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Found 3 results

  1. I was thinking to myself about how one could be able to print one of those giant docking platforms you find abandoned around planets, and then had some thoughts about printer progression in general. Now that you've nicely simplified and unified fabricators and printers have a bit of a progression starting to appear, the vehicle bay seems like an odd fit. Perhaps doing away with the vehicle bay and building on the progression you've started could open doors to printing more varied things and add even more long-term goals to the gameplay. I threw together a screengrab that might better show my suggestion. I think an XS, S, M, L, and XL printer with these varying dimensions on packages produced, could allow for this sort of variety without breaking the current 1-tier, 2-tier, etc system you've already got on platforms and rovers. I.e. you could transfer a medium package on a medium rover, a large package on a large rover, and this would even allow you to print that teeny XS or huge XL rover concept you had in the works a while back, or even landing pads, habitats, etc. These could require 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 materials to print a package of their respective size, and material rarity could drive difficulty to acquire (for example 4 compound/4resin to build an XL run-of-the-mill structure, but 8 titanium alloy to build a super-rare structure). Modules would still require a platform to unpack but others could be the opposite (on the ground, in a clear space). And this way you could even bring packaged rovers and structures with you on a shuttle to a fresh new planet! Hope I explained that well enough to hear folks' thoughts! Maybe it'll just be good food for thought but I think it'd unify a lot of the systems in place and continues in the direction you seem to be going in! Thanks for an amazing game!
  2. Using 64x Win 10 PC. Razer Keyboard and Mouse After building a Smelter (which I believe requires 2 Compound), the original slots in the front still functioned as if the Smelter wasn't built as you can see from the picture. I decided against clicking the "Construct" button to see what would happen. I have not noticed this behavior in other base structures, although some structures still had the two slots on the front that I believe were supposed to disappear after the building was finalized.
  3. Just found a new bug with these new updates, it happened about three times in the space of a minute and a half. Basically, when building the standard one-resin platforms (extending the base etc), if you get caught in its radius when it's forming, you die. It's like a suffocation death (only immediate), there's the red edges round the screen, the Astroneer clutching at its throat, little spin and collapse. On one occasion, it was only the corner of my foot that got caught and I still died. Anyone encounter the same thing? Is this a bug or just something that happens that you gotta look out for now?