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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Happy Holidays and wishes everyone a Happy New Year. While traveling from Sylva to Atrox to gather some sulfur, I took one of my medium battery, place it in a large storage A. When I landed in Atrox and took the batter out the charging yellow bars were not aligned to the battery casing. Hope this help. 20191229_173659[1].mp4
  2. Hello, sometimes my small batteries keep charging with the sunlight forever and making a funny rapid sound haha!
  3. A small suggestion which may not affect everyone depending on play style, but when using a rover with a battery attached to it, the game seems to prioritize draining the batteries when driving rather than the rover's built in power storage. I could be wrong, but I swear this is what I'm observing. I think this should be the opposite, with any attached batteries being a "back-up" for driving after the built in power storage is drained. The reason, is that when I'm tethered to a rover and using an augment on my terrain tool, I drain power in my backpack which is replenished by the batte
  4. Summary: Batteries won't recharge until re-tethered Description: Found a couple of repeatable bugs with recharging batteries at base (believe it's also the case with vehicle mounted batteries) This happens regardless of the number of batteries or wind/solar chargers connected to them. 1. Batteries at base won't recharge until astronaut is tethered and charging unit is active: see first video 2. If tethered and you deplete the batteries fully, they will remain depleted until you disconnect and reconnect: see second video Platfo
  5. I built a fuel condenser and it doesn't seem to charge off of the batteries linked from other pods I have to manually put a battery on it to charge it, but even that doesn't charge from other power sources linked to the base so I have to put it back to a linked pod to charge
  6. Xbox one it would be nice if the large accumulator batteries were stackable. just a thought
  7. I'd love to see all or some of these in the game at some point. 1) I think you should be able to deconstruct things, but get little or no materials back. Making 1 mistake is frustrating in placement. 2) Batteries in bases should be stack able (Maybe limit 4 high) 3) add pylon or beam to put wind-vanes on in base. 4) Beacons should be name-able. 5) Add a tracker too . . . so that you can choose a beacon or home location and it will blib in the right direction. Helps for over the horizon trips. 6) add satellites, and satellite upgrades (have 2-4 anchor point
  8. In reference to the large batteries that you can print for your base using two lithium resource modules, I believe it would make sense if you could stack two batteries on top of one another. I also have trouble with these batteries at times, power does not flow to the necessary platforms, even if I place a fully charged battery one connection away. Maybe a glitch? Thoughts?