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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody, first of all i would like to say, i love your game. I have some suggestions according the research system and a space station. First: You can research an addition augmented. This needs to be attached to the terra-former. Now you are able to suck in your base building(s) (it gets destroyed) to get back some materials like resin or something like that. (like the inhibitor) Second: Maybe there are some lost bases on the planet (above or below the ground) where you can find a dead astroneer (optional; with some materials attached to his backpack). In this lost base you find a rare building (like a rocket launch site) (Maybe there are more than one lost base where you can find other rare buildings). This building(s) can't be research be the player. But you can suck in this building with the augmented mentioned in "first" to research this building(s). Thirdly: With the augmented mentioned above you can also research the destroyed space stations on the planet. Fourthly: If you had discoverd all the stuff mentioned above you can build the rocket launch site on your own and start building some space station parts. Now you are able to fly in the orbit or space and attach the space station parts to get a full space station. I hope you like me ideas. Some of this are stolen from the game subnautice where you can scan base parts from lost bases to unluck them . Thank you
  2. A large main base that could be walked around, constructed and decorated from the inside. With internal access to add-ons like bio domes, engine rooms, research labs, garages etc. and a lift to a shuttle pad on the roof :-)