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Found 2 results

  1. Invictu5

    Showcase Pedestal

    just some kind of base module that holds a single item in it's slots. the item held will be perfecty centered regardless of it's tier whether it be a zebra ball or a piece of astronium or those geometric tryptychs just meant to showcase stuff alternatively there could just be a super tiny platform printable from the backpack that has a single slot and nothing else
  2. This idea meaning either adding a claw of some sort for the crane to lift objects larger than our little astro-buddies telekineseis can lift the two main things being 1. Large modules (3-seat, vehicle storage, crane) 2. Large scrap that you find at wrecks (this may already be done via the winch, but that is the only thing i havent researched yet) now being that i said in point one that it would be a crane moving other crane sized objects it may fall to being a feature to the vehicle bay to pick up large modules (see 1) and move them into the side slots for the vehicle bay for storage (balanced by only having two spaces, need more build another bay) and then be able to move them between vehicles this could also be accomplished by adding a base piece (smelter, condenser, ect.) that is a crane of its own, being larger and more powerful than the vehicle crane, this can be balanced by making it take 4 titanium a tier up from requiring 4 copper i think that covers everything, comments question and feedback are appreciated. this is my first post and this is the most well made game i have ever played. the HUD is seamlessly integrated into the environment. The large battery turning to show you which cell is draining sold it for me and i need to be involved the community and making this game better