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Found 34 results

  1. I really enjoy playing this game, but unfortunately, I don't know how to make a habitat like the one you start out with... I pretty sure you need the dropship but I don't know if there is a certain procedure you have to follow in order to set a base up because if I deploy the dropship it will plant itself but stay the same. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. icebird

    Automation mod

    Here is a picture of my work in progress idea for Astroneer i am posting this for feedback and what i should add i will put updates in the comments when i do a change also this project is nowhere near finished. Sorry for the bad image quality
  3. Just had a thought that it would be good to have some sort of building blocks in astroneer. Then it hit me lego style blocks, they have the same sort of socket type connectors which i think would be perfect way to match the astroneer theme. We all know what you can build with lego but astroneer lego, OMG blows my mind! Thanks for reading ?
  4. yoavmal

    multiple floors base

    it would be a really nice feature to have, being able to put a fitting platform on a different platform, and 4 pillars will go out of the lower platform to support the top platform. this way you could create some protecting around your base from flying rocks (though not the wind), and i wonder how many times i said platform in this thread. you of course will not be able to put more then 2 platforms on 1 platform due to height problems, and it will be super uneasy to use when 3 platforms, so 2 platforms will be the ideal
  5. As far as I understand the developers did not want us to use small modules as intermediates in the transfer of electricity between platforms. But why remove all the connectors. It was enough to leave one connector per module to do this. And now it's impossible to build a base from scratch without taking platforms and modules with you. Previously, if I remember correctly, I could connect the Small Solar Panel (which I always carry in my backpack) and the Small Fabricator (which was created in seconds) and I could access the entire production chain. Now you always have to carry a packed platform for this.
  6. The Sporkmeister

    Alignment Tool Idea

    As someone who does CAD for a living, the alignment tool (and flatten terrain function) is one of my favorite things to get in the interest of making a base I can be proud of. That said, there are a couple of adjustments that really should be made that could transfer it from being a helpful tool to being the quintessential base-taming device. 1. Allow the tool to work on ceilings -I'm getting really tired of constantly adjusting a base ceiling angle so that any lights I put up there can actually light the place up. 2. Either allow us to set a desired angle for a slope, or create a separate "Angle tool that allows us to set the angle/pitch of the ramps we create. -There is far too much guess work involved in trying to get the correct angle for a ramp. pitch and bearing would be the best thing to happen to Astroneer highways since the terrain tool itself! 3. Please please please find a way for the flatten terrain function to actually create a flat plane rather than a vague approximation of the angle you select. -Currently the entrance to my base looks nearly like a stairway due to that effect.
  7. Commander Don Extensions

    The extensions are a great addition! However, they are difficult to manipulate after being placed. It seams that the hit box to select the base of the extension piece is too small/difficult to click. A cool idea on top of that is to have a bit more light emitted from the extension node and have them carry air so you wouldn't have to run tethers along them, (make them more like tethers).
  8. Adam Aether

    Content improvement.

    Drill Needs a mod slot opposite from the collection port, mainly for an attaching worklight. Mineral Extractor Needs to have a larger sediment capacity, denser elements should not take hours to coordinate raw material at the base. The production should still only be 8 at a time though. Base Building I feel that the new platform system is nice, but would benefit greatly if they only allowed for 45° angle adjustment instead of 1°. This would make bases much cleaner. If nothing else add it to the settings menu, as an option for snapping base platforms. Large Storage building. A Rectangular Prism that is 8 Ports high and 2 Ports wide on each of the 4 faces of the prism. Vehicle The vehicle tires should lock into place when there is no driver, or attached to another cart that also has no driver. Park Brake. Allow for rigid tethering between vehicle segments. Camera Settings Menu item that allows adjustment of camera sensitivity(Looking around), or when using the cursor function(LT[X!], Crane Arm, Aimed Hand Tool) User Interface When using hand tool and crane w/ drill a sphere of influence overlay would be helpful. A popup over power objects when they're not generating power and why. Especially when they are in a situation that should call for them to be active. (Turbine Gen.) Less loading screens, One Screen for title and One Screen for save. Allow for pack use in vehicle. A foggy map that is partially revealed by orbiting, and fully revealed by exploring. Opened in pack like the research terminal.
  9. Sean McIntire

    Power/O2 vein adapter

    So I've been starting new games looking for a decent spawn zone i like and every now and then i get a power or o2 vein next to my base. Or nearby. Early game they are very valuable to have around. But ive found once i start getting materials and building things. I dont use them anymore. Basically my idea would be some sort of adapter that could be attached to em in which you could then place tethers to tap its supply. Or maybe a rover if they ever took unlimited o2 from them. My other idea would to be the same sort of adapter on the vein, with a kind of output tap(either a new vehicle or a base bulding) that would take the avaliable resources from the vein/s and put it on its storage sections avaliable. Much like how the smelter works but for vein mining. I think this would work wonders for additional emergency power needs when you cant generate power. Or when you want some extra o2 going out on an expedition. And at least for the power aspect. It's automated!!..but you could put a power button and requirment to use it if that would make players happy. ✌ It would also bring some life back to these veins that I..personally..dont find much use for in the mid/late game..unless of course im desperate and i happen to come across it on a walk about. Thoughts??
  10. When trying to extend my base underground I cannot seem to get the hologram on the ground. I've tried to remove the terrain below, above and to the side, but it keeps wanting to go up. I'm on the experimental branch on steam. I have attached an image of the problem and the problematic save file. once the save file is loaded you should spawn high above the problem area, once on the ground you should look to the right to find the outside part of my base. directly underneath you will be a tunnel with the problematic hologram. Go to my base and enter the tunnel, there you will find this glitch/bug. X_AUTOSAVE_0_2017.05.05-17.40.54.sav
  11. Suggestion: I would like to see a slightly longer connection between nodes (and platforms) when constructing the base. This would enable less crowding between platforms that are connected at 90 degrees. Although it can be done now if you are careful, the platforms are pretty close together. I think the base would look better with slightly longer connections. It should be only a small amount though, because if it is too long it would spread your base out too much.
  12. Summary: 131 - Steam - sudden lag after creating chain of modules. Description: I have built rather large bases with dozens of modules but this time I created a long line of modules and every chance had an offshoot inwards where I placed the two resin to create an expanded module... the idea was to create lots of fuel compressors, however I suddenly starting having lag the moment energy started to be involved, it is possible that the lag started after building the modules but I noticed when I started to use a compressor (only have a few out of all the expanded modules as compressors so far) that I had 1/4 -1/2 of the frame rate or less at moments. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 131 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 x64 Home CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.4GHz 8 CPUs GPU: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M (only 1 being used at time of bug) RAM: 8gb Drive: ST1000LM014-SSHD-8GB (is 1 TB not 8GB) and 24.9gb SSD for OS Mouse: Razer Deathadder P.S This is a laptop
  13. I'm pretty new to Astroneer and I'm just starting out and mastering the terraforming tool. Do you guys have any noob tips for walling/roofing ones base? This is what I've managed so far: Terraforming a basic base shelter
  14. So as I'm sure many of you also are, I find I'm quite low on clean and efficient storage options in the late game. What I propose is simple: a storage module for the 2-resin base platforms. It *could* be something as simple as plopping the researchable tier 3 storage piece onto a base platform and orienting it sideways so things mounted on it don't clip anything mounted on the two tier 2 sockets to either side. To be clear, I'm speaking of these things mounted on the back of the truck.
  15. The ability to save custom objects as recipes and produce them later at the Printer. Of course some rules are in order: - objects need to be relatively simple 3D shapes (cuboids and other special case parallelepipeds, L-shapes, T-shapes, I-shapes/beams, flat tiles etc.) - maximum allowed size in all directions from the origin point (ergo the total volume of the finished figure) is limited to the working surface of the Printer - in order to be usable at all after printing, the object must have certain spots on its surface designated as contact points before the recipe is saved. Later, those contact points will be used to combine multiple simpler objects into more complex construct. Similarly, at least four of the object's sides must be denoted as "top", "bottom", "front" and "back" if it is to be rotated automatically to the desired orientation as soon as it is picked up from under the Printer nozzle. In rare cases, where the shape is very specific, a fifth side - "left" or "right" (dev choice) - may need to be labelled as well. The sixth side is inferred by the previous five. - a separate brand new type of platform or some kind of non-destructible surface may be needed during object creation. Without such surface it is hard to tell where the custom object ends and the ground starts - resource requirements for printing custom objects at the printer are determined by object size and complexity - if keeping too many custom objects in memory poses a problem for the game engine, then there must be a limit to the total number of recipes that can be saved In addition, it may be necessary to either allow players to change the size of the deform tool reticle OR tell the game in what scale the new object should be saved (e.g. it is relatively easy to make a cube with the current default reticle size but it is too big for the Printer; on the other hand a 1:4 version of said cube will fit nicely on top of the Printer but it can't be created unless the reticle is reduced in size as well). Spatial rotation will be an even greater addition but this may prove too much of a headache at this stage of development, especially if implemented alongside the idea for labelling object sides. Not to forget the endless list of player requests. What are the benefits of such an implementation? Primarily, a huge time saver in the long run. The forum is filled to the brim with discussions about flattening ground by hand, building walls, ramps, garages for vehicles and what not. Why start from scratch every time when you can have pre-made building blocks? With a couple of bricks, beams and tiles at hand, each consecutive base will be easier to build and organize. Then come aesthetics and of course the feeling of accomplishment after polishing the perfect tile for an hour.
  16. So, i created my first base quite som time ago, then moved on to a 2nd base once i learned a smarter way to build them. I am still playing on this save, however, when i wanted to make a moonbase, i made the mistake of making my vehicle bay, too far from the habitat, so now it cant get power unless a power source is spesificly on top of the vehicle bay. Why cant power have an infinte range, as it does in the normal world? (As long as it doesnt get lost, which it wont in an insulated cable, which is what astroneer uses.) Also, removing buildings you have already built would really be helpfull as they at the moment cant be removed. However it should be a really harsh penalty, as in you get no rescources back.
  17. So I been playing for awhile and I couldn't get a base up and running the way I wanted, so I thought... hmmm Simple Base and use trucks as a transporting base. So I did, now the trucks are not done yet but I wanted you guys to see what I did. Really simple and I think it helps with FPS loss as well. Also in this pic you will notice, next to the o2 resource is a cave to the underground... Always make it next to your base. Easier life.....
  18. When walking around a node, it'd be really nice if the little extension nodule (is there a name for it?) that follows your camera would "snap" to north, south, east, or west when getting close to being aligned to those directions. In addition, it'd be awesome to have 30° angle snaps between each cardinal direction: Here's a screenshot of the "nodule" I'm talking about:
  19. • a deconstruct platform • able to deconstruct your base if you don't like a platform location • set vehicle bay for spacecraft so they don't run into ground vehicles
  20. Understanding that this game is unique and that the core concept is to survive against the environment. I have been thinking about how one could increase the threat level of survivability without adding 'combat' per se. In that let me explain. Concept: You land on a planet, once you have landed a 'Area of effect' meter is established. This meter expands when you expand your base (or area of effect/footprint on the planet). Once your bases AOE hits a certain threshold the local life starts to become more aggressive. This could range from the spawn rate/location of spawn increasing over time and closer to your base to new types of lifeforms spawning over time that do different things. Perhaps a deadly fungus/mold that spreads across the surface, making areas impassible or something. (many non-combat ideas exist) The 'AOE' meter or 'footprint on the planet' would continue to expand as your base did, and the threat would continue to increase accordingly and in turn your response to the threat needs to increase. Input: Looking for a good constructive conversation on this idea. And will edit/credit accordingly.
  21. I can't get to connect the Fuel Condensers to the electric grid. I have tried several ways, in different files and to no avail. I built a new one on my current save to check, here I attach a pic of my base. I play on Steam, Win10, M&KB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i7361, x64, gforce GT 630M.
  22. Meglomax

    Floating Flora

    [Xbox One] ISSUE: sometimes when base building I end up with flora that cannot be cleared using the Terrain tools floating above the modules on my base. I don't expect this would be a priority fix, but figured I'd report it nonetheless. Thanks!
  23. So I don't know if similar threads exist, but this thread is for all discussion related to the devs plans to eventually add liquid elements to the game. I, for one, would love to see water on planets(seas, rivers etc), along with boats, floating habitats and also non water liquids, along with hydroelectric generators. Add your suggestions/ideas/critique below.
  24. Hello, here two ideas to improve weather conditions and some consequences that could elaborate the gameplay: 1. Stronger and more danger storms divided by type (fire, water, wind, radiation, sand) that could damage several parts of the base, new resources and new tools to fix the various damages (storm can be effective also on trucks and starships which allow the possibility to craft new itmes such as electric shields) 2 The possibility to create a base in which the astroneer(s) can walk and stay safe (oxygen) during nights and during the storms. These new features could allow the creation of multilevel bases.
  25. Veltox

    FPS Drops

    FPS BUG REPORT: So I played Astroneer about 3 hours now, and it's awesome! but what I noticed is when I builded more and more platforms it started to use more and more FPS atm if I look at my base I will lose 10 FPS, It goes from 60 fps to 50 fps, (I know that 50fps still is good) but if I keep building, there will only be more, and more, and more fps lagg. -Veltox Edit: When I made the screenshots I noticed that this happend to some of the platforms, not all of them. The platforms that cause me/us fps lagg are located in the screenshots below. Some screenshots: Top left corner: 47 FPS / 30 FPS Platform: Fuel Condenser Top left corner: 50 / 60 FPS Platform: Trading platform Top left corner: 48 / 30 FPS Platform: Storage Before people think, maybe it's your graphics card. I'm sure this isn't the case. As I run all of the Call of Duty games on Ultra, and Rainbow Six Siege ultra 80 FPS Graphics Card: RX 480 8GB Processor: I7 4770K This was my bug report, Thanks for reading.