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Found 11 results

  1. With bases becoming so large and complex i feel that it would be helpful to add a base part that creates a set of S.A.W (self automated workers) to help you do mulitple things at once from one terminal and/ or search for resources. It could be somthing you could add to a rover aswell to search for and tell you where resource nodes are.
  2. Add a "Long-Term research" that you could cue up multiple research objects on but it takes more resources to make and takes longer to research but it's for like research bases and stuff. Also add a shuttle that only has enough fuel to get to a planet and back, but has a internal storage to carry a ton of stuff for building bases, so you could ship tons of stuff from a base. And internal storages that have like a catalog on the front that shows what you have in it so you don't have to have tons of medium storages and despawn the resources that go into it so it is easier on the processor. Also add terrestrial bases that you can add stuff inside of like a garage to store rovers and have a bed to pass time during storms and options like have the long term research need to be on the base. And you can like walk around in them. And space stations that can hold resources and fuel and you can ship stuff to them and then refuel there. Oh and last thing more options for the controls and a better camera on xbox.
  3. Could you please add a color option for vehicles and objects that are put on vehicles from the printer that like the drill head and medium+large+extra large storage parts for vehicles
  4. This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?
  5. Something I really want to see in Astroneer are satellites and space stations you can build and travel to, probably mine asteroids for astronium or other valuable resources. With a sattelite my vision is to have them scan a planet for its resources, and you can go down to that planet and dig. The purpose of the space station is to mine asteroids for minerals like lithium. asteroids should appear every two Astroneer days and get pulled in with a winch. And also you will need a spacewalking suit to maneuver in space, an alternate option would be to physically tether yourself to your space station. Also add in large solar panels to put on these.
  6. I play this game since the verry beginning and congratulation for everything that you made. Do you think that you can add bases or moduls like in subnautica for construct bases. (sorry for the mistackes i'm french^^)
  7. So after I died from a sandstorm I decided to make a large dome over my pod so I do not get hit my debris. Once I got one wall up and a storm came the debris still came through the wall. Like it was not even there at all. I do not know if you can craft structures I just started. But I hope that either taraformed bases can block the debris from hitting you in the future. When you go undergroup it blocks it so I did not know why my dome gave no protection.
  8. I encountered this bug as I was getting into the later stages of the game. I was hoping to start a new base. I had left my left first planet before, and I built a research station on another planet. After leaving that station, I came back to home base and I prepared for a new voyage. I took off and landed on a new planet. With the resources I brought with me, I attempted to build a new module (a printer, to build a habitat.) The ship wouldn't allow any connections. I don't know why, but it wouldn't. Maybe it's something I did wrong, but I believe it to just be a bug.
  9. These are ideas I think you should consider: -Local Multiplayer (Xbox) -Maybe different level creatures (normal, beginner, end-game, bosses) -Customizable bases/ rooms -NPC (that will expand in real time)/(forming into colonies and factions) -Base defense -Allow the player to create colonies and factions (that will turn into space races) -More player customization options -Farming/Planting -Terraforming (I know that's technically already in the game but I mean like changing the environment) -Servers -Pvp element -Shields -Harvesting/Farming animals.
  10. So recently I began a new world on Astroneer. Fantastic start to the world, resin, compound, and a ton of research units nearby WITH a downed space craft with aluminum inside of it. I go wild, build a full base within ten minutes, enjoying myself a ton. I invite some friends to join, they do, and the fun continues. Then I noticed I had made a bad decision. There was no printer. Well, here's where the discussion begins. Without the printer, you cant make anymore bases. Without more bases, you cant build anymore modules. Your stuck with the stuff you've created. Unless I'm wrong, the world is kinda screwed. Do you guys believe that the printer should stay a necessity for world expansion? Or do you believe that habitats should be possible to be found randomly for personal use? In my opinion, I would rather be able to find more in the world, and create them. The printer being needed forces me to lose one usable module that I would prefer to have early. Also, If I'm wrong and habitats can be made in some other way please tell me. Because I haven't found out how yet.
  11. I have been playing on XBox and have a few suggestions about how to improve and expand gameplay. 1 - Deconstruction. This has been mentioned in at least one other post but I would like to reinforce how useful this would be. The need or desire to deconstruct either base facilities or vehicles or attachments crops up regularly. The exclusive use of vehicle stations by shuttles/spaceships, poor base configurations and vehicles being made redundant are just a few of the situations in which players may wish to deconstruct base facilities or vehicles. Deconstruction also encourages experimentation. If you can freely build and deconstruct with full return of resources then there is no limitation on a players ability to "play" with different base configurations, vehicle setups, gadgets and tools. 2 - Orbital default view facing the planet/moon. The current view when you enter orbit leaves you panning the camera around very slowly to find the planet or moon you are orbiting. A quality of life change would be to have the default view to have you facing the planet after you enter orbit. 3 - Drones. All the rage IRL and in games the addition of drones would give players another option for exploration. The addition of a ground and air drone would increase a players options for exploration. They could be built at a dedicated base facility for each one, at which the Astroneer stand to take control of the drone. They could require fuel and could be upgraded with larger fuel tanks, lights, ability to drop beacons, etc. 4 - Jet Pack. Add a jet pack fueled by hydrazine that takes up 4-6 slots in your Astroneers backpack for another option to get around. Again this could be upgraded for better fuel efficiency, etc. Alternatively the jet pack could be constructed as a vehicle that you board that has a hydrazine fuel tank and can be upgraded. 5 - Grappling Hook. This tool would allow our Astroneer to scale mountains, climb out of caves and canyons and maybe pull over those poisonous plants. Not a big deal but the more options you have, the more fun you have. That's all for now. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future content updates, performance improvements and bug squashing.