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Found 1 result

  1. Ashton187

    Quick Base Building Tips!

    When you start out and you spawn (Or place a habitat), try and extend the base from the North, South, East and West first. This will take 4 Resin. Once you've done this expand them again in a straight line, another 4 Resin. After you have expanded the 2nd time just design as you see fit. The reason for this is the first extension from the Habitat is the best place to put the bigger power generators (Solar, Wind, Coal, Normal Generator), this in turn allows you to feed all structures on the network. Here is a very crude example - Crafting structures act as a "END" peice, so power can't flow past them or from them, just to them. The habitat as far as i can tell acts as a central distrobution hub, so power can flow through it. Also if you plan out your design after the first row of nodes have been placed, you can build crafting stations mid way down the line Another crude drawing - Hope this helps!