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Found 13 results

  1. Hello. Ok so I have tought of some ideas for basebuiding. 1: Triangular platform, we already have curved ones, why not a triangular one. 2: large version of the medium platform C, because I want a large circular platform. 3: some way to remove cable clutter, in very complex bases there starts to be alot of cables around, this kinda ruins the looks sometimes, yes I can run the cables underground but that is quite to much trouble, and its ugly seeing cables clipping into the ground. Maybe a long (or adjustable size) "rod" platform I could attach to a wall exclussively for transporting cables/oxygen, this would look realy nice. 4: So we got the ring storage, wich activates the special slots when you walk though. Well, it only has 6 slots, wich is a bit pointless for "storage", I would like a bigger version with proper storage space and the same special slots 5: same has above but witch special tier 2 and tier 3 slots. That could be the start of automation, Just walk near your platform and your machines start up!
  2. Currently, if you want to do something in Astroneer, you usually have multiple ways of doing it. For example, if you want to get hematite, you can go to Glacio, Novus, or just stay at Sylva and use trade platform. Or, when you are building a base, you have 3 variations of each platform tier. But when you want to explore the depths of planets, build multiple-floor bases or build a reusable tower, there is just one viable option: Ramps. Ramps take long to build, require tons of soil and can often get very annoying to construct. This is why i think Astroneer needs an alternative. My suggestion is an elevator. simple base piece, that you can put on a platform. You can control the elevator either by pressing F while pointing at it, or by pressing W/S while sitting in a rover seat which is connected to the upper platform. This ensures, that you can easily control it from inside, and also call the elevator towards you. The connection slots consist of a tier 3 slot at the bottom for connecting to a platform, and a tier 2 slot at the top for connecting a rover seat or medium storage. Alternatively, there could be a second tier of elevator with t4 slot at the bottom and t3 slot at the top, allowing you to stack two elevators for a higher reach. Having a rover seat to sit in at the top will be necessary, because current physics would not work if you just stood on the platform, and fixing it would be too hard of a job, for just an elevator. Lastly, i have attached a rough sketch of the elevator and it's connection slots. I really hope that you like the idea and agree on the need for an alternative to using ramps.
  3. I realy like the system that's in place at this time but it gives a like wonky and not permanent vibe (I'm talking about myself). I suggest like a more permanent looking base (hallways, domes, rooms, etc.) that you can attach to the exo habitiat. It would be more for mid to late game so you would still have to use the platfoms at early game (also maby make a repacker or something so you can put them back in the boxes for easy transport). I don't suggest taking away the modularity but it would have this more permanent and styalized look on it and would give the player an advantage (less power used, les time taken for modules to word, etc.) when he/she/it would have reached this point. I hope this idea maby could catch the eye and be considerd by the awesome team of system era. (sorry for bad spelling, I'm from the Netherlands)
  4. Xbox here and I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. I unpack a platform then place a fabricator on top of it. The prompt says place two resin for example on top then I do that then the arms extend out. After that the image of what's going to be printed turns out in blue or pink (I'm not too sure what these means) I examine the fabricator then try to print something. It says i have like 2 out of 2 resin but there's no green button for me to activate the fabricator. Any ideas on what's wrong? Thanks for the help if anyone can give it.
  5. I have recently been watching some of the dev streams from when the game was not released and I thought why do we not have a landing platform for our spaceships I also find it frustrating if you have already built a spaceship and don't have a rover you have to either create another vehicle bay or get in your spaceship waste precious hydrazine to move your spaceship to somewhere else on that planet my idea is that the landing platform could be built by the vehicle bay in a box like all the other base pieces and could still be moved pls add into the game.
  6. so, i'm getting into the new basebuilding system.... all these new things to do, and no real rulebook, on one hand so many possibilities, on the other no real tactical methods of use yet. these new, infinitely repositionable, pre-packed platform base units are very different... i did an experiment. took a large platform unit out into nowhere and set it up. guess what? i get life support from it. so i'm thinking, one of these, some supplemental power systems like wind or solar units, add a seat so you can save your game occasionally... you have a makeshift home capsule base. so now i ask - who needs home capsules or bases? previously they were where all life support sprung from, apart from vehicles - now any base unit can be a home base unit. stations are decentralised. you can have one cluster that's just a solar farm, another thats optimized for wind collection.... link it all together with running extenders interspersed with the occasional work light or small solar or wind unit.... you could have freestanding research or smelting plants on site instead of dragging the stuff across the planet (having these components built so they could fit onto a large storage for re-deployment would help that though). and one-seats on all outlying clusters for saving the game with. so why even bother with the home module? SIDE NOTE: i love that the lights and small power stuff are freestanding now, and can be linked to power cables. love it. HOWEVER, something should be done to make ROTATING THEM LESS BASED ON GUESSWORK. platforms get the hologram for rotation. small windvanes get - ???? which way is this little beggar facing? seriously. really good idea, let down by this awkward flaw. fix for 6.1 please.
  7. Could we have the button prompts for interacting with modules, fabricators etc made bigger please? In some cases you need to press and hold the Y button (I'm playing on Xbox One, not sure what the controls are on PC), whilst other times you press and hold the X button. The little round button prompts you get when close enough to interact with things are just that: little. I can JUST tell that there is a letter displayed on the prompt, but it's not always easy for me to see which button it wants me to use. In addition to making the prompts bigger, could we also colour/code them? For anyone who doesn't play Xbox, each of the four buttons on the control that have letters on them are also colour-coded. X is blue, Y is yellow, B is red and A is green. Perhaps the button prompts could use the same colour system? It would make it much easier for players with sight problems.
  8. So I got out of my base, on my second day of playing Astroneer, (great game btw), and my character got trapped in between the door and the floor of the base where I last saved. The camera then zoomed into my body. It should be noted that this is a world where I recently played multiplayer on. Here's a vid of what happened:
  9. Hi it's been a while since i played astroneer. I checked my twitter and then... THERE IS A NEW .. UPDATE!! So yeah i'm now playing the game now, and wondering some questions, and ideas. My question is: What do this generator work? That generator on the base, iknow it's just a fun question. But it works at night so its not the solar panels on the roof. What kind of generator is it?
  10. I have been playing the game a lot recently due to the amazing new update, and in game I have gotten advanced enough to go to the moon. I brought a habitat, but when I tried to deploy it, it remained small and did not expand like the starting habitat. On the wiki, it says that the habitat should expand and start generating power but mine did not. Is a habitat that you print in a printer supposed to expand like your starting habitat or is it supposed to stay small like they used to?
  11. Summary: - Steam - Research icons do not exist in catalog Description: In the catalog, the research icons do not appear. The text and everything works, but there are no pictures or icons in the catalog. Screenshot: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i7-4558U @ 2.80 GHz (Quad-core) GPU: Intel Iris Graphics 5100 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB
  12. I have Astroneer on Steam, when I launch the game it launches into the game without updating and so I have no clue on how to get it to update to 6.0.0. I did get the game as a gift from a friend but I don't think that should matter.
  13. While I do prefer the look and abilities of the new base building system, it also feels like it's more of a hassle to build your base, which kinda puts me off. Before building new platforms and printing base modules was really simple. Dragging out a conduit, dumping some resin, choosing the module and you're done. Now you have several more steps to go through. First you have to physically go to the new module printer, hold q to choose what to print, take what you print to the desired spot, fiddle around with the positioning, unpack both boxes (platform and module), and connect the power. The fiddling with placement might be resolved by having some sort of snapping, either by default or optional. Snapping platforms to certain alignments so that placing them in a row or grid becomes easier. Connecting the power conduits is also a bit fiddly. I would suggest that dragging a power conduit to the desired platform as a whole, instead of the precise placement of the power connector would make it less fiddly. Now the rest of my "complains" deal with the new system as a whole, so changing that would mean redoing the entire operational system of how you print your modules, which I think is unlikely...but I wanted to comment on it none the less...