8.0U/s). The Extra Large Battery would be built by the Large Fabricator and would cost one Lithium, one Zinc, and two Nanocarbon Alloy (alternately, if that's considered too expensive, the recipe could replace one of the Nanocarbon Alloy for a second Lithium). It would store 4,096 Units of power (equal to sixteen Medium Batteires, which could be stored in the same space on two Large Storage Silo A), and would have an Input/Output speed of 8.0U/s. For reference (according to the Astroneer Wiki): Small Battery stores 32 Units of power, and has an Input/Output speed of 1.0U/s Medium Battery stores 256 Units of power (equal to 8 Small Batteries), and has an Input/Output speed of 3.0U/s It takes 1 second to charge/drain a battery with 1Unit of power at a rate of 1.0U/s.
  10. I put unpacked large battery on my large spaceshuttle (at Sylva) and flew to another planet (Calidor) by hydrozine thrusters. When i landed and shuttle opened cargo bay - batterie's cells was moved down and right relative to its base
  11. Several threads and suggestions have discussed or at least touched the problem of having power storage on your vehicle (trains), increasing with vehicle size. Since the obvious solution (just taking a few batteries) usually is a tradeoff with available storage room, I would like to suggest a "large storage plus", which also holds a moderate amount of power. It would mostly look like the large storage we know, with the addition of some indication for the power held. The additional functionality would of course come with a price - research wise and in production costs. Alternatively, the additional function could be put into an entirely new module, a "flatbed battery", which you could fit under a large storage or even a production module, for all you nomad base lovers... (it would simply pass through the connector nodes)
  12. I'm not sure if it's clear enough. I'll explain it in detail soon. Recently I'm doing some experiments on power stuff for the editting of Astroneer Wiki. While testing the allocaiton of current in directional cables, it was like: Source Network: Shelter (+1.0A), Small Battery (+1.0A), Research Chamber#1 (-2.0A) Object Network: Research Chamber#2 (-2.0A) Research Chamber#1 was working at full speed, so theoratically Research Chamber#2 is not going to work at all but actually it did. The power gauges read around a half, and the splitter connecting the 2 networks also read 1.00. The battery output was 1.0A, which means 4 seconds every bar. I was sure there wasn't any other available power source. It means that a Battery can provide multiple maximum currents via directional cables, which doesn't obey the Conservation of Energy as it shoud do. I did another test then, it was like: Source Network: Shelter (+1.0A), Small Battery (+1.0A), Research Chamber#1 (-2.0A) Object Network#1: Research Chamber#2 (-2.0A) Object Network#2: Smelting Furnace (-3.0A) The result was the same: Research Chamber#1 FULL SPPED, Research Chamber#2 A HALF, Smelting Furnace A THIRD. This time the Smelting Furnace was connected by an Extender. I copied the first test and took a screenshot. Hope it'll help. Sorry if there's something confusing, since my first language is not English. Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day!
  13. Summary: 1.0.7 - Steam - Infinite Scrap Description: I was on multiplayer with a friend and we put a small battery in a medium shredder that was on a trailer. Half way through the shredding process, my friend (the host) removed the battery from the shredder, This caused the battery to be able to be placed in backpacks, on cars, ect. and it worked as a normal battery. However the shredder carried on shredding/ generating scrap and will continued to do so until the of the shredding process, at this point the battery returned to being completely normal, rather than randomly changing size like it did during the shredding process. (We tested and it does work in the large shredder as well) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  14. I encountered this bug when I was travelling from sylva to atrox, I was carrying a medium battery in the large shuttle, which was uncompressed and full of charge. When I landed and put the battery on a platform, the bars were shifted, as displayed in the image. It did not fix when I shut down the game and restarted it. My game is in the latest version (1.0.7) Computer specs: MSI GS70 6QD i7 6700HQ Nvidia GTX 965M Windows 10
  15. 1.0.3 Steam Had an instance of power not being distributed properly. The base was strained as in only a needle thin yellow line on the power cables, yet a battery sitting on a connected platform was not being drained. Activating a small generator on the same platform would instead fill said battery. still no power to the network. No extenders or splitters were involved.
  16. Summary: – Steam – Medium Battery Graphic Bug Description: Just a graphical bug of the medium battery. Still works correct. After restarting the game the bug is gone. This bug happens every now and then. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.345 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  17. As you can see, I still have a Small Battery with Power, but the "No Power" Icon is on over my head. Possible fix, your script probably says: Once battery on backpack is out of power Then turn Icon on. Keep that, but add a line for small battery to fill the backpack instead of running off of it. That would fix everything real quick. PM me if you want help.
  18. As you can see on the YouTube video, connecting the Extender has the problem of cutting the electricity supply in half. I don't know what I missed and I don't know what the developer intended. Anyone know why connecting an Extender will cut the electricity supply in half?
  19. Entire base no longer works. All power has stopped flowing from any source. All machines are dead. Recently built items were a worklight(which worked fine) and the terrain analyzer(which drained all power within 3 seconds or less.) I think that the terrain analyzer is the culprit here. Not going to start my base over for a 5th time. Second Bug. Getting in and out of Vehicles almost never works. Easiest workaround is to remove seat and place it down again. Third Bug Power extenders want to place new extenders down instead of stretch from the outlet. I can select the outbound port and I get the little circle to extend, instead it places another extender. Game is not playable at the moment for me. I will check back once hotfixes/patches have been applied. Thanks Also this seems to be one of the most civil alpha game forums I have ever seen. Way to go peoples. Most alpha access games have devolved into worthless bickering by now. Its nice to be in a pleasant community again.
  20. Priority: Low Category: Visual When the truck is recharging it's top row battery packs, the graphic is positioned 1/3 below the bottom row. It just needs to be moved up a bit to look correct. =)
  21. So I was very happy to discover that you can now put Large Storage onto the new Large Platforms. However, I've now discovered that any batteries attached to these Large Storage are not connected to the base's power network. Power doesn't go in, nor does it go out.
  22. Summary: - PC / STEAM - Small batteries not discharging correctly Description: The small batteries, when used in your backpack, are not discharging first like they did pre-0.6.x.x. The main battery is being used up, then the smaller batteries. Any mod / attachment you are using also stops working, even though the small battery is draining. Normally this would not be an issue, but your flashlight shuts off when you run out of the main battery. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709 | 16299.125 CPU: Intel i7 - 7740XK 4.30 GHz GPU: EVGA Geforce 1080ti OC RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR4 2667Hz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
  23. My rover thinks its constantly connected to the base, even if its miles away. This means the thing is also used as a battery for the base, meaning sometimes your battery drains pretty much instantly if something in your base is taking up a lot of power. This also means it is charged pretty much instantly when there is a lot of power available. All this while its not connected. Especially the first instance is annoying. The batteries also are sometimes charged and depleted at the same time, causing it to spam the 'battery charging' and 'battery depleting' sound, which is really annoying. Reconnecting it at different spots doesnt fix this, neither do restarts. Specs: FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz, 8GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz, HD 6570 2gb Sapphire @ stock
  24. The thruster has 4 spots that you can put a small item on each one of those spots for storage (I'm assuming). It would be nice if when you attach say: a battery, small solar panel, small wind turbine to those spots and attach it to the back of your larger vehicle (and possibly anything else the thruster may attach to, I'm not that far in the game I don't know if it does yet) that it would charge your car from where it sits on the thruster. The design of this game is so intelligent that when I did it I assumed it would work and was surprised that is didn't. So I just thought It'd be nice to see it as a functional feature. I just think it would speak for the already intelligent design of the game. Also I hate that I cant just put single Items anywhere I want on the the open ports on the back of the ship. It autofills you from the seat on back.