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Found 224 results

  1. Vale_Panzer

    Medium Storage improvement

    Following Idea, what if you can lock a medium storage on a plattform, so if you missclick Shift+Click on the plattform nothing would happen. The lock buttons could be the same for rotating but you have to hold it. Sry for bad english, I'm trying my best.
  2. jlarry999

    Upgrades for all!

    Upgrade the Smelter so it can smelt 2 items at once! Otherwise, we'd need 2 Smelters running, once you get into late game! Also, the Trade platform should be able to trade for more than 1 item at a time! Saw someone recommend upgrading the Soil Centrifuge to do multiple canisters, & multiple options at once! But seriously, you'd(players) have to run 2 of everything! & maybe think about a new larger source of power!!! See attached pic! Notice the power level on the platform(the little circle at the end)! 48 RTGs!!! Just so you know, & it's still not enough power!!!
  3. xum

    Survival mode

    Have the choice to start a game without a base : - As soon as you leave the landing module you start to consume oxygen and the module becomes a recyclable piece of debris. - In co-op mode, we shouldn't land in the same place. We have to survive and find each other. - No respawn before have at least a rover seat ... or respawn but as an atmospheric re-entering at new location .. play without using base is relatively easy on sylva, eventually having the option to choose another planet to start. I think it could increase the experience of the game
  4. Martin Sedovic


    So as you guys know theres has been a new feature that you now cant see beacons when youre in orbit how should i find my landing spot? Havent played the game for 2 weeks because i was away
  5. A very frequent problem we run into is trying to manage inventory and suddenly drilling into our base floor. Then we go to flatten it and suddenly our centrifuge platform sinks into the ground. Just as we finish building a replacement, we accidentally dig another hole in our base. Flatten again and ALL of our Large Storage and Medium storages on the ground sink away. I was ok dealing with it when it was just my tractor trailer sinking a little and I had to work the wheels free, but this is now far too frustrating and unplayable. I came to astroneer for its zen, this is not zen. My partner recommended that maybe we should be able to create undiggable ground plates, probably hexagons that loosely snap together when placed so you always have a flat surface to work on for your base that you can't accidentally dig into and have to fix.
  6. CopperyMarrow15

    Sylva Bay Alpha (my starting base) Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  7. tldr; Cant click on your base to land when in orbit if its on north pole. ---- I spent hours packing up my large base and moving it to a location next to one of the big gateway/portal buildings. Set up everything and made it cool.... then launched into space to go get something off a different planet. On return... I was extremely frustrated to find that I could not land at my new base (I even had a habitat and landing pad there). It was apparently too far off to the right side of the planet (north pole area) to have the orbiting shuttle see its landing bubbles.... I could see all the beacons from my habitats and shuttles... but i couldn't click on anything to land there... I was forced to land at my original base... which had been completely stripped clean and moved to the north pole... it was just the landing pad and habitat with no oxygenator. I had nothing to get me back over to my new base. Stranded.
  8. Talon Bennett

    Base Locator?

    Sometimes when I am traveling on a rover, I completely lose track on where my base is. The beacon no longer helps, as I am usually on the other side of the planet. The only way I found is to die, which is a pointless way, unless I am finding the gateways. It would be nice if I could craft something via my backpack and it points where my base is, and maybe a vehicle too. If it's too OP, you would make an attachment to the backpack and also where it would also point, as in there would be a sending end and a receiving end, so basically a better beacon.
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    Ultimate Tundra Base

    Since I first became an Astroneer, (back when the Medium Printer was a big ugly mess) I had plans for and started work on an Ultimate Tundra Base. I have never deleted the savegame yet and have made great progress on it. As the updates came, I thought I would have several years before 1.0 but I was wrong. The upcoming debut has rushed me to make it sooner than expected but I have thankfully been able to create it in time. Now, I can share it with the forum. Here is a compilation of screenshots taken during its construction. As always, please let me know what you think. I ended up removing the Large Platform A with the Medium Solar and Medium Wind Turbine because it doesn't look right there. Please give your thoughts concerning the power system and overall setup of the base. My power setup: 2 Small Battery, 2 Medium Battery, 15 Small Solar, 16 Small Wind Turbine
  10. 4546B

    My Base in Astroneer

    I'm saying goodbye to these saves, because 1.0 will wipe them. My Terran Base: My Favorite Scrapper Rover (which has covered half the surface of Terran) My Base on Barren My Base on Tundra My Base on Exotic My Base on Radiated
  11. Kirbykid


    I was thinking if they can add a detacher for unataching base objects like the furnace and it would put it back in the box.The reason I thought of this is because I made a veichle bay and put it on the wrong way on a landing pad? I think thats what this is I dont know what it is called I call it a E.L.L.P (Extra Large Landing Pad) Image I found NOT MY IMAGE
  12. I really enjoy playing this game, but unfortunately, I don't know how to make a habitat like the one you start out with... I pretty sure you need the dropship but I don't know if there is a certain procedure you have to follow in order to set a base up because if I deploy the dropship it will plant itself but stay the same. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. I noticed that the shredder can't shred everything craftable, but only some stuff. Sometime you find an abandoned base, and you're looking for extra scrap, sometime you built something on mistake (or you want just to upgrade the platform it is built in). Also, everything you create with the vehicle printer is permanent. Often I have to dig a "shame hole" where everything I don't need gets dumped. Like abandoned platform after I build a base on barrens to feed on a huge broken complex. So a solution can be more shreddable stuff: platform, what is on platform, rover, large storage, etc... of course something to cut stuff in smaller pieces is needed, maybe separating the building from the platform before shredding (this give you the possibility to repack the building and change its platform) Another would be a dissasemble type of building: you destroy stuff by getting resources back, maybe only the rare one (if something needs resin and iron, you get only the iron back), or maybe something even different (you get all for the solid thruster, but just the aluminium from an used one). In this way, it feels like you can disassemble abandoned bases or "fixing" them by re-crafting the items. Or even better a way to repack stuff. Like a repacker. for repacking broken stuff (of course) other materials are needed (to simulate the fixing) What do you think?
  14. I found My brand spanking new base had been teleported underground after i updated my game on steam. I had just finished and was ready to explore the resource-rich radiated planet but could not because i need the modules that are now trapped underground. I flew back to terran only to discover the base there had been buried as well.
  15. Summary: My entire base is inaccessible Description: My game updated (Xbox) to version and when I opened the game and started my world, my whole base was underground (Under the black unbreakable terrain that first appears when the base is set up) now I've lost everything. Platform: Xbox Version:
  16. Dalton Lang

    Landing Site Terrian Divet

    I’m pretty sure original you could flatten out your base with the terrain tool, and it would be nice and smooth. However now that I came back after a few updates this happens when you try to make it flat. A small divet surrounds the landing site now matter what. I even tried to rise the soil, but nothing happen.
  17. Summary: - Steam - Dynamite merges with the launchpad Description: I wanted to delete the starting launch pad in which you receive your starting modules, but upon placing dynamite on it, it acted as part of the launchpad. Hovering my cursor over dynamite, and even dynamite connected to the connected dynamite gave me the option to examine only. Restarting the game causes them to act as normal. Version/Build: Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview x64 | v.1803 | Build 17677.1000 CPU: Intel i5 4690k 3.50GHz GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4Gb RAM:2x4gb DDR3 Drive: TOSHIBA MK2565GSX
  18. 7heWizard

    Base inside

    Could base insides be added? This is my idea for that: I can go inside the habitat and move iside it. It could change to a 1st person mode and the inside could look slightly bigger than the outside. I can build other rooms connecting to the habitat. They would work like the oldest base system. Airlocks (as separate buildings) are needed to go inside, and the habitat works as an airlock. They would provide shelter of storms and there would be stuff buildable to the inside. There could be rooms and domes (wich are transparent) in different sizes. There could be an ability to grow alien plants in the domes. Those can be used in research or something else useful. There could be a large airlock (looks like an openable dome) too acting as a vehicle bay in the inside. And a new type of vehicle called an airplane or a hovercraft or something else, flying in the planet's atmosphere but not going to space. Of course expensive. Sorry if the grammar or words aren't right, I'm not English speaking.
  19. yoavmal

    adandoned bases

    finding random abandoned structures would add a nice look to the game. sometimes randomly generated bases will apear in caves, on mountains or at other places, including tethers and (rarely) rovers or a unknown kept somewhere or some resources around
  20. kizen nolastname

    Ideas for flat base and world

    so its annoying to try and make a flat base even with all these augment. I think what's needed is a robot or something that will flatten the world for you. Of course it will use energy and cost bits but it would help players a lot. Let's be honest trying to make a flat base and keep the planet a sphere is a pain. The hardest part is keeping it flat no matter how hard I try it's never flat. I love the idea of building a base whether it be flat or one u can walk in side. But none of that matters until we can truly make a flat surface or wall for that matter. Make a augment for perfect 180 , 45 ,and 90 degree surfaces aka walls or floors it would go a long way. Ty for haveing a say in this great game
  21. zoura3025

    Superbase Tour

    I... love the update... a little too much. This is my main little hideout. It connects to the mine (not shown in this tour), the Intercommunal Railroad, and the Wind Farm. I'm in the process of building extractors for every resource I deem useful (in other words, screw ammonium, coal, and organic). I didn't get many details of the wind farm, since it's mostly still "indev", but I wanted to show it to prefice just how much of a building nerd I am. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit on my connector between the main base and the Quarry. Thankfully, I had the Quarry up and running, so grinding all the materials wasn't... as bad as one would think. At least I got some pretty mountain views out of it. Also: SYSTEM ERA, PLEASE, FOR SOL'S SAKE, GIVE US LONG-RANGE CONNECTORS. And lastly, we have my humble little Quarry base. Fun Fact, I actually ended up stranding myself here because I took a large platform with me and forgot about tethers. Je ne suis pas tres intelligent. Bonus Picture: To aid in construction time, I built a station near the road. I can confirm that you can actually fabricate items on a ceiling.
  22. I accidentally made a second habitat but when I tabbed into it to save my game, I now can't get out of it and my world is redundant. Plz help
  23. It seems the Medium Fabricator can only print on the right side of the large platform? I found this out the hard way after starting to setup a base on my 2nd planet. To be fair, I noticed this issue before on Terran, but it was less of an issue due to easy access to resources. Why not allow the Fabricator to print to either side of the platform? Or even front or back (which kinda makes more sense IMHO)?
  24. Chicken_Orange

    i cannot build medium storage

    i researched medium storage and build new medium printer but i can't find medium storage from printer where does i can find it
  25. Thought I would do some research into power loops and the rumors and misinformation surrounding them. And try to find out what was breaking them. So for those not aware, there is a current bug with splitters which allows them to act as infinite power sources. Drop a splitter on or near a platform (I use medium-b but any work). Connect a cable TO the splitter FROM the platform. Then connect a cable TO the platform FROM the splitter. This forms the "loop". Power out of the splitter into the platform, and back into the splitter. Then you feed any source of power into the 3rd input of the splitter to charge it. The power out doubles and that platform now has 2x the power. So feed it 60 power and the platform now has 120 power infinitely. Remove the power source from the splitter and the power continues to be present in the splitter and in the platform its connected to. So thats the loop I am going to talk about. Its a well known bug, and I have no doubts it will eventually be fixed. But, until then, well, we have continuous power. From that powered platform, you can branch out and power an entire base with a continuous power feed. But, there are caveats. And I finally found what they are! I was having problems getting the splitter to work. And another player who knew well how to make it work had one that kept dying (ie loop draining to 0). So I set about to figure out why. And the answer is.... directional cables! Any directional cables connected to any base platform that is powered by a loop will cause the loop to fail. I did some digging and research last night on my hypothesis on what was breaking power loops. And the hypothesis and my predictions hold water. ANY directional cable downstream from a power loop will break it. I presume because it causes the game to calculate a power critical path (similar to a gantt chart) back to a source, and with a loop there is no source anymore. So that means you can't cascade loops to multiply power with each stage (I wish). I tested it. Because the input to the splitter is a directional cable, it breaks the first loop you are feeding power to the second loop with. Plugging in rovers to charge or be a power battery, also breaks the loops because the connections to a rover are directional. Use of extenders breaks loops, again their cables are directional. So the key is DO NOT USE DIRECTIONAL CABLES connecting to any platform powered by a loop. It doesn't matter if the directional cable connects direct to the loop platform or is connected to the 100'th platform in a giant daisy chain. Connecting any directional cable will kill the loop. Using small solar or wind, lights, even small fabricators do NOT break loops as their cables are bi-directinal. So you can use them in place of extenders to spread base platforms out or connect to different sections of a base. powered by a loop. Another myth is that the base you power with a loop has to be in a straight line. Not physically, but electrically. Its NOT true. I laid out two parallel lines of base platforms and connected them in series down each leg. Then I cross connected them forming a ladder so all the middle platforms had 3 connections. The loop didn't care. It faithfully powered the entire base. In fact one of the "platforms" was my starting hab I also tested forking out from those to another set of platforms and that also worked just fine. So, there is no need to keep a single power path. You can, but its not going to kill the loop if you branch out. And another myth is that connecting, disconnecting or adding modules or base platforms to a powered loop will break it. Again, not true. The above test (with the ladder layout) was done with a functioning loop. I added modules, new platforms, refined ore, used a soil extractor that wasn't there before. And again, the loop never broke. And the last myth is that you have to build a massive power plant to power your base. Again, not true. Lets look at power sources. For the purpose of this discussion, storage capacity is completely not relevant. We don't care about how LONG it can supply power, we only care about the amount of power it can supply to a splitter for an instant. Small solar are worth 0.5 power. Medium are worth 2 power. But the medium take up 2 slots so thats 1 power per slot. Small wind produces 0.5 power. The medium produces 1 power but, like the medium solar, takes 2 slots so thats only 0.5 power per slot. If you hook a large rover to a splitter and read it, it only reads 1 power. A medium battery (2x lithium) reads 3 power but again on 2 slots to thats 1.5 power per slot. A small battery reads 1 power and takes 1x lithium to make. So from all that it would appear that the large solar produces the most power per slot per resource (2 copper to make so 1 copper per power). But there is a FAR better and far more dense power source and it produces 4 power per slot and costs NOTHING to make! What? Power. From caves! Yep, that yellow stuff most of you throw overboard most of the time. A large platform A can hold 8 power resources directly. So thats 32 power (8x4). The same platform can hold 4 large solar so thats only 8 power (8x2). But wait! There's more! For a low low price of 2 compound you can massively increase that! Medium storage hold 8 power resources. Each medium panel can supply 32 power (8x4). A large platform A can hold 4 storage so thats a whopping 128 power on a single platform. But wait! There is more! For the low low price of 4 compound, you can tack on a large storage to the middle of that platform increasing its holding to 6 medium storage or 192 power ((8x4)x6)! But! You say, your base will drain it and you have to constantly refill it! Nope! You use that platform (or as many more as you like) as the INPUT to the loop. You plug it in ONCE, it then powers up the loop which doubles the 192 to 384 power. Then you disconnect this power platform from the loop leaving the 384 power in the loop because of the bug. And your base is now powered with 384 power indefinitely (or until you accidentally break the loop). You will need 48 power to fire that bad boy up, but thats not hard to collect in a cave system. And you don't need it all at once. You can power your loop with a few, and as you collect more and more power resources you can re-power your loop increasing its output as you collect the resources over time. Is that overpowered or OP as people call it? Yep. It will get patched. Until then you can be as OP as you want. So, hopefully this will help those of you trying to use or deploy loops (until they patch it). Use small solar or small wind (copper or aluminum) or even small fabricator (compound) to expand your base and space out your platforms. Don't use ANY directional cable such as splitters or extenders. Do not plug in a rover which means do NOT build one at a vehicle bay (because when you build a rover, it automatically hooks to the bay's platform to charge). You will have to power your vehicle bay from an alternate power source separate from your loop. Trying to think, I don't believe shuttles connect to the base. Will have to investigate that one. I know they used to have the round connectors, but I don't remember seeing the new USB shape connectors on the recent shuttles.